New moon ritual to release and how it can help you heal

Creating a new moon ritual to release your burdens is such a fantastic way to deepen your spiritual practices while saying sayonara to what no longer serves you.  Essentially, you can utilize the moon as a planner for your life.

Before you do the ritual, it’s important to understand the symbolism of working with the moon.  After all, you wouldn’t want to blindly jump into something, would you?

When you can grasp it, you’ll be better equipped to harness the powers of the divine feminine energies.  

The moon’s cycles

In astrology, the moon is said to govern our emotions. We know the moon influences the tides of the water. Given that our brains are 73% water (according to the UGSS), it makes sense the moon governs human emotions.

Keeping a moon journal can be a helpful tool to document your emotions. All you need to do is jot down how you’re feeling as the moon passes through each of the twelve zodiac signs.  It’ll take a few cycles before you start to notice any patterns but it’s well worth the wait.  You’ll learn when your power days are and what days would be best to take a reprieve from life.  

Each lunar cycle lasts about 29 days with eight moon phases.  It passes through each of the twelve zodiac signs, staying in each area for about two and a half days.  

Just because each cycle lasts for about a month doesn’t necessarily mean your goals will take only one cycle to complete.  Generally, six months is an adequate time to see the results for a small to medium sized goal.  

Everyone’s version of measurement is vastly different when it comes to quantifying the size of goals.  What I mean by small to medium size goals are paying debts off, finding a new job, getting a new car, taking up a new study, etc.

Use the moon to track your progress

How you can see the progress of your goals through the moon is to track it based on the cycles.  Either from New Moon to New Moon or Full Moon to Full Moon.  You can also see how far you’ve come in the past six months or see how far you are six months down the road.  

Say you’re releasing your debts right now and it happens to be a New Moon in Aries.  Six months down the road, when the Full Moon (at the manifestation period) occurs in Aries, check how far you’ve come along.  

Larger aspirations are going to require more time to come into completion than a smaller goal.  If you want to buy a new home or need to save up money to travel the world, that could very well take more than six months.  Again, different factors will have different circumstances.

All in divine timing baby

And of course, divine timing all plays a role when your dreams will manifest.  Remember, society’s version of time is much different than the Universe’s concept of time.

On a side note, I say Universe as an umbrella term.  It can be the Archangels, spirit guides, ascended masters, fairies, higher self, source, energy, Jesus, God, etc.  It’s whatever term or phrase that resonates with you.

Anyway, time is merely a construct- a measurement tool for practical purposes.  On this plane, time is viewed as past, present, and future.  It’s completely linear.  

Divine timing is based on non-linear events all coinciding at the same time.  The past affects the present and the present affects the future through the integration of each person’s actions.  

In other words, your actions today will vastly impact your future based on decisions you make throughout the day. 

Karma is your ally

Don’t confuse your actions as karma.  Karma is said for a lack of a better word.  The actual definition of it is that it’s redemption in the present moment from past mistakes for a better future.  

That also doesn’t mean you have to suffer in the present as a form of redemption.  Acting with integrity, dignity, grace, and humility aren’t insufferable traits.  They’re admirable.  

You’re one decision away from changing your life.  So if you think your options are limited or there are no alternatives, there always is one.  Essentially, staying stuck in some crappy situation is based on your choice. 

But it’s not doom and gloom.  You don’t have to settle for a life you don’t want and you shouldn’t.  You have the power within yourself to change it at any given time.  What you do right now, even if they’re small action steps, will create a monumental impact on your future.  It’s a ripple effect.  

Allow the Divine to guide you

With that said, the easiest way to get started on creating your ideal life is to work with the phases of the moon.  Become a collaborator with the Universe by deepening your connection to them.  

Start with the helping hand of Lady Luna. She is the gateway between you and your spiritual practices.   

For thousands of years, the moon has been one of the most elusive celestial bodies.  As the embodiment of divine femininity, Lady Luna has been represented through art, poetry, worshipped as a Goddess, and even feared by some ancient civilizations.  

In a world that is inherently obsessed with defining everything, the moon remains to be an enigma on some capacity.  Which makes its mystery such a magical way to deepen your connection with the divine. That’s where a new moon ritual to release can bring in the magic you desire.

Creating a new moon ritual to release

Ancient astrology used the new moon as a form of releasing what was no longer relevant for a person’s life.  

It’s in the metaphorical darkness when you have the ability to witness what needs to be purged from your life.  Paradoxically, in darkness, you find the light.  You can’t see light without the darkness.  Just as you can’t see the darkness without light.  

In honoring the wisdom of ancient traditions, I choose to work with their ways of the lunar cycle.  Which is why this new moon ritual is centered around detoxifying and purifying. When you remove the negative energies hindering your growth, you’ll naturally create space to welcome in the new.

It’s time to get into the new moon ritual to release the past.  Let’s get started, shall we?

Create a detox bag 

Because this is all about releasing, you want to purge anything in your body that’s stagnant.  If you have toxins or even stagnant energies being hoarded in your body, nothing fresh can present itself to you. You can read more about easy ways to detox on a daily basis here.

So you’re going to do just that during this new moon ritual by creating a detox bag.

To make the bag, what you’ll need are as follows:

  • Muslin bag
  • Epsom salt
  • Chrysanthemum 
  • Dried ginger
  • Guinea hen weed
  • Cloves
  • Moringa leaves

Put about a teaspoon of each ingredient into the bag and tie it.  Make sure it’s secure.

But you’re not going to take a bath just yet. You need to make sure the bag is free of any energetic debris. Which brings me to the second step of the ritual.

Cleanse the bag

This step is so simple that you can’t not do it. Wave a selenite wand over the bag.  If you don’t have selenite on hand, you can use sage or Palo Santo.

You want to make sure the energies are clean and clear.  The last thing you need are other people’s energies or even your old residual energy being affected. You just have to give a quick swipe with the wand to the bag to remove anything that isn’t serving you.

It’s a really quick and easy way to make sure that you’re not carrying anything with your from the past into the future. After all, you don’t want the burdens of yesterday to put a damper on your happiness today.

Take a detox bath

Now that the bag is clean, it’s time to soak in the tub with the detox bag.  Relax for about 30 minutes to reap the benefits of the detox.  

When you’re bathing, you’re at your most relaxed state, similar to when you’re sleeping.  Knowing what needs to get released from your life will come easily to you if you allow yourself to relax enough.  In the silence, the answers will come.  Think about what you want to release as if it’s already gone from your life.

For example- say, you want to rid yourself of negative habits, like overthinking.  Rather than declaring, “I don’t want to overthink anymore.”  Instead, say “I am a pragmatic thinker.”   

Proclaiming what you want to release as if you already have a life free of whatever is holding you back gets you one step closer to you accomplishing your goals.

More importantly, negative conjugations will only bring in more of what you don’t want.  The Universe sees no black and white.  It’s a judgement free zone up there.  Which means you need to get fluent in positive thinking and affirmations.  Especially when you’re setting intentions for what you want. Which brings me to the next step.

Write down what you want to release

Once you get out of the tub, set the detox bag aside.  You’re going to need it later.  

It’s time to write down what’s no longer serving you.  Put pen to paper.  Jot down what you thought about during your bath.  Remember to write down what you no longer have use for as if it’s already a theme in your life.  

If other things you need to say good riddance surfaces, write it down too. This is your opportunity to purge everything in order to start with a clean slate. Don’t skimp on anything that may prevent you from attaining what your heart desires.

Burn baby burn

It’s time to take the piece of paper with what you want to release along with the herbs to say good riddance.  Empty out the contents from the detox bag into a fireproof bowl or somewhere outside where it can be easily contained.  Place the piece of paper on top of the herbs.  Light it up.  

Thank the Universe for answering your prayers.  

Then take a moment for yourself in silence. Show yourself gratitude for taking the time for a reprieve. Make a vow of commitment to yourself to honor your intentions.

That’s all there is to it.  5 steps to creating a new moon ritual to release.

Have you tried releasing with the New Moon yet?  Let me know how it went in the comments below.

See ya soon.

In the meantime, say zenspired!

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