Winter Solstice: time for an energetic makeover

winter solstice

With the Winter Solstice looming upon us (on the 21st), now is the time to hear the whispers of your soul and feel the rhythms of your heart’s desires. So you can be guided to your destiny. 

It also happens to be the shortest day of the year, which can be depressing as f*ck. But the silver lining is that with each passing day, the sun graces us with his (the sun is a masculine entity) presence one extra minute a day. 

This potent cyclical force of nature is the perfect opportunity for you to explore the depths and layers that make you whole. To peel away anything that’s hindering your growth and progress. To give your minds and bodies an energetic makeover. I left out souls because they’ve already radiated and had a glow up eons ago. 

Because when you find beauty in darkness and solace in solitude, you find yourself. And when that happens, well- you’re a force to be reckoned with. 

Now, let’s get onto how you can give your body and mind an energetic makeover, shall we? 

Winter Solstice 

Winter Solstice

Light a candle 

While I’m always burning candles, whether I DIY it or buy them, the winter months are my favorite time of the year to burn them. 

Besides, fire magic is amazing for igniting creativity and passion. Which I’m sure we all can use a bit more of during the winter. 

And the more you feel the intentions of what you’re desiring, the more you’re going to clear away the energies of what you’re looking to evolve from. 

You can DIY one with THIS recipe (they’re fall scented but you can play around to make them “wintery”) or you can burn a ritual candle. 

To increase the potency of your spell work, you can write out an incantation prior to burning the candle and recite it sporadically while the candle is burning. Or you can use the prayer below. 


As I light this candle, I hear the whispers of my soul.  

As this candle flickers, I see the path illuminated for me. 

As this candle sparks, my creativity burns with eternal passion. 

As this candle burns, my fears dissolve into the ethers.

As this candle extinguishes, I surrender to the wisdom of the Universe.

Take stock of your life

There’s no time like the Winter Solstice to conduct a life audit. So by the time Spring rolls around, you’ll bloom just as the flowers and trees do. 

Overwhelmed just reading the word, audit? Don’t be. This is about creating the life you want. And that starts with evaluating where you’re currently at. So you can eventually reach your goals. 

Not sure where or how to conduct a life audit? THIS post is awesome for asking yourself the questions to help you. 

Go on…take some time to answer the questions you may not necessarily want to. But will ultimately light the fire under your butt. And transform your energetic vibration. 

Who knows? You may even have an epiphany or two in the process. 

Winter Solstice

Clean your home

Every year, right around the Winter Solstice, I do a massive purge of all the crap I’ve accumulated. From beauty products to clothing to things I know I won’t use anymore. 

It’s beyond cathartic to release those things because your mind feels freer and lighter. And with the Winter Solstice symbolizing a time for introspective hibernation, cleaning your home and purging your mind frees up stagnant energy. Ultimately, paving the way for fresh and new energies to enter your life. 

Did I mention it’s ridiculously easy to freshen the energy in your body and home? The best part is that with a few DIY projects, you can do it on the cheap and easy. 

For smudging, you can check THIS post out. If you’re on the prowl for extra protection, you can make a witch ball in no time. For the how to, come THIS way.

Of course, we can’t leave out your altar. Which brings me to the next way to give yourself an energetic makeover during the Winter Solstice.

Winter Solstice
With this fillable and printable Book Of Shadows, you have the foundation to build upon your witchery.

Create (or revamp) your altar

If you don’t have an altar dedicated to your rituals and spellwork, now would be the perfect time to create one. If you already have one, giving it a makeover to refresh the energies will work wonders for you. 

Maybe you’re not sure what you should place on your altar- think Yule decor. Pinecones, rosehip, cinnamon, cloves, cranberries, chamomile, frankincense, etc. are great starting points. An offering bowl to those you worship, a talisman, and candles will also make your altar more sentimental. 

And of course, every witch needs a Book of Shadows. If you’re unsure of how to navigate your way in the witchy arts, you can check THIS out. But be sure to subscribe first because you’ll receive it at over 50% off. 

Set your intentions 

Take some time to think about what it is you’re seeking. I mean, really scratch beneath the surface area so you can hear the rhythms of your heart’s desires. 

This is about creating the life you daydream about. And that starts with honoring your soul’s path. The life that was predestined for you before you were born. 

Yes, fate can step in to give you a shake up to get you on the right track. But ultimately, it will never force the life you were born to live because we all have free will. 

All fate can do is nudge us into the right trajectory. But never to impose the dreams we have upon us. 

Which is why listening to the wisdom of your soul will help you to get there. And radiate your auric field, but of course. 

Take some time to figure it out. Once you do, do NOT act upon it. This isn’t a time to run towards your life. 

This is a time for relishing your oasis of solitude. So by the time Imbolc rolls around, you’re refreshed and rejuvenated. Ready to conquer your goals. 

You can check THIS post out on making your own wishing tree to give your intentions a little oomph.

Clean your energetic body

Given that this post is about giving yourself an energetic makeover, you didn’t think I’d leave this off the list, did ya? 

It’s super easy and takes only a few minutes each day. Yup…cleaning your energetic body should be done daily. 

The same way you shower everyday, you should be energetically cleansing yourself. Think of it as spiritual hygiene. 

A few really simple ways are:

  • Setting intentions right before you get into the shower that the water is going to cleanse and purify you. 
  • Mixing some of THIS Winter Solstice incense/tea blend with epsom salt and bathing in it. 
  • Make a cleansing spray with moon water. You can use THIS Winter Solstice incense/tea blend in this concoction or create your own. All you gotta do is give yourself a spritz every time you need a pick me up. 
Winter Solstice

Nurture yourself 

It’s so easy to fall into a funk when the days are shorter than the nights. Which is why it’s super important to nurture yourself during this time. 

I don’t mean luxuriating in the spa for a day. Though, if that’s what you want, that’s amazing. 

Nurturing yourself, at least to me, is about holding yourself when no one else is. Lifting your own spirits when your will is breaking. Finding the silver lining when it seems that darkness is plaguing your existence. 

As for the day at the spa- that’s the cherry on top. Saved for the days when you want a bit of indulgence in your life just because you know you’re worth every bit of it. 

Be the parent to yourself that you wish you had as a child. Become your own best friend. Develop a love affair with life. Create memories and experiences that make life worthy of living.

The more you practice your version of what it means to nurture yourself, the higher your energetic frequency raises. Which in turn, helps you to weather the darkest of storms. Because you build the resilience and fortitude. 

Be intentional

If you want to make the most of this Winter Solstice with an energetic makeover, then you have to be intentional. 

Intentional in your deeds, honoring your word, creating the life you wish to live. It’s about finding peace and harmony even in the most mundane of tasks. So your days become lighter. Your mind becomes freer. 

That’s when you have that glow up, radiating from within that oozes with that little somethin’ somethin’. 

For pointers on how you can become more intentional and create deeper meaning in your life, check THIS post out.

Nothing speaks intentional more than your very own homemade incense and tea blend. Which brings me to the next tip to get your zen on.

Winter Solstice

Create a special incense and tea blend

One really intimate way of celebrating the Winter Solstice is with your own homemade incense and tea blend. It’s the perfect reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, especially during the holiday season. 

All you need are a few simple ingredients, intentions for what you want to create, some downtime to savor your tea and/or incense, and of course, infused with your love. 

Not sure what to use or what herbs symbolize Yule? Check out THIS post for the recipe.

Winter Solstice

Leave an offering

There’s no time like the Winter Solstice to honor those you worship. A simple offering will work wonders to show your gratitude and make your spiritual team and ancestors know just how much you love them. 

Besides, gratitude accelerates our healing and transformation. The more we feel it, the quicker our energy ascends to higher levels. Ultimately, bringing us more of what we want. 

Not saying that we should be counting our blessings for the sake of receiving, but feeling it because we truly have soooo much to be grateful for. 

You can leave a small bowl of the Winter Solstice incense/tea blend overnight and then bury the herbs in the ground the next day. Or you can light the incense with a prayer of gratitude for their support and guidance. You can also leave a bowl of the blend on your altar and refresh it every few days. 

Making a special Christmas dish? Set aside a small dish for them. Whatever your heart desires, leave a lil’ something for the ones who protect and love you. 

Winter Solstice

There you have it…how you can use this Winter Solstice to give yourself an energetic makeover. 

How are you planning on celebrating this magical time of year? Let me know in the comments below. 

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See ya soon…in the meantime, stay zenspired!

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