Now accepting private clients for January.

Karma (Sanskrit)


In English, karma is said for lack of a better word. What it really means is redemption in the present from past mistakes for a better future. 

Which means NOW is the time to create the life you daydream about.

A lover of books. A wandering soul. And a zest for the pursuit of spiritual evolution. 

I’m just a gal who made it my mission to become the love of my life when I sobered up five years ago without a support system. 

All I had was my faith in the Divine. And with their help, here I am.

Heya…thanks for stopping by! 


It’s so nice to unofficially meet you💜  Though, if we were to actually meet, the very first thing I’d ask is what your sun, moon, and rising signs are. Because while Google rocks for researching, it pales in comparison to your natal chart. Your astrology is the window to your soul, after all. 

The second thing I’d ask you is if you’re passionate with where you’re at in life. Because it’s my ethos that life isn’t about attaining happiness. Happiness is a decision. NOT a destination. 

Life is about feeling every emotion with the depths of our souls. Learning to transcend pain into pleasure while building an immunity to suffering. To live a life where our inner fire burns with eternal passion. 


That’s why I created this site- to help you awaken to the love and magic within. So grab a cup of tea or coffee and get cozy. Peruse around. Whether you’re looking for sober inspiration or witchy tips, I’ve got you covered. 

Oh…and please do say hello! I love meeting new people.

One final note- right now, I’m only accepting clients who are struggling with addictions. I will, however, be launching programs to help you get your zen on. So make sure you get on the email list to be notified when they debut!