10 ways to use a pendulum: create magic everyday

Whether a pendulum is something you’re looking to incorporate into your spiritual practice or you already have one but want to deepen your connection with your pendulum, you’re in the right place. Because I’m going to be sharing with you ten ways to use a pendulum. 

A pendulum is such an awesome divination tool for various reasons. It’s so lightweight that you can carry it everywhere you go, you learn how to build a loving and trusting relationship with your higher self, and it’s a guidance tool. Just think…your very own fortune teller right at your fingertips. 

If you don’t already have one, you may want to head over to your favorite metaphysical shop and pick one up. They vary in prices but you can usually get one for about 20 bucks. Which pendulum you choose to get is all up to you. It’s something you’re going to have an intimate relationship with, so make sure that it’s the right one for you. 

Before we get into the various ways you can use a pendulum, there’s a few topics we gotta cover to make sure that you reap the most benefits.

How to pick your first pendulum

When I bought mine, it was the very first pendulum I saw in the store. I instantly gravitated towards it. But I started looking around and of course, got indecisive and couldn’t make up my mind. So, what I did was ask the pendulums I had my eye on which one was meant to be in my life. It was only a choice between two so it wasn’t time consuming. The one that I didn’t know if I should get gave me an answer of no- it wasn’t meant for me. The one that I originally wanted was meant for me. 

A pendulum provides you with yes, no, or maybe answers to your questions. Based on how it swings is your answer. It’s going to be different for everyone. 

For example, if mine swings horizontally, the answer is yes. If it swings vertically, the answer is no. If the pendulum moves in a circular motion, then it’s a maybe. That’s generally the way it works for pendulums. However, like I said, it may be different for you. 

All you have to do is pick up the pendulums you have your eye on and ask which way is yes, no, and maybe. Once you get the answers for what each direction mean, ask the pendulums if they are meant for you.

Note-the directions you get in the initial asking phase will also be the same for all your future inquiries IF you wind up purchasing the pendulum you asked the questions.

How to care for a pendulum

Most pendulums are some type of crystal so you can charge it under the moon about once a month to free up the energies. It’s important you do this because it will absorb your energies with time and use and you want to get the most accurate answers to your questions as possible. 

If you can’t wait an entire month for each cleaning, you can smudge it with palo santo, mugwort, sage, copal, or even allow your pendulum to sit on a selenite wand overnight. 

I also keep mine in a mini bag so that it doesn’t get scratched. And keeping it in the bag won’t absorb as much unwanted energy because the cloth acts as a protective barrier. 

What to do if your pendulum breaks

As you can see in the pic, the bottom part of my pendulum broke. While I had pictures before it broke, I wanted to show the pendulum as is. There’s a rawness and a certain depth to it. In the serrated edges, we find the pieces of what makes us whole.

But these things happen. I’ve had crystals break but you can always repurpose a broken crystal. Which means you can do the same thing with a pendulum.

If you accidentally break your pendulum, ask it what to do.

  • Is your time with the pendulum over or is it time for a new one?
  • Should you buy another one as a backup or continue using the same broken pendulum?
  • Should you glue it back together or use the fragmented pieces for something else, like a new moon or full moon ritual?

Whatever your answer is, stick with it. Don’t second guess what to do. In my case- I’m to keep it, not buy a new one and use the broken piece for my rituals. So that’s exactly what I do with it.

Ok, now all of that is out of the way, let’s move onto the ways you can use a pendulum, shall we?

1. Chakra balancing (for your pets too)

You don’t need to see a professional energy healer every time you’re feeling blue, at least not when you have a pendulum. 

All you have to do is hold the pendulum over the chakras that need to be aligned and let it do it’s magic. Usually about a few minutes over each chakra will do the job. If you’re feeling particularly out of balance, then go up to about 10 minutes per chakra.

It’s so simple and you can even do it when you’re laying in bed reading or watching a movie. 

2. Use your pendulum for dowsing

This is one of my favorite ways when I’m stuck at a crossroads. It’s quick, gives direct responses and I’m able to keep asking more questions based on the original one. 

I had mentioned earlier about the direction of the swing will determine the fate of your question. So, be sure to ask your pendulum first which direction means yes, no, or maybe and then you can proceed with the questions you have in mind.

Want to know if you’re going to nail that job interview? Or if you’re on the right path? Or even if you should accept a recent opportunity that came knocking on your door? All you gotta do is ask your pendulum. 

3. Use it for magic spells

This one is so much fun because spells are about infusing your energy with intention and a little bit of creativity thrown in. So you might as well put your pendulum to good use for your witchcraft. 

Next time you’re conducting a spell, have your pendulum with you and allow it to swing over your altar, candles, herbs, potions. Next, hold it in your hand while you’re focusing on your spell and finish with letting the pendulum swing over your written words along with the entire altar again. 

4. Treat your pendulum as your guide

This may sound kind of cheesy, but you should develop a relationship with your pendulum by treating it as your guide. Your pendulum is your go to when times are tough or your mind is playing tricks on you. You want to make sure that this is not just a tool to use when you’re stuck at a crossroads, but also your gateway to higher dimensions. 

We’ve established that most pendulums are crystals. With that said, crystals have consciousness, just like us. So you want to treat it with respect and admiration. Just the way you expect that from others. Hold it in your hands everyday, carry it with you, thank it for providing you with guidance and being with you on your journey. Allow it be your source of wisdom.

5. Use a pendulum with your moon rituals

Pendulums are such a powerful tool on their own. Combine it with a moon ritual and it becomes even more potent. 

If you have a water friendly crystal pendulum, you can take it into your moon ritual soak and allow it to reap the benefits of the water while infusing the water with its magical abilities. 

Keep it by your side throughout the ritual while thanking the pendulum for gracing you with its guidance. That’s all there is to using a pendulum for your moon rituals. 

6. Treat it as a talisman 

It’s no coincidence that your pendulum is in your life. Yes, you purchased one, but there was a reason. You gravitated toward that one specifically because it was meant to be in your life. 

Which means that it’s also your lucky charm. So treat it as such. Honor your pendulum by caring for it as it’s your talisman. Anytime you need an extra dose of luck, hold it in your hands. Carry it around with you. Pray with it. 

Do anything you want with your pendulum that is going to increase your luck.

7. Charge your tarot decks

We’ve established that your pendulum can be used as a lucky charm and connection to the Divine. Which means that charging your tarot cards will help to increase the power in your tarot readings. 

Usually we charge our tarot cards under the full moon or with some sage, but if you want the extra potency in your messages, use your pendulum to charge your decks. All you have to do is lay the pendulum on top of each deck for a few hours and they’ll be equipped with the magical properties of your pendulum. 

8. Meditation

A pendulum is such a great tool to aid you in your meditation practice. And it’s so simple and easy that you really can’t not give it a try. 

All you have to do is keep your pendulum in your lap or hold it in your hands while you’re getting your zen on. 

You can even ask your pendulum to provide you with some guidance if you feel inclined, then sit down to meditate and wait for the answers to come to you. This should be for more complex questions that don’t require a simple yes or no because you can always do dowsing for the yes or no questions. 

9. Charge your manifestations

Oh, this one is so awesome. Next time you write down your manifestations, allow your pendulum to charge it up for at least 24 hours. 

Simply write down everything on a piece of paper that you wish to bring in. Place the paper in a manifestation box and then put the pendulum on top of it. Cover your box with a lid and leave it there for an entire day. 

Once the day is up, take out the pendulum along with the piece of paper. Burn or bury the manifestation paper to release any attachments to what your desires are.

10. Use your pendulum to revive your plants

Who woulda thought that a pendulum can bring your wilted plants back to life? 

I actually stumbled upon this accidentally when I over watered a few of my plants. On a whim, I decided to let the pendulum swing over them for a few minutes and the next morning, they were plump as can be.

Now, you may think that this is just a coincidence. But it’s also happened on more than a few occasions so I can’t help but think that my pendulum helped to revitalize my plants. 

Crystals and plants both have consciousness. So when you’re using the healing powers of a pendulum for a plant, it can help to heal. Even if it was over watered. Pendulums heal us and our pets so give it a try with your plants if they’ve been given too much water and watch them spruce back to life. 

There you have it…ten ways to use a pendulum. These are such magical tools that have a myriad of uses. If you don’t have one yet, hopefully you’ll consider getting one to aid you in your involution journey. 

How do you use your pendulum? Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to share this post with anyone that will benefit from it. 

See ya soon!




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