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Working with the moon – bring magic to your goals

working with the moon- bring magic to your goals

Today’s post is so exciting because it’s all working with the moon for manifesting your desires.

Reach for the moon

I’m sure you’re familiar with this idiom as it’s become a motivational platitude for attainment.  However, what if you applied this phrase literally to manifesting your desires, dreams, and hopes? 

It may sound a bit bizarre if you’re new to the world of spirituality, but you can utilize the phases of the moon to your advantageous benefit. That’s what I’m going to be showing you today. Before I get started, let me share with you some insights about the moon.

Insights of the moon

The Moon is so powerful that it is responsible for moving oceans, affecting water tides, and the growth of plants.  Given our brains and hearts are 73% water (according the USGS), it’s hard to argue that the moon doesn’t influence us on some capacity.  Especially when it comes to lunar eclipses or even the zodiac sign the moon is transiting.

Each lunar cycle lasts about 29 days with the moon staying in each one of the twelve zodiac signs for an average of 2.5 days, with a total of eight different phases. 

Keeping a moon journal to document how you feel as the moon stays in each zodiac sign can be really beneficial for you in how you conduct your life. I’m not by any means saying to allow the moon to dictate how you live. But, harness the energies to maximize on what you want. You can get a really get grasp on your power days versus the days you may want to rejuvenate.

With that said, let’s move onto the symbolism of the moon.

What does the moon represent?

If you’re skeptical about astrology because your horoscope always seems to be wrong, look to your moon sign. Remember when I said our brains and hearts have 73% water? Well, the moon governs our emotions. Ancient astrology says we should be looking at our moon sign for a more accurate horoscope.

Wondering why you and the ex just couldn’t make it work? It’s all in the moon, baby. While your sun signs may be super compatible, if your moon signs aren’t in sync with one another, the relationship won’t stand a chance.

Maybe you’re not into astrology because you feel your sun sign isn’t an accurate description of who you are? The time of the day you were born can impact your personality. The sun rules the day so if you were born during the day, you’re ruled by the sun. If you were born at night, when the moon rules the sky, your personality is going to be based on your moon sign.

Balance the feminine and the masculine

While either your sun or moon sign is going to be more dominant over the other, it’s about finding the equilibrium of both polarities. The moon represent the divine feminine whereas the sun represents the divine masculine. Balance is the name of the game here.

Because the moon represents the divine feminine, you should be working with the moon to harness your feminine side.

In a world that seems to be dominated by aggressive behavior while showcasing the ugliness of humanity, working with the moon is said to bring about more love and compassion. I’m not saying people are ugly. What I’m saying is that actions caused by people can be incredibly disturbing and foul.

With that said, the moon can act as a goal tracker when you learn to work with its phases.

Having a new moon on your birthday makes for an auspicious year ahead because it’s your solar return. Which means it’s a powerful time to set your intentions for what you want the year ahead to bring for you. Take full advantage of this. It’s a rare opportunity that this comes around.

There’s so much more to be said of the moon- from folklores to scientific studies to the mysticism behind the moon. But, this post is all about working with the moon to conquer your goals.

How to work with the moon

To fully optimize the powers of the moon’s magic, there are three things you have to keep in mind:

  • Step out of the way- While it’s awesome you want to be in control, you need to give the Universe some breathing room to work their magic for you. Magic will never enter your life if you dictate the stipulations of how it comes in.
  • Take aligned action- Moon magic isn’t about just wishing, hoping, and praying for something to happen while you sit on your butt waiting for it to come your way. Show the Divine your commitment and dedication towards your goals by working towards them.
  • Not all goals will take one lunar cycle to complete- Divine timing monitors when your goals will come to fruition so patience is the name of the game here. By all means, set timelines for yourself. But don’t get discouraged when something you want isn’t there when you expect it. As long as what you want is something you’re continuously striving for, the magic will happen. There may be delays and that’s to be expected.

With all of that out of the way, let’s get into working with the moon to bring magic to your goals.

New Moonclean slate, new beginnings, setting intentions

It’s all in the intentions. Be as specific as possible. If you want to manifest a brick home with a white clawfoot tub in the bathroom, a backyard, a front yard, a vegetable garden, a bay window in the living room so you can have a reading nook, with a blue front door- write it all down. The details are incredibly important. Exactly what you ask for is what you receive. Make sure you don’t skimp on this.

Don’t stress yourself out over this either. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, write an outline. You’re going to be bestowed with phases along your journey of working with the moon to make some refinements.

Once you write your intentions, you have to wait it out for just bit. The moon is void so to take any action towards your goals will be rendered pointless. Be patient and focus on the intentions.

Waning Crescentbirthing, fresh energy, focus on details 

This is the perfect opportunity to hone in on what you want. If you haven’t taken the time to get specific with your goals, do it now. Go back to your intentions over the next couple of days and see where you may need a little more attention to detail.

Once you have a keen insight, create an action plan of how to pursue your goals.

Since I used the home as an example, I’m going to keep it that way to make this easy. Figure out what neighborhood you want to live in, how much you want to pay in rent or mortgage, the time frame you’re allocating to having your goals delivered to you.

Now, it’s time to create small steps of getting there. Do you need to start house hunting now? If so, do it. If you need to start budgeting to afford this home, create a budget that’s going to allow you to still live comfortably while being able to get you the home.

But, don’t act on any of these steps yet. This is about focusing even deeper into what you want.

First Quartertaking action, paying attention, momentum 

This is go time. Take the appropriate actions towards your goals. What I mean by appropriate action is to remain grounded and balanced. You want to have a steady flow of momentum. Not push yourself to the brink of exhaustion or financial depletion within a week.

Again, let’s use the home as an example. If you’ve started to house hunt, don’t view 30 homes in one day. You’ll wear out quickly. Spread out the showings so you can keep your wits to you.

Or if you want to save money towards your dream home, maybe saving $1,000 a week is too financially straining when you should be saving $900.00 a week. Keep it simple for yourself while expanding beyond your comfort zone.

Waning Gibbousrevise, edit, patience 

You’ve had about a week to see how your action plan is working for you. If you’re having problems with pursuing your goals, this is the time to make the proper implementations to ensure a successful outcome.

Goals take time and sometimes numerous revisions before you can reap the rewards. This is the phase to learn about being reasonable and feasible with yourself.

If your dream home is going to cost you more than your current income, maybe one of the steps to take is to look for a new job that pays more than you’re currently making or even asking for a raise at your current job.

If you’ve viewed homes that aren’t what you had in mind but you like much better than what you originally wanted, make the changes to what you want now.

Take full advantage of this period to see where tweaks need to be made.

Full Moonpeak energy, gratitude, blessings

Ahh, the phase that has inspired countless urban legends and folklores. There is so much more to the full moon than heightened emotions.

In this phase of working with the moon, you can see the illumination of your goals. While you may not see your dreams actualized at this time, you’ll see some progress. No matter how small it is, take it as a huge sign you’re on the right track.

A few examples are: you’re house hunting and you open up an email from a broker only to see your dream home in that same email. Or you unexpectedly receive a check that has been long due to you. Or you’re speaking to a friend about the home you want and they just got word the tenants are moving out.

Whatever it is, count your blessings. Your work is paying off.

More importantly, express gratitude for what you have along with what’s coming your way as if you already have it. The Universe is conspiring with you to make your dreams a reality so make sure that you remain grateful for what they continue to bless you with.

If you’re experiencing any difficulties or know there are things hindering you from attaining your goals, this is the time to set the intentions to release them. Write everything that is no longer serving you for your highest good on a piece of paper and burn it. Have faith our worries are being lifted away.

Waxing Gibbousrelease, harvest, nurture others

The new moon and the full moon are the two most common phases in working with the moon but this phase is so important in your journey.

The waxing gibbous phase turns the tables away from you to be in service to others. Life is all about balance and your goals are certainly no exception. Where you reaped in some reward during the full moon, this is about showing your appreciation.

Let’s keep with the theme of house hunting. If you have a real estate agent who has been working round the clock finding you the perfect home, send them a text to say thank them for their hard efforts and work. If you received an unexpected check, take a friend out to coffee or lunch. Whatever you do, it will not go unnoticed in the eyes of the Universe.

Still work towards your goals. But show those around you some TLC.

If you wrote down any intentions during the full moon to release, this is where you start to psychologically work towards purging the past. You don’t have to mentally exhaust yourself- just make a conscious effort of allowing bygones to be bygones.

Last Quarterreadjustment, transition, forgiveness

This is about three weeks into the new moon when you first planted those seeds of intentions so it’s pivotal to make any necessary adjustments now before another new moon beckons your presence.

It’s not just about making changes to the goals. It’s also about making changes to your mindset and habits.

If you’re struggling with saving money, evaluate where you need to be more disciplined with your spending habits. If you haven’t even house hunted, ask yourself if you even really want a home or you were just writing the goal down because that’s what you thought you wanted.

This readjustment phases does require you to be honest with yourself so whatever answer comes to mind is the right answer. Forgive yourself and anyone else that’s inflicted pain upon you for everything that surfaces. You won’t possibly move forward if you’re harboring the guilt and anger of yesterday.

Waxing Crescent/Balsamicsurrender, rest, rejuvenate

This is the phase when you can finally take a break from all of your hard efforts. It’s time to take a much needed reprieve before the new moon.

Use this time wisely. While you’re recharging your internal batteries, reflect on how much you’ve accomplished in just one moon cycle. Think about what you want to keep working towards and how your goals have changed.

If you find you’re not fully surrendering to the Universe, take a time out. It’s those times when you’re not focusing so hard that you get the answers you’re seeking. Not to mention, miracles can never enter your life if you’re constantly dictating on how or when the magic should happen.

There may need to be some restructuring to your goals when you manifest again in a few days. And that’s ok. The more you tweak, the more you understand and know what you want. It takes some trial and error.

And you can’t expect to know everything you want in only one lunar cycle. As you fluctuate and evolve, so will your goals.

There you have it…working with the moon to conquer your goals.

Have you worked with the powers of the moon to conquer your goals? Let me know in the comments below.

See ya soon.

In the meantime, stay zenspired!



Bring some much needed fun and magic to your goals with a little help from the Divine.

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