Witchy Ways To Practice Self-Love


Self-love has been all the buzz circulating the internet in the past few years. But how do you go about it when you don’t have the slightest clue? 

It’s something I learned the hard way when I sobered up over five years ago. And to be completely honest, getting sober was the easy part. Learning to love myself was the real challenge. 

Because it’s so much more than showering yourself with affection or taking the time to look your best. 

Self-love is about feeling those feelings you get when you’re falling in love with someone. It’s about knowing how to bring yourself back into a state of compassion for yourself when it seems as if your life is falling apart. Lifting your spirits when your will is breaking. 

That’s why I’m going to be sharing with you witchy ways to cultivate self-love. Because you’re worth every damn bit of your own adoration. And then some. 

Witchy Self-Love

Besides, the woo woo adds that bit of magic we’re all looking for. Be sure to check THIS post out for the steps I took when I sobered up to cultivate a loving relationship with myself.

Now, let’s spark your inner fire with these witchy self-love tips, shall we? 

witchy self-love

Healing Spell Jar

The first step to self-love is to heal from a broken heart. Which is why this spell jar is the perfect antidote. 

Here’s what you need:

  • A jar or container
  • 4 tbsp. salt (any will do)
  • ½ tsp. activated charcoal
  • Hydrangeas 
  • Holy Basil
  • Rose Petals

How to make the healing spell jar:

  • In a jar or container, pour the salt in there. 
  • Then pour the activated charcoal and mix it well. 
  • Once you have your black salt, place the hydrangeas, holy basil, and rose petals in the jar or container. 
  • Cover it until it’s ready to be used. 

How to use the healing spell jar:

  • Uncover the lid and place it under your bed on the side you sleep on. Leave it under there while you sleep to pull away the heartache. 
  • Refresh this mixture every three days for best results. 

Dance under the full moon

It seems as if every witchy movie I’ve ever watched, there’s a woman or a coven dancing under the full rays of Lady Luna. But, that’s not to be dismissed as some cliche witchy way to attract self-love. 

This is about harnessing the powers of the Divine feminine so you can become the embodiment of the wild woman. 

It’s an intimate experience between you and your body. So you can unleash every piece of yourself that’s been repressed. 

The best part? No tools are needed for this. And you get some cardio in. 

All you have to do is wait until a full moon and dance your heart out. 

You can set an ambient tone with the dressed candle mentioned above, indoors or outdoors. Clothed or naked. Dim the lights if you’re indoors. Spray on some perfume or your favorite essential oil blend. 

Tap into your raw naked vulnerability and let it all out. Every piece of you. Love every bit of yourself with this witchy self-love exercise. 

Witchy Self-Love Mist

This one’s awesome because you can carry it with you anywhere you’d like. Which means you’ll always have some witchy self-love at your convenience. 

What you’ll need: 

  • 4 oz. glass spray bottle
  • 2 oz. boiled or distilled water 
  • 2 oz. rose water
  • Crystals of your choice (I use blue lace agate, kunzite, and rhodonite) 

How to make the mist: 

  • Pour the water and rose water into the glass spray bottle. Place the cover back on.
  • Place it under a full moon outside or on a window sill. Take your crystals and surround the glass with them.
  • Set the intention of bringing in self-love. 
  • Let it charge for a few hours to five hours. 

How to use the witchy self-love mist:

Spray it on your sheets, pillows, anywhere in your home, body, and face anytime you need a dose of self-love. 

Heart Energy Exercises

Self-love starts with transforming the energy in your body. From hatred to love. Grief to joy. Sorrow to happiness. 

Which is why heart energy exercises will help you to get there. For the how to, check THIS post out.

Witchy Self-Love Dressed Candle

No witchery is complete without some candle magick. When you can bring in self-love, all the better. 

It’s so simple and requires a few ingredients along with your intentions. 

Here’s what you’ll need: 

  • Heatproof bowl
  • Rice or sand (I like rice because it helps with abundance)
  • Plate
  • White ritual candle
  • Patchouli essential oil
  • Holy Basil
  • Rose Petals 
  • Chamomile 

How to make the self-love candle:

  • Fill your bowl with the rice or sand. Set it aside.
  • In a plate, mix the holy basil, rose petals, and chamomile. Set that aside. 
  • Then pour a few drops of patchouli oil onto the candle and rub it into the candle. 
  • Roll the candle into the herbal mixture, making sure the candle is covered completely with the herbs. 
  • Place the candle into the heatproof bowl, making sure the candle is deep enough so it doesn’t tip over. 
  • Set your intention and light the candle. 
  • Sporadically repeat the intention while the candle is burning. 
  • Allow the candle to burn ALL the way down and let it extinguish itself. 
  • Do NOT blow it out or you’ll break the intention. 
witchy self-love

Witchy Self-Love Sachet

We know everything is energy, including the clothes we wear. Which means every time you’re around people who bring down your morale or wear the same clothes that remind you of a heartbreak, your clothes have the energy of them lingering around. 

That’s why this witchy self-love sachet is the perfect recipe to clear those energies so you can bring in more self-love. 

You can place them in your drawers, closet, in your car, or carry one with you. 

What you’ll need for one sachet:

  • A small drawstring bag
  • A few cinnamon sticks
  • About a teaspoon of dried rose petals 
  • One whole star anise 

How to make the witchy self-love sachet:

  • Place all the ingredients in your sachet. 
  • Set an intention or recite an incantation.
  • Put the sachet anywhere you need to draw the energy of self-love in. 

Since we’re making a sachet, I couldn’t possibly leave a witch ball off of this list. Which brings me to the next witchy self-love tip. 

Witch Ball

I’m obsessed with the witch ball I made a while back. Not only did I get to explore my creativity, but it really helped me to embrace the witch within. 

Not to mention, it took only about 10 minutes of my time to bring in more self-love. 

For the how to, come THIS way.

If you’re not feeling too crafty, the next one is going to be right up your alley. 

Wear Your Self-Love 

There’s something so mystical about this tip and it’s just so simple, that you gotta give it a try. 

All you need to do is place a small rose quartz in the left side of your bra to connect to your heart. 

Be sure to set an intention before placing the crystal there. You can do this during your meditation sessions or wear the crystal all day long. 

Now, let’s move onto the next witchy self-love tip. 

Witchy Self-Love Makeup Ritual

Remember what I said about self-love isn’t just about looking your best? 

That’s what this witchy makeup ritual will help you with. It’s about setting intentions everyday during your beauty routine. 

Don’t wear makeup? You’ll get substitutions in THIS post. Check it out and ritualize self-compassion and wisdom.

Self-Love Herbal Blend

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a huge proponent of using herbs in my concoctions. Because it really doesn’t get any witchier than that. 

Besides, it’s my ethos that God/The Universe has given us everything we need to not just survive, but to flourish. Both spiritually and physically. 

Which is why I had to include this self-love sensual herbal blend in here. It has multiple uses too. You can use it as a yoni steam, a tea bath, tea, rituals and spells. 

For the how to along with the uses, come THIS way.

witchy self-love

There you have it, witchy self-love tips. How do you practice self-love? Let me know in the comments below. 

Please be sure to share this with anyone who would benefit from it. 

I’ll see ya soon…in the meantime, love yourself with all of your heart. 

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