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Why you don’t need discipline to conquer your goals

you don't need discipline to conquer your goals

Whatever your ambitions are, you don’t need discipline to conquer your goals.  That may seem counterproductive to you, but how many times have you tried to instill discipline only to fail?  

You may even think that you’re an aberration because everyone else seems to possess this ingrained stamina, except for you.  It has nothing to do with you or discipline for that matter.  

It has everything to do with your convictions, passions, and hunger for what you want.

Your goals can be anything:

  • spiritual health 
  • physical health 
  • relationships
  • self-love
  • creating a life filled with magic
  • finances
  • career

Whatever is on your bucket list, use this towards what you want.  When you have a deep lust in pursuing what you want, you don’t need the discipline.  Because that discipline is already there.

We all have discipline.  Discipline is meant for doing the things we don’t want to do.  It’s meant to veer you away from laziness.  

You’re not lazy either.  You just haven’t found a deep calling to keep pushing forward.  When you can find what makes your heart flutter, there’s absolutely nothing that can stand in the way between you and your goals.

Let me give you an example.  Say one of your goals is spiritual health so you want to mediate more often.  You, however, can’t seem to bear sitting in silence for prolonged periods of time.   Maybe you don’t even like meditating.  

Your lack of discipline isn’t the problem.  It’s the fact that you’re impassioned about doing something and trying to force yourself to do it anyway.  

If you want to be more spiritually healthy, how can you attain it without having to sit in meditation?  

Explore what you want to try out and see how you can incorporate that into your own version of meditation for increased spiritual health.

Anything can be a form of mediation- walking, yoga, praying, creating a silent ritual, reading.  As long as you honor the silence and still your mind enough to hear your own wisdom, it’s meditation.  

You don’t need discipline to conquer your goals

Try doing something that piques your interest instead of making yourself do something because everyone else is raving about it.  

Your life is about finding your passions which means not always conforming to the status quo.  So, if your version of meditation is vastly different than those around you, then so be it.  

You’ll never have the discipline if you’re following what everyone else thinks instead of following your heart.  When you can find something that you enjoy so much and fills you with joy, discipline is never needed.  

Stand behind your convictions 

You’ll never have discipline towards your goals if you’re following what everyone else thinks instead of following your heart.  Because discipline isn’t what you need.  You need to stand wholeheartedly behind your convictions.  

When you can find something that you enjoy so much and fills you with immense joy, you want to be engaging in those activities.  You don’t need to force yourself or even remind yourself to keep pushing forward.  

That inner fire is burning with such an intensity that you can’t possibly run out of mojo.  I’m not saying that you will always be operating on full steam because that can’t possibly be the case, but it will never be a burden to work towards what you want. 

Have you ever just made up your mind as if out of nowhere about a situation in your life and changed, as if poof?  

I’m sure you have because we all have.  If you can’t think of a time right now, it will come to you.  It could have been anything, from- ending a toxic relationship, deciding to move one day, or quitting a job you hated.  

You didn’t think about it (well, I’m sure there was a ton of thinking leading up to your transformation), force yourself to make drastic and sweeping changes, or even require discipline.  Because it came organically.  

The word discipline wasn’t even on your mind because that’s not what it was about.  It was a desire to make a change.  

That desire then catapulted you to stand behind your convictions with passion.  Which then created a cataclysmic change that altered your life profoundly.  

Your heart was the primary reason you were venturing in a new direction.  Not your mind forcing you into doing something you didn’t want to do.  

Discipline and lack of motivation

When you’re pursuing your goals, it’s important to not misconstrue lack of motivation with you not having discipline.  Being human, you can’t possibly always be inspired to tenaciously work towards conquering your ambitions.  

You have to adapt with fluidity in the ups and downs.  Ride the waves as best as you can while bracing yourself for the inevitable crash.  

The days that you lack motivation are the days you most need a reprieve.  Take some down time by reevaluating where you are and what your expectations are.  

On the days that you’re on fire, make them count to be advantageously beneficial for you.  Work towards your desires with courage and confidence.  

There is no minute wasted when you honor your heart and body.  

If you find that you’re always lacking motivation and think you need more discipline, think about how badly you want your wishes to become a reality.  Which brings me to the next reason why you don’t need discipline to conquer your goals

Your hunger

If you’re not hungry enough, you will always need discipline.  If on the other hand, you have an insatiable appetite for your passions, you’ll never need discipline.  

Your desire to create a different life stems from a drive so deep within, that no amount of self-talk will ever force you into doing or not doing something.  

Be hungry and your goals will happen.  Lack the appetite and you will keep forcing yourself to work for something that you may not even want if it comes to fruition.  

I’m not saying that your goals will manifest with hunger alone.  Far from it.  That hunger creates the motivation to take action.  

Hunger fuels action.  And obviously, actions inevitably lead to results.  

Yes, discipline will garner you with results, but it will always be the product of taking a long and windy road.  Hunger does require some detours and setbacks, but it doesn’t create a mental coercion.  

If you’re pursuing your goals from a strong inner drive, you’re always going to incur resistance in your journey.  Be hungry enough to produce the results you want in your life.

There you have it…why you don’t need discipline to conquer your goals.  Find your passion, stand behind your convictions, and have an insatiable appetite.  When you can combine your top three motivational factors, you can attain anything you want.  

Remember, if you’re not doing something you wholeheartedly believe in doing, you will always need discipline to accomplish your pursuits.  If you’re doing something that you’re passionate about, your inner fire will burn with an intensity guiding you in your journey.

How do your passions fuel your drive? Let me know in the comments below.

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See ya soon.

In the meantime, stay zenspired!




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