Hygge in Sobriety: a practical how to guide

Ever wondered why sobriety is so damn difficult and emotionally draining? Well, it doesn’t have to be. At least, not when you learn how to create a hygge lifestyle in sobriety.

If you’re anything like me, one of the first things you want in the early stages of sobriety is to find solace outside of the booze. 

Which is why when you incorporate hygge into your home and way of living, you’ll feel the serenity you lacked during your drinking days. 

Before I get into how you can apply hygge, let me explain to you the concept of hygge. Because once you learn it, you’ll definitely want to introduce it to life in recovery. 

What is Hygge?

I applied hygge when I sobered up five years ago (though I hadn’t heard about the concept back then) and I can tell you, it’s made the world of a difference. 

Hygge is the Danish modality of intentional simple and cozy living. It’s about feeling comfortable in all areas of your life, particularly through having your home as your sanctuary and finding the peace and calm within yourself.

You may be thinking that it’s impossible for you to live intentionally slow. After all, as recovering addicts, we’re accustomed to chasing instant gratification. 

But one important aspect of success in sobriety is to change your lifestyle; not just your habits. And that starts with learning to be comfortable in silence and stillness. THIS site nails it with all things simple and intentional if you’re looking for more pointers.

While the concept of hygge extends far beyond the parameters of your physical environment, we’re going to be applying it physically. Because it’s easier to feel calm when your surroundings evoke a sense of tranquility.

Think about this- if your home is a mess, well, you’re not going to be too keen on feeling good. And let’s be honest, your external environment is a direct reflection of how you feel internally. 

Ever notice when you have one of those days where you clean your home from top to bottom, you feel so accomplished and relaxed? 

Creating a Hygge Lifestyle in Sobriety

Hygge takes it one step further than cleanliness. It’s about having the mindset of coziness and comfort. 

The better you feel, the easier your recovery journey becomes. You’ll be inspired to live a mindful life and become a much more relaxed version of yourself. 

My idea of cozy are throws, calming music, homemade herbal tea, scented candles, campfire mugs, ambient lighting, something baking in the oven, books, flowers, and stargazing with a cup of hot chocolate all the while relishing my oasis of solitude. 

Your idea of cozy may be completely different from mine. And that’s more than ok. Because it’s about finding what brings you peace and solace. 

So now that you have an idea of what hygge is, let’s get onto how you can incorporate it into life in sobriety, shall we? 

hygge in sobriety

Where to begin:

Pinterest is amazing for finding images that reflect the way you want to feel. You can even create a board dedicated to all things hygge to inspire you in your journey of sobriety. 

All you have to do is find pictures of anything that evokes a zen state of mind. 

There is no right or wrong way to do this because this is about YOU and what makes you feel serene. 

Ok, now that you’ve drawn inspiration, you may not know how to incorporate those facets into your life to create a lifestyle around it. Worry not cause I’m gonna help you out. 

First things first. Declutter. I don’t mean strip your home completely bare. I mean get rid of anything that feels blah and boring. 

And please- get rid of the things that bring up painful memories. It’ll never bring you happiness. Only sorrow. 

It may take a day or two but I can tell you the process is so worth it. Besides, I’m sure you’re looking for things to do with all the free time you have on your hands so this is a great time killer. 

Hygge in Sobriety

When everything’s been decluttered, you may wanna buy new bed sheets. You’ll thank me later. 

I did this when I first sobered up. Not sure what provoked me to buy new bedding but I did, and there was just something about it. It brought so much fresh energy into my bedroom and made me feel so relaxed. 

Once you’ve freed up some stagnant energy, you’ll want to bring some cozy things into your home. If you don’t have the means to create your idyllic version of cozy and comfy, get resourceful. 

I have some pointers right below here to show you how it can be done with minimal effort and funds. 

Set the tone

Dim the lighting in your home. Burn some candles. Make a cup of tea. Pull the books off the bookshelves (scatter them around or put them on your favorite coffee table) you’ve been meaning to read. 

Get out to your yard and trim some flowers. Or trim some greenery to bring into your home. Place them in a vase or several and place them in areas of your home you want to feel more inviting. 

Does your home look more cozy yet? If not, what can you do to enhance it? 

I have to explain myself here- I can’t begin to stress enough that hygge is much more than what our physical space looks like. However, our environment contributes to the emotions we feel. 

So if it feels cozy, you’ll feel calm and nourished. But, the goal here is to create a lifestyle. Not the environment. That’s just the icing on the cake. 

Yes, we’re working backwards. But it’s easier to get you into a calm state through your home rather than starting from the mind. 

hygge in sobriety

Because when you do, you’ll keep striving to find peace within yourself. 

Cultivate new hobbies

Finding new hobbies in sobriety is going to make the world of a difference for your psyche. Besides, I’m sure you’re itching to explore ways to occupy your time.

It doesn’t matter if you think you won’t be any good at whatever it is you choose to pursue because we’re never good at something when we first start. But with time and dedication, we build upon the skills.

hygge in sobriety

All the things you want to explore and learn are at your disposal. Find hobbies that spark the inner fire within. 

And you know what else happens when you do? You find yourself in the process. 

Which brings me to the next way to create a hygge lifestyle in sobriety. 

Get your creative juices flowing

We all have creativity within us. Whether or not we choose to explore those facets of ourselves is an entirely different story. 

It’s a form of self-expression. And oftentimes, as addicts, we repress and deny our own feelings. Which is why when you get your creative juices flowing, not only are you finding a healthy outlet to transform yourself, but you’re growing and evolving into the person you aspire to be. 

You can paint (yes, those paint by numbers count and I love them), draw, write, sew, knit, take pottery classes, do arts and crafts. Whatever it is that’s going to make you feel good while creating something just for yourself. 

I created some DIY crafts and beauty products which you can check out HERE if you’d like some inspiration of where to begin exploring your creativity. 

Reduce your stress

Ugh…I used to hate when people would tell me to reduce my level of stress. Because it’s a sh!t ton easier said than done. 

No one really knows what it’s like to walk in each of our shoes. So unless they’re an empath, they’ll never truly feel the pain. That’s not to say that others lack emotional intelligence. 

It’s a whole different ball game when you’re learning to survive yourself. One where only others who are facing the same challenges can truly understand. 

The silver lining is that you can effectively reduce your level of stress. With a few tweaks while incorporating some Divine magic, but of course. You can check out THIS to help you cut down on stress and create a hygge lifestyle in sobriety. 

Create an at home retreat

If you’ve never created an at home retreat, you’re in for such a zen weekend. It’s soooo worth it and will really help you to restore a semblance of tranquility. Which of course, brings upon a hygge lifestyle in sobriety. 

The best part? You don’t have to worry about not knowing anyone. And if the weather is nice, you can set up a tent in the backyard and camp out under the stars. 

I mean, with those reasons, how could you not want to create a weekend retreat? 

You can check THIS post out on how to create one and along with recipes and a schedule. 

Now that you’ve gotten a few pointers on introducing yourself to a hygge lifestyle in sobriety, you can apply what resonates to your own life.

How are you planning on finding your zen? Let me know in the comments below. 

If you know anyone that will benefit from this post, please be sure to share it with them.

See ya soon…in the meantime, stay zenspired!

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