What is a Venus Return?

A Venus return is when the Goddess of love and beauty returns to the location at the moment you were born and happens once a year. A couple of days before the actual date of the return followed by a couple of days after the return is when the effects can be most strongly felt.

How you conduct this day will pretty much determine your life for the next year related to all things Venusian.

In order to explore what you or may not come in, let’s talk about Venus first and what she’s all about.

What are Venusian qualities?

Venus is the Goddess of Love and Beauty rules over finances, sociability, sensuality, femininity, the arts, luxury, sentiments, pleasure, what we value, and of course, love. With the light, there are shadow sides as well. Laziness, over-indulgence, codependency, lack of confidence, self-obsessed, and extreme vanity are some of the characteristics if the qualities of Venus aren’t balanced.

Venus in your birth chart will indicate the type of people that you attract into your life, both romantic and platonic relationships. The types of relationships that you’re going to have and how these people will enrich your own life along with what you give in return.

Depending on what house Venus is in and if she likes it there, that already is highly indicative of you as a lover and what you tend to attract into your life.

What about a Venus Return?

Your Venus Return is the day that Venus returns to the location when you were born. Taking the time to make this an extra special day for yourself will set the tone to next year related to all things Venutian. It’s important to really make this day count if you want to bring in more pleasure, love, money, beauty, and the arts into your life.

But, it’s all about balance. You don’t want to get carried away and wind up regretting all the money you spent or just getting too wild and out of control.

It’s a time to indulge a little extra in yourself without being too frivolous.

Could your love life use a little va va voom?

Sitting on your living room couch binge watching Netflix and eating ice cream on your Venus Return won’t attract the love of your life. In fact the next year is probably going to be filled with many solo evenings at home if this is what you choose on your Venus return.

What’s the Remedy?

Get out and about!

Don’t cringe. Going out is the only way you’ll bring in someone.

If you’re single, try to set up a date on your Venus return. It doesn’t have to be with your soulmate, but someone that you’re interested in. Who knows?!? Sparks may fly.

If you’re taking a hiatus, go out with friends for dinner. Remember, Venus governs your social life as well. So, if you want your calendar to be jam packed with social events for the next year, seeing a bunch of friends will help bring in more activity on the social front. And you never know who you may encounter.

If you’re spoken for, make dinner reservations at a romantic restaurant with your significant other for added sparks and intimacy for the next year. Spice it up with your partner in the bedroom too. Dress in some sexy lingerie and make him really swoon for you. Really feel the sensuality in yourself.

What if you want to bring in more money and luxuries?

The same concept pretty much applies to bringing in love. If you wallow in lack of finances, then that’s what the year ahead will bring in for you. If you however, choose to relish in all of the abundance that you have, then you’ll have more money coming in. That doesn’t just apply to your Venus return.

It’s working with the law of attraction and how your mindset truly impacts your reality. I have a video about working with the LOA, which you can access here.

If you’re in the financial position to splurge a little, you can always spend a night in a luxury hotel and have a decadent dinner. Spoil yourself a little and luxuriate in all of life’s beautiful pleasures.

If an overnight stay at the fanciest hotel isn’t for you at the moment, make do with what you have. Put on your fanciest dress, those super uncomfortable but killer heels, some red lipstick and hit the town! Even having all of your friends getting all dressed up and coming over for an elegant and sophisticated potluck.

If you much prefer to keep to yourself, then go get your hair done. Or go to the spa for a day and allow yourself to be pampered. Get a mani and pedi. Get a makeover if you love makeup.

As I said earlier, Venus rules the arts. It’s about getting creative and improvising with what you have to ensure that you have the most fabulous Venus return.

Really truly allow yourself to have fun and enjoy this day. Yes, we should be enjoying everyday. But, if you make your Venus return count every year, then you’ll always have great times.

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