5 ways to start fresh every morning in sobriety

ways to start fresh every morning in sobriety

It goes without saying that sobriety gives you the opportunity to create a new life. But it also comes with its fair share of nuances. That’s why I’m going to be sharing with you 5 ways to start fresh every morning in sobriety.

So you can conquer each day as the beginning of the rest of your life and rock your recovery, but of course. 

Sobriety is overwhelming. You don’t know how to process your emotions, how to have a loving relationship with yourself, or even how to act as a sober person. Everything is foreign to you, including who you are. At least, that’s how it was for me. 

However, there’s a huge silver lining here. We only die once. That’s not the silver lining. We live everyday. This is the silver lining. 

Which means everyday you wake up, you get a fresh start. You have the opportunity to hit that restart button and recalibrate who you are. Decide who you want to be. 

Having been sober for five years now, I can tell you that sobering up was the easy part. Learning to love myself was the bar none the most difficult thing I’ve ever had to do. If you want some pointers on loving yourself, you can check THIS post out.

But when you’re equipped with the tools and resources to get you on the right track, it makes things a helluva lot easier to navigate life in sobriety. 

So, let’s get started with these five super simple tips, shall we? 

Five ways to start fresh every morning in sobriety

Journal in the mornings

I can’t even begin to articulate how life altering this has been for me because no words can do it justice. It’s been so transformational that I absolutely cannot go a morning without journaling.  

First thing in the morning, before you check emails or venture into the world of social media, write. Anything that comes to mind, put pen to paper. Keep a journal where you hand write everything. It’s much more intimate which increases the potency of it. Besides, if you’re typing away on your phone, you can easily get distracted by the emails coming in. 

Write in the morning because your conscious mind isn’t fully awake yet. Therefore, it isn’t able to process the same 95% of thoughts you had from yesterday (according to a 2005 article written by the National Science Foundation). Yes, a staggering 95% of your thoughts today are the same ones from the day before.

When you write before you do anything else, new and inspiring information is flowing to you. It gives you the opportunity to create the magic you desire, find the purpose you’re seeking, or even attain the tidbit of info that’s going to transform your recovery journey. 

And I know, it can be so difficult to allow yourself to be vulnerable. Even when it’s on a piece of paper that only you’re seeing. But having been acclimated to running away from yourself, it’s time to start finding yourself. 

Which is why writing anything, even if it’s, “I hate to write” repetitively will start off a new cycle of healthy habits to cultivate while bringing you the chance to learn who you really are. 

Move your energy

I love doing this because it’s so easy and simple. And it removes all that pent up junk from your body. Energetically, that is. 

It’s important to move your energy around through spiritually cleansing. Think of it as spiritual hygiene if you will. You wouldn’t leave the house without a shower or putting on deodorant. So you shouldn’t leave the house without a spiritual bath.

While yoga and cardio are great to get the energy moving in your body, I want to keep this as simple as possible. Because maybe you don’t have the reserves for any time consuming activities at the start of your day.

After you journal in the morning, get your energy moving so it doesn’t remain stagnant in your body. Which ultimately, gets stored in your organs. And us recovering addicts know all too well about all the toxic crap we’ve harbored for far too long. 

You have two options. The first being to either smudge yourself with sage or palo santo. All you need to do is light up a bundle or stick and allow the flame to blow out without it extinguishing. Starting at the bottom of your feet, not allowing the sage or palo santo to touch you, wave it side to side on both the front and back of your body, working your way to the crown of your head.

The second option, which is my preference to bring more magic in my life. You do the above, except with a selenite wand. Or if you have about fifteen minutes to spare, sit in a chair with the selenite on the floor, placing your feet on the wand to ground yourself.  

If you haven’t heard of selenite, it’s a multi purpose crystal that works wonders. Known as the stone of connecting with the divine, it can also charge other crystals with its touch, and clean your aura. You really can’t ask for more from a crystal.

When you get the energy in your body moving around, you’re releasing the old. As a result, you’re creating space for fresh new energies to enter your life. 

Besides, whichever option you choose to cleanse yourself, will only take two minutes per day. Which, if you ask me, is a no brainer. 

Connect with nature

I’m not going to preach to you about how hugging a tree is soul nourishing. Though, I definitely give them a big hug when no one’s looking.

But there really is something about connecting with nature that sets your tone and attitude for the day. 

And really, plants and trees quite literally give us life. So how can we not feel some form of appreciation and serenity in their presence? 

If you can’t get outside for a hike, at the very least, keep a plant in your home. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can always get a succulent or an air plant. 

When I moved from NYC to Santa Fe with no family, friends, or even a job, I went crazy with buying and propagating plants. Because there’s something about caring for another life without a ton of responsibility. 

Oh, did I mention there are plant species known to purify the air in your home too? Which means, with minimal effort, you get to have some greenery while breathing in better air quality. How can you refuse that? 

However you choose to connect with them is based on your preferences. You can talk to them, touch their leaves, or just breathe in their aroma. 

Let’s move onto the next step on this list of five ways to start fresh every morning in sobriety. 

Create a gratitude ritual with your morning cup of coffee/tea

Doing this everyday has shifted my perspective in so many ways. It’s unbelievable how much my mindset changed since I started doing this. 

I know it can for you too. Because sobriety is something to be so grateful for. 

Just think- not too long ago, you were probably conjuring up every excuse why you didn’t have a drinking problem. Yet, here you are- sober as can be. That’s a huge blessing in itself. 

I’m sure you have caffeine every morning and if not, at the very least, drink a glass of water. So this is something that can easily become a part of your existing routine with just a few tweaks.

Here’s how:

Before you take your first sip, thank the Universe for blessing you with the beautiful cup of coffee/tea/water. 

Then offer your love to everyone in the world who doesn’t have access to clean and safe drinking water (about 2 billion people- according to WHO).  

After you’ve expressed your gratitude and love, set your intention for the day.

Setting your intention followed by your first sip stems from Dr. Emoto’s water experiments. Long story short- he was a Japanese scientist who discovered that the molecular structure of water changes based on how we speak to it.  

Considering on average, the human heart and brain hold at least 73% water, the bones have 31% water, and age, body mass, and gender playing a role, have at least 60% water. (USGS)

Just imagine what your body must look like from all the negative self-talk. Exactly. It probably isn’t a sight for sore eyes. 

Now visualize how your body can look with just a few words of loving expressions before you drink your morning beverage.  

This is an opportunity to care for your body, mind, and soul. More than that, when this becomes one of the five ways to start fresh every morning in sobriety, you ultimately create a brand new reality. One where you’re the author and not the victim. 

Let’s move onto the final way you can hit that restart button in your sobriety journey. 

Start fresh every morning in sobriety with intentions

This is such a great way to become the person you aspire to be. If you can conjure up a dream, you most definitely possess the ability to make it a reality. 

Intentions can be anything- how you want to feel, what you want to accomplish, or even what you want each day to bring in for you. As long as you know what you want and take action, you will be rewarded with magic in the most surprising of ways. Don’t control the process. Write and take action.  

That’s it. The “what” is your job. The “how” is the Universe’s job. 

The more you write down what you want to accomplish, the more inclined you will be to pursue it.  It can either be your intention for the day or whatever is on your sober goal digging agenda. There’s a power to writing down your intentions because you get to witness the magic unfolding behind your wildest dreams.  

Make sure this is the last step because you want to be in the best frame of mind with fresh energies when you write down your intentions. 

If you write them when you’re moody or have stagnant energy lingering around, you won’t be infusing your desires with the proper love and nourishment it deserves.  

There you have it…five ways to start fresh every morning in sobriety.

How do you honor your recovery journey? Let me know in the comments below. 

Please be sure to share this with anyone you think this read would benefit. 

See ya soon…in the meantime, stay zenspired!

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