About Me

I’m Eva and I’m here to show you how to get out of self-loathing and learn to be the love of your life.

about me


Welcome to Cleen Carma…Eva here.

With five placements in Sagittarius, beating around the bush simply isn’t my forte. I’ll just get to it. I’m a recovering alcoholic.

When I sobered up about three and a half years ago, I had nothing. Not even a support system. So I winged it while relying on Divine faith and using the LOA.

Through my self-imposed exile and insatiable lust for death, I learned to survive myself. I didn’t just want to exist anymore. I couldn’t. I had to start living.

That’s when I taught myself how to cultivate a loving relationship with yours truly. In traversing this journey solo, I learned how to internalize my power rather than externalize it through substances.

I delved deeper into the esoteric to garner a greater understanding of myself. It was about personal development for spiritual progression and still is. Because sobriety is so much more than saying sayonara to the booze, it’s about healing from within.

When you heal on a deeper capacity, you love more. And the more you love, the better the world becomes. At least, that’s my ethos.

My mission is to make the world a better place. Through collective unconsciousness, we have turned our beautiful planet into a source of capitalism while forgetting about what really matters; love for our fellow people. Through collective consciousness, we can make the world much more habitable and a safer, more loving place to thrive in.

If I can help you to gain a greater fondness for yourself to love yourself while healing yourself, the love spreads. The more we heal, the more we love. And the more we love, the better the world becomes.

Incorporating my obsession with the woo woo into all of my work, the doors open for more magic to enter.



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