feeling empowered and sexy without the booze?

Well, guess what? Everything you fantasize about- the way your life looks, the relationships you have, the money you make, the happiness you feel, the amount of fun you have, can be YOURS. When you get sober, that is.

But you think it’s out of your reach. There’s something about sobriety that eludes you. 

Which is why you need a gentle guiding force to help you attain what you think is unattainable.

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Imagine living a life where you love yourself so damn much that there’s no need to drown your sorrows in booze. Having the courage to be yourself- flaws and all. Embracing all of your quirks, idiosyncrasies, and the bits and pieces of yourself you deem ugly and unworthy. 

Walking away from your addiction proud of what you’ve endured- without any guilt or shame. Becoming the love of your life. 

Releasing all the psychological and energetic blockages which prevent you from living a life of freedom.

That’s what you’ll accomplish when you learn to rock your recovery.

It's time to radiate & glow up.

Who says old habits have to die hard?

Besides, you're just too damn tired of:


the epic humiliation hangovers. Even though you keep swearing to yourself last night was the last time you made a fool of yourself. But each passing day only leads to you berating yourself because you feel like a degenerate lowlife.


the times you had to call so and so after a night of debauchery apologizing profusely for what you did- how you didn’t mean it. You only said what you said because you were drunk (even though deep down you’re proud of yourself for possessing so much moxie). 


the repeated day ones that leave you feeling like an aberration wondering why you just can’t seem to get your act together.


those mornings of waking up next to whatever his name is, completely mortified because it’s NOT you to do something like that.


the times you’ve seriously contemplated how you’ll ever manage to have fun in sobriety, eventually drawing the conclusion you probably won’t so you’ll just bring your drinking down to an “acceptable” limit (knowing damn well that’s not going to happen).


So grateful for Eva’s powerful energy. When we discussed my recovery, I felt at ease and never judged. She was understanding and fun! The energy work provided an incredible shift and even supported me in treating my UTI with only herbs as well! So it had a powerfully supportive effect on my energy + physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being. So grateful for her and highly recommend her!

~Caitlin J

I've been where you are.

Heya! I'm Eva.

After numerous failed attempts at sobriety, I found the missing component that was eluding me my entire life- a desire I felt with every fiber in my body to build a loving connection with yours truly. 

That epiphany along with absolutely no professional or emotional support led me to rely solely on Divine faith to help me navigate life in recovery. (9/5/16)

Thats why I’m here- to help you. Because you shouldn’t have to endure this journey alone.

Ready to become the love of your life?

I've got just the antidote for you. We're not going to focus on your sobriety.

Because saying sayonara to the booze is so much more than quitting drinking. It’s about learning to fortify a healthy and loving relationship with yourself so you don’t resort to old toxic behaviors and patterns.

What we're going to do is focus on reconnecting you with your mind, body and soul.

When you build an indestructible internal foundation, NOTHING will stand in the way of you and your sobriety.

It’s about reintroducing you to the lost bits and pieces of yourself. The parts you deemed unworthy eons ago. The parts you’re too fearful of embracing. 

It’s about finding the beauty within so that you can extend grace onto yourself. 

When you reconnect to your mind, body, and soul, you revolutionize your entire life. You no longer feel a need to escape from the demons haunting you. You don’t need or even desire to reach for a drink out of boredom. 

Because you realize everything you need already exists within you. You see how precious you are. How magical life is.

You tap into your inner wisdom- the one you keep shying away from because you never trusted yourself enough to follow the guidance of your inner compass. 

You intuit with profound clarity how to diminish your need for booze and just how much you’re capable of thriving in sobriety.

You have unwavering faith in both yourself and the Universe. 

You have a stark clarity you’re on the right path in sobriety. And all the hardships you endured has shaped you to be a f*cking warrior.

And that my dear, is why we’re not going to focus on you remaining sober. But rather, building you as a person. So you can be an impenetrable force.

This program is tailored specifically for YOU.

Because you don’t fit into any molds. Why should I place you in one?



We’ll meet once a week for 12 weeks. Each session will last one hour with 45 minutes dedicated to discussion and 15 minutes for energy healing.

To ensure you get accustomed to building a new routine, the sessions will be the same time and day of every week.

During the discussion sessions, we’re going to focus on identifying your triggers and devising new and healthy coping mechanisms. By scratching below the surface area of the usual triggers (i.e. boredom, anger, frustration), we’re going to unravel what’s really provoking the drinking. 

Because when you’re able to pinpoint the root cause, you’re garnered with liberation from the addiction that plagues your existence.

It’s about restructuring the past pain and trauma so you can rewrite a new story- one that’s filled with hope and love. And that starts with getting back to the basics and reestablishing yourself with simplicity. 

Life is difficult. Sobriety shouldn't be.


You CAN change the past. Energetically, that is.

The ancient Chinese and Indians believed we repress emotions within our organs. And the more we shove them deep into the crevices where we don’t dare look, the more prone we are to dis-ease. Which can also lead to addictions.

We’re going to transform the energetic blocks stored within your body and mind. So your soul can thrive.

This is NOT Reiki. This goes much deeper than that. While I am a certified Reiki Master, reiki is NOT energy healing. It’s energy balancing.

By incorporating energy healing, your recovery journey accelerates to a new level of rejuvenation. One where you’re empowered to navigate the nuances of sobriety with grace and fluidity.


Spirituality is NOT about floating off in la la land, dancing with rainbows and unicorns. 

It’s about tapping into the abyss of your darkness so you can find the light within. To be a beacon of hope and inspiration for yourself and others.

Which is why spiritual progression is so fundamental for this coaching program. Because if you refuse or deny the bits and pieces  you don’t like about yourself, you’ll never accept who you are. 

Spirituality encourages you to have unwavering faith in both yourself and the Universe. To understand that no matter what trials and tribulations you may encounter in your journey, the Divine and yourself will never let you fall.


By combining energy healing and spirituality, along with getting back to the basics, you have a radiance deep within that’s unparalleled to anything you’ve ever felt. 

Because radiating from within is more than the foods you eat, the thoughts you consume, and the exercise regimen you subscribe to. It’d about possessing the confidence that’s so deeply embedded in you, that you just know things are always going to be ok.

It's about loving and trusting yourself so damn much that you won't allow yourself to settle for anything short of what you deserve.

Let me be clear. In order for this to work, you have to do the work. If you just pass the time hoping for a miracle, it’s not going to happen. 

While I’m a proponent of magic and miracles, I also believe we have to do our part. Which is meeting the Universe half way.  So they can conspire with us to create the reality we desire. 

How it works


Book a FREE 30 minute alignment call to see if we’re the right fit for one another.


Fill out the paperwork, sign the contract, and submit payment. We’ll schedule a time and day of the week that works for both of us.


We schedule a time and day of the week to meet through zoom so you can start rocking your recovery and become the love of your life!


Eva is a kind, empathetic and compassionate coach that will give you practical tools to get your health to the next level. She can identify the energetic root issues and helps clear them through her energy healing. I felt so much more “lighter” and empowered during the healing session. I also feel more confident of the next steps I need to take to improve my health! I would totally recommend Eva to help you improve your health and to release any habits that are keeping you stuck!

~Tania C.

What's the investment?

It’s $5,000 for three months, totaling 12 sessions at 60 minutes per session.

For much less than the price of rehab while remaining in the comfort and privacy of your own home, you get to take advantage of individualized coaching sessions tailored specifically for YOU.

You will also be garnered with a much different perspective- one that mainstream deviates away from. You’ll be guided to taking a holistic approach towards your sobriety while being encouraged to spiritually evolve. Because when you connect to your mind, body, and soul, you learn to live in peace and happiness.

Any refunds?

Sorry sweet pea. There are no refunds. Which is why I offer a FREE 30 minute alignment call…so you can determine if this is the right program for you.



This is the most flexible, giving you the option to pay $430.00 per month for 12 months.

You will NOT be charged until after your FREE 30 minute alignment call.


This is the BEST VALUE, without the worry of recurring monthly payments. 

You will NOT be charged until after your FREE 30 minute alignment call.


I want to give a huge, appreciative thank you to Eva and recommend her sessions wholeheartedly. We had an energy healing session after my relationship ended and a few days later, it was a turning point for me. If any of you are struggling with your energy or emotions, I’d like to recommend a session with Eva. Her energy, compassion, and warmth shine through and she’s super talented, to boot!

~Megan C

A bit about my story...

What started as innocent/not so innocent drinking led down a brutal path of pain, suffering, and destruction. 

Having tried AA meetings, outpatient rehab, and therapy in the past, I gave up because I couldn’t find a modality that suited me and the lifestyle I wanted to live. so when I sobered up almost five years ago without any emotional support, I also gave up on the notion of seeking professional treatment. I relied solely on Divine faith to help me find my way back to myself.

I had absolutely no idea how I was going to survive myself. Not the slightest inclination how I was going to love myself. Completely oblivious how to process emotions as a sober person. 

But I was determined to get my act together. So I sobered up and came out of the woo woo closet. That was when I started to discover parts of myself that I had never dared to explore. 

And now here I am…to help you rock your recovery and become the love of your life. 

Get ready for an unparalleled experience.

Awaken new dimensions.

Change your past. Energetically speaking, that is. Through energy healing, you’ll be breaking out of the constructs you were indoctrinated with. Leaving you with a fresh perspective that revives the lost parts of yourself. 

Orchestrate a new reality with an energetic makeover.

Creating new paradigms.

Through traveling into the abyss of your psyche while being encouraged to spiritually progress, you’re challenged to restructure how you think and eventually, how you behave. So you can purge the toxicity and become the architect of your future. 

You're not a product of your environment. You're the co-creator of your destiny.


In her remote sessions, Eva creates a beautiful space in which you can feel supported and cared for. She truly listens, without judgment, and with genuine intention to serve your highest good.

~Melissa H.

Get the support you need in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

It’s a fraction of the cost of rehab.

Get equipped with the tools and resources to become the love of your life.

If you want THIS to finally be the year you commit to:

Changing the course of your destiny with sobriety.

Traveling down a path of spiritual progression.

Becoming the love of your life.

Reconnecting to your mind, body & soul.

Attracting the life you daydream about.

Building an indestructible internal foundation.

This IS for you if:

You want to thrive and not merely survive.

You want to foster a healthy and loving relationship with yourself.

You want to release the energetic and psyhcological blockages preventing you from living a life free of addictions.

This is NOT for you if:

You don’t want to do the inner work.

You have no interest in evolving.

You’re looking for a quick fix. As a recovering addict myself, my goal is to take you away from the need for instant gratification to a place where you’re ok with being in stillness.


This is the most flexible, giving you the option to pay $430.00 per month for 12 months.

You will NOT be charged until after your FREE 30 minute alignment call.


This is the BEST VALUE, without the worry of recurring monthly payments. 

You will NOT be charged until after your FREE 30 minute alignment call.

Still on the fence?

I get it. It’s an investment for yourself and your future so you want to make sure you’re making the right decision.

Try this exercise:

Place one or both hands on your heart.

Wait till you feel those warm fuzzy feelings. 

Ask your heart if you should pursue this or not (you can also do this exercise anytime you’re unsure or are at a crossroads in your life).

Your heart will provide you with a very direct and concise answer, sometimes cutting you off while you’re in the middle of asking the question. 

If your answer becomes long winded and is going off on a tangent, you’ve lost the connection to your heart and entered your mind. Just wait a few minutes and try again.

Here's why:

The heart has 40,000 neuron receptors that thinks independently from the brain, which makes the heart the little brain.

The heart’s electromagnetic field is 5,000 times greater than the brain. 

AND the heart’s electrical component is 60 times greater than the brain.

Pretty fascinating, huh? 

Go on…give it a try. Your heart will never steer you in the wrong direction. Only to your destiny.


Ask me anything I may not have answered for you.