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The Law of Vibration: use it to manifest your desires

the law of vibration

If you’ve ever tried the Law of Attraction without any or much success, then this post is going to be perfect for you.  Today it’s about the Law of Vibration and how you can use it to manifest your desires.  

Some say there are 7, 12, or 20 universal laws.  Yet, the one law that seems to be the most well-known is the Law of Attraction.

While that has worked for me on several occasions, including when I quit drinking over three years ago, I applied one other universal law into sobering up.  And that was the Law of Vibration.  

Vibration is everything, more than visualizing what you want.  After all, how can you imagine what or how you would feel without being where you want to be?

Do you ever try to visualize the future while using the Law of Attraction and wonder why you can’t really see or feel what your life would look like?  Because you can’t grasp a clear image of what your life is going to be.  

Sure, you can visualize your dream car or your dream home based on images that you see now.  But that isn’t enough because you can’t fully conceptualize the feelings you would emote when you receive it.  It’s yet to happen. However, if you switch up your energies, then you can start attracting what you want.  

You want to use the Law of Vibration because the Universe does not speak our language.  It speaks the language of energy. Which means that in order to attract what you want, you have to become fluent in positive energy.  

That’s where the Law of Vibration can help you out with your manifestations.  It’s super simple and only requires three steps to help you attain your desires.

Let’s get started with the Law of Vibration and how to use it to manifest, shall we?

Feel the energy in your thoughts

I’m sure you’ve heard that your thoughts create your reality.  Well, that’s only half true. Your thoughts create energies which in turn affirm your reality.  

Your mindset is super important but more so, it’s the energies behind your mindset.  Let me provide you with an example.  

Say you’re trying to tell yourself you’re happy.  If behind those words, you’re feeling that this is a stupid exercise and it’s not going to work, well, then it isn’t going to work.  Because your energy is contradicting your words. On the other hand, if you replace the negative energy with positive energy, then you will become happy.  

One simple way to do that is through music.  Put on a feel good song and allow your own energies to get absorbed through the music.  Feel exactly what you want to feel.  

Releasing is also a prerequisite to attract your dreams.  Which means all of that repressed bitterness being hoarded in your psychological closet needs a good sweeping.  

Write down all of the negativity you’re feeling when something doesn’t go the way you planned or all the times you replay the past over and over in your mind.  Make sure you write it on a piece of paper because you’re going to want to burn it when you’re done. It’s such an easy ritual to get rid of the junk that’s taking up valuable real estate in your mind.  

Feeling the energies you want to reel in to get what you want is the first step in the Law of Vibration.  Let’s move onto the second step of this process.  

Feel the energies in your intentions

This one requires a deep dive into your body and mind in order to really hone in on what you’re actually feeling versus how you want to feel.  But it’s so easy to connect to yourself. Not to mention, the deeper you’re able to connect with your body, the more intuitive you become. 

Your body has all the answers you’re seeking so feeling your energies is pivotal for using the Law of Vibration to attract your desires.  

When you’re setting your intentions, listen to what your body is saying to you.  This may take a few tries to feel whether or not you feel deserving of attracting your desires.  

Feel the sensations within.  Are you feeling nervous and anxious?  Or is your body at ease?  

Are you feeling confident that you can attain your manifestations?  Or are you feeling like it’ll never happen?  

Be still and silent…all the answers are in your body.  If you’re feeling at peace, then you can carry along with your manifestations.  If not, it’s time to change your paradigms from resistance to allowing.  

A super simple way to do this is to reprogram your subconscious mind.  It’s a lot easier than it sounds and requires so little of your time.  

The conscious mind, which is the creative mind, operates 5% of the time.  Whereas the subconscious mind, the habit mind is working overtime at 95% of the time.  Which means that subconsciously, you don’t really believe you’re worthy of your manifestations coming into fruition when setting your intentions.  

Before you go to sleep at night, the very last thing you can tell yourself is “I allow myself to receive.”  Do it every night for at least 21 days. The more you do this, the more you start to believe that you are deserving of everything you desire until it becomes habitual.  

Let’s move onto the last and final phase of the Law of Vibration and how you can use it to manifest your desires.  

Move the energies in your environment

It’s no secret that everything is energy.  That includes your home, work space, and even clothing.  Just a few strategic placements of decor and furniture along with some energetic cleansing can make the world of a difference in bringing you the abundance you deserve.  

You don’t have to be a master of Feng Shui or hire an interior decorator.  All you need to do is listen to how you feel the energies should be moved around in your home.  Feng Shui may dictate that something so simple as a couch will be auspicious in one corner of your home while your gut is telling you the couch doesn’t belong in that spot.  Move around whatever you want to based on how you feel it should be.  

Again, this is about listening to yourself.  Disregard the rule books and follow what you feel.  You’re the one who has to live in your home; not any professional who says you’re committing a faux pas.  

Get those energies from stagnant to revitalized with just a little redecorating and feel the freshness of what you’re allowing to enter your life.  The same goes with clothing, especially if you’re into vintage clothing.  

Clothing traps our energies so it’s important to refresh them on occasion.  Notice how when you miss someone, you’ll use the pillow they sleep on or wear one of their t-shirts?  Or when you go through a breakup and you just can’t seem to part with a certain piece of clothing that’s associated with the ex?  

That’s because it’s not just the memories of the person are lingering around, but so are their energies.  

Give your clothing some smudging with sage or palo santo or a quick cleanse with selenite.  Also do this after you’ve had a tough day to release the negativity right away. Allow the negative energies to escape so that the new can come into your life.  

There you have it…the Law of Vibration and how you can use it to manifest your desires.  Try it out and you may find it to be much easier than using the Law of Attraction the next time you want to manifest something.  

How do you use your energies to manifest?  Let me know in the comments below.  

Be sure to share this with anyone that it may benefit. 

See ya soon.

In the meantime,

Stay zenspired!



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Use this universal law to attract your desires.

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