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Hey you!


to my online lair. I'm here to inspire you to rock your life. With a little help from the Divine, but of course. So...are you ready to


and glow the f*ck up?

I sure hope so. You'll find resources on this site dedicated to colliding the worlds of love & magic to create a symphonic harmony.

I believe

in magic and miracles.

I believe in listening to the wisdom of our souls, following our hearts, and blazing our own trails. I believe the Divine is always cheerleading us in this journey of what we call life. I believe it's our purpose to make the world a better place by paying it forward with the talents and skills we possess. I believe with the help of the Universe, we can have whatever our heart desires.


I highly recommend Eva if you’re looking for a different and holistic approach to overcome drinking. Read more “”

~Angie B.

So grateful for Eva’s powerful energy. When we discussed my recovery, I felt at ease and never judged. She was understanding and fun! Read more “”

~Caitlin J.

Eva is a kind, empathetic and compassionate coach that will give you practical tools to get your health to the next level. She can identify the energetic root issues and helps clear them through her energy healing. Read more “”

~Tania C.

I want to give a huge, appreciative thank you to Eva and recommend her sessions wholeheartedly. Her energy, compassion, and warmth shine through and she’s super talented, to boot! Read more “”

~Megan C.

In her remote sessions, Eva creates a beautiful space in which you can feel supported and cared for. She truly listens, without judgment, and with genuine intention to serve your highest good.

~Melissa H.