Third pillar of success: ASK YOURSELF WHY

third pillar of success-ask yourself why

The third pillar of success is to ask yourself WHY. If you haven’t checked out the first two pillars, you can access pillar one- mindset here and the second pillar- goal setting, here.

Before I get into asking yourself why, I’m going to share with you the reason behind these tenets.

If you’re not familiar with my website and ethos, it’s all about love and magic.  

My mission is to make the world a better place through healing.  The more we heal, the more we love.  The more we love, the better the world becomes.  When that happens, we can witness all the magic that we’re blessed with on a daily basis.

Being infatuated with the world of the esoteric since I was a little girl, traveling the spiritual path is more than a passion for me; it’s a lifestyle.  In fact, I traveled into the abyss of my darkness for several years before I was able to find the light.  

The only constant that I had when the going got tough was my faith.  The faith in a higher power, the faith that things would eventually get better, and eventually, faith in myself.  

Through my trials and tribulations, I learned a great deal about myself.  Hugely, that I am in a perpetual state of manifesting.  Well, we all are.  

With this epiphany, my entire life changed- it was finally about freaking time!  

Throughout this beautifully and sometimes pretty messy journey, I’ve applied spiritually based principles fueled with motivation to inspire my own journey and to start living my life according to what I wanted rather than living a life of what others expected of me.  

It’s been incredibly rewarding, gratifying, and liberating.

Now it’s my turn to pay it forward.  

Pillar three of success: ask yourself why

If you apply these methods to your everyday life on a consistent basis, your attitude towards yourself and your life will shift drastically.  So, keep that in mind every time that you’re tempted to wave the white flag.  

You’re not allowed to quit on yourself…make it a mantra.  

That’s why I’m here…to share the seven principles of success.  When you apply these, you’ll ultimately bring in more love and magic to your life.  

Today is the third pillar of success: ask yourself why.

We all have goals, but WHY?

The obvious answer is that you want to establish financial freedom, which is why you’re here in the first place.  But go a little deeper than that.  

When there’s a reason behind your wants, you’ll be more determined to find a way because you have a purpose.  

With purpose, comes action. Not just any action, but aligned action.

If you read pillars one and two, I used money as examples. So in keeping true to it, I’m sticking with money here. Feel free to shift around it for something else you want to attract into your life.

Would you feel less stressed if you come into financial riches?  You may be thinking, “Well, of course!”  But take a look at your life at this moment.  

  • What’s stressing you out?  
  • The job you hate?  
  • Your relationship woes?  
  • Is the place you live in adequate for your standards?  
  • What about the car you drive?  
  • The mounting stack of credit card bills?

Reflect on this is because money won’t cure stress…it will only alleviate some if it by making things easier for you financially.  If you think that your stress is because of scarcity, then take a moment to review principle one in order to change your mindset.

You need to know not only what you want, but why you want it.  When you figure it out, you’ll be an unstoppable force to be reckoned with.  The bottom line is that there needs to be strength of conviction.  Now that we’ve crossed out stress from why you want more money, what would the other reasons be?  

Ask yourself these questions

  • Would you devote less time to slaving away for a paycheck so that you can spend more time with your family?  
  • Do you want to travel the world?  
  • Do you want to donate money to charity?  
  • Does a family member need more money?  
  • Do you have a product that just exudes total awesomeness that you know people will greatly benefit from?  
  • Is building a larger family the reason why you want more money?  
  • Create a nest egg for your children and their children?  
  • Do you want to make real estate investments?  

I’m sure that you have a plethora of others so be sure to write down the answers as to why you want more money.  

You may be wondering how and if any of these questions relate to a principle of success, but as the third pillar of success, to ask yourself why is one of the most important components.  The answer is everything.  In order to bring in more money, you have to have a modus operandi.  

For example, if you want to decorate your home, you do your research and window shop until you find the style that suits you best.  From a couch to a duvet cover to a dining table, you want your decor to be what you want.  Your home then becomes a reflection of you because it exudes what you want it to.

Your home is your sanctuary.  The same should apply to the why.  When it comes from a place of honest reflection, you’ve set yourself apart from the rest with your strength.  

Strength because it takes courage to dig deep within to find your true motives.  

While it doesn’t define our character, it is character building.  


Because anything short of what you want will fail to make you happy.  And if just settle for the first thing you see, chances are, that’s you’re going to wind up changing it a few months down the road.  If you’re unsure of your style, then by all means experiment with it. However, to have sustaining happiness that’s apt for your needs and wants, it takes time to find the right fit.  Which is why the why is so important.  

If you don’t have the answer to why straight off the bat, that’s ok.  You don’t need to know all of the answers at this very moment.  Take some time to figure it out.  

We’re all in a learning phase with this.  With time, we’ll perfect our wants.  And when we do, that’s when the true abundance starts rolling in.

There you have it…the third pillar of success. Remember, when you have a reason, you have a purpose.

How are you coming along with the seven principles of success? Let me know in the comments below.

See ya soon.

In the meantime, stay zenspired!



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