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Turn these 10 daily habits into rituals for a better today

10 daily habits to turn into rituals

Creating a life filled with magic doesn’t require complexities that are elusive to you. All you need to do is turn your daily habits into rituals with a few improvisations.

Magic happens when you least expect it in the most miraculous ways.  Why not induce more magic through what you’re already doing anyway?  With a few tweaks, you’ll be bringing in the magic in no time. 

Giving each daily routine a simple modification creates new doorways to open for you.  Which is why when you take an extra minute or two each day, you can bring in the magic.  Thus, creating the life that you want. 

Turn your daily habits into rituals

Let’s get started on giving your daily habits a makeover, shall we?

1. Morning coffee/tea

Bringing in more magic starts first thing in the morning.  What you think about when you wake up is pretty indicative of how your day is going to be.  

Which means that when you’re about to savor your morning cup of caffeine, conducting a simple prayer of gratitude along with an intention will make a profound impact on your life.

I love to use a selenite wand while conducting my ritual over my morning cup of tea every morning.  If you don’t have selenite on hand, you can just conduct your ritual without any props. 

Here’s how to do your ritual over coffee/tea:

  • Gratitude is so important to bring in the magic.  So before taking the first sip of your coffee/tea, express gratitude for the blessings that you have.  
  • Then offer your love to everyone in the world that doesn’t have access to clean and safe drinking water.
  • Followed by an intention.  What do you want your day to bring?  Say it silently or out loud to your caffeine.  

That’s it. All it takes is two minutes of your day to increase the magic in your life.  

2. Add moon water or rain water to your laundry

Laundry may very well be the least favorite thing on your list.  But, it won’t be anymore with this ritual.  

You will need moon water or rain water for this.  So, during the next full moon, charge some water under the moonlight to absorb the energies for magic.  Or, you can place a container outside the next time it rains.

Here’s how to do this ritual:

  • After you wash your clothes, sprinkle some moon water or rain water onto them.  
  • Set the intention that the water from the heavens is blessing your life with more magic 
  • Then put the clothes in the dryer.  Voila!  The best part is that it only takes a minute of your time.  

Let’s move onto the next way to turn your daily habits into rituals.

3. Sage after cleaning

Smudging your home after you’ve cleaned it will take a few extra minutes but it’s so worth it.  If you clean without releasing residual energies that are lingering around your home, it kinda renders the cleaning useless.  

Think of it as spiritual hygiene, if you will.  The more you keep up with spiritual cleansing, the more magic you’re allowing to enter your life.

Here’s how to conduct this ritual:

  • After you’ve cleaned your home, open the doors and windows.
  • Light up a sage bundle, palo santo stick, or a copal incense.  Blow out the flame.  
  • Wave the cleansing tool of your choice around your entire home to remove all the built up negativity that’s been lingering around.
  • Say a cleansing prayer along with whatever you want to say good riddance to.  
  • Have faith that your prayers have been answered.

Rituals aren’t just limited to cleansing. It’s super important that creating a ceremony when you’re eating as well. Which brings me to the next step.

4. Conduct a ritual when you’re food shopping and about to eat 

It’s so easy to forget about the problems of everyone in the world when we’re caught up with our own lives.  Which is why conducting a ritual when you’re food shopping and about to eat gives you a different perspective.  Ultimately, bringing in more magic.  

Something so mundane as food shopping or eating when you feel that you’re too busy can put a damper on the blessing of it.  Complaining when the line is too long at the supermarket or when they run out of your favorite brand of salad dressing just isn’t worth the tension and stress.  

Think about how many people in the world would kill to be in your situation right about now.  To be able to walk into a supermarket and have the money to buy food.  They would love to see all the food neatly organized on shelves with fresh and colorful produce scattered around.  

There are hundreds of million of people who would also relish in eating and savoring what you have right now.  So, being too busy to eat isn’t a chore.  It’s a blessing to be able to put food in your mouth.  

Try these hacks to ritualize your experience:

  • When you’re at the supermarket, instead of dreading even having to go there or cringing at the long line of people waiting to checkout or pissed off that your favorite brands aren’t in stock, take a moment of pause. 
  • Count your blessings for having the privilege to have your pick of the crop.  For not having to fight for food.  Being able to walk into a clean supermarket.  For living in a first world country.
  • Offer your love to those that can’t afford the privileges you’ve been bestowed with.  Give a prayer of thanks to the Universe for how abundant your life truly is.
  • The same goes with eating.  Take a moment of silence and express gratitude for the food you’re about to consume.  Offer your love to those who are going to go through the day starving.  Cherish the ability to eat.

Conducting a ritual through a new lens will bring you an immense amount of magic because you see things differently.  You see with clarity on how magical your life already is.  When you can witness the magic that’s already here, you create the opportunity to bring in even more magic.

Onto the next way to turn your daily habits into rituals.

10 daily habits to turn into rituals
Find the magic in the simplicity of each day.

5. Create a ritual when you’re in the shower

Having a ritual while you’re showering is probably the easiest one on this list because you’re in the shower anyway so you might as well give it an extra oomph.

When you go into the shower, set an intention.  What I do is intend for the water to spiritually cleanse and purify me while rinsing away all of the negativity that hinders my growth.  

You can set the same intention or whatever works for you.  It can be what you want your day to look like or for goals you have. 

It’s so easy and requires minimal effort on your end.  Bring in the magic with a simple shower ritual.  Let’s move onto the next step.

6. Create a ritual while brushing your teeth

You’re probably standing over your sink counting down the minutes when you’re brushing your teeth, so why not create a ritual while you’re at it?

If you’re cleaning your mouth, you should also take the time to purify the words you will be speaking.  

Set an intention that the toothpaste is wiping your mouth of any harmful and hurtful words.  That all words for the rest of your day will be gentle, humble, and soft towards yourself and others.  

Again, this one is super simple and chances are you’re not doing anything while you’re brushing your teeth, so add in a ritual to open the portals for magic to enter. 

Let’s move onto the next daily habit to turn into a ritual.  

7. Washing your face

This one is so awesome because you get to choose how you show yourself to the world and what you want others to see you as.

Now, don’t get this misconstrued with vanity or putting on a facade.  Because it’s not about either of those.  

It’s about people seeing a beautiful creature whose aura exudes love and passion.  After all, when you put your best foot forward, you’re rewarded with so much more happiness.  

Creating this ritual is so easy.  All you have to do is set the intention that others will see you in the best light.  That you radiate with love and it permeates to all those you encounter.  

You can intend for anything you want when you’re washing your face. Just allow your imagination to run wild.

Washing your face is so simple that it’s a daily habit you can easily turn into a ritual.

8. Make reading a ritual

While not all books we read will be filled with love and light, all books do educate us and broaden our horizons.  

If you’re not a book reader, you still read to some capacity.  You’re reading this right now.  

The next time you open a book or read an article, express your gratitude.  There are about a billion people in the world who lack the education to read.  

The fact that you can read and more so, have the technology to be able to read whenever you want to, makes you incredibly blessed.  

Follow your gratitude with the intention to absorb the information you’re about to read to fill you with knowledge for your highest good and moving forward, your weapon is your education.  

Now let’s move onto the next daily habit to turn into a ritual.  

10 daily habits to turn into rituals
Magic is everywhere. Open your eyes wide enough to see it.

9. Create a ritual when you’re washing the dishes

Washing the dishes doesn’t have to be another mundane and boring task.  At least, not when you can turn it into a ritual to infuse your life with more magic.  

It’s beneficial to create a ritual when you’re washing dishes because our energies, both good and bad, will permeate our surroundings.  Sometimes we’re aware of it. Whereas most of the time, we’re not. 

When you take the time to be more conscientious while doing the dishes by performing a simple ritual, you can bring in so much more magic into your life through removing all of the toxic energies that are preventing abundance from flowing in.  

The next time you wash your dishes, set an intention that you’re being blessed with spiritual freedom and the water is washing away your worries and anxieties while removing residual energies that are no longer serving you.  

You can also use the sponge to draw a sigil of your choice onto each dish to give it an extra dose of magic.  

You’ll be wiped away of fears while bringing in magic and getting your dishes clean.  Doesn’t get much better than that if you ask me. 

Ok, let’s move onto the last way to turn your daily habits into rituals.  

10. Create a ritual when you’re putting on your makeup

My makeup routine is pretty ritualistic as it is.  I either have to be listening to feel good music or a motivational video with a cup of tea.  This way, I ensure that pozzy vibes are going to hang around with me for the day.  

Also, the way I apply my makeup adds so much extra goodness that it’s a part of my routine I can’t go without.  

Here’s what to do:

  • When you’re applying foundation, draw a sigil on your face with your makeup brush.
  • As you’re applying blush, set an intention that your face radiates with love.
  • The lipstick will act as a reminder that your lips will be used for love and compassion.
  • When you’re applying eyeliner, set an intention that you will only see with clarity and truth.
  • When you’re applying mascara, set an intention that you’re lifting away any perceptions that are hindering your growth.  

Have fun with your intentions while you’re applying your makeup.  Put on some feel good jams and play around with your wording.

There you have it…ten daily habits to turn into rituals. You may forget to do them on some days or not feel like doing it at all.  That’s ok.  Just keep at it until you become consistent.  

How do you create rituals?  Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to share this with anyone that can benefit from it.

See ya soon.

In the meantime, stay zenspired!

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