Taurus/Scorpio Axis: resurrecting from the crucible of dogmas

Taurus/Scorpio Axis

On December 23rd, just two days after the Winter Solstice, we have the moon nodes starting an eighteen month cycle in Taurus/Scorpio. This is EPIC. 

Luckily, the eclipse on November 19th in Taurus gave us a sneak peak of what’s in store for us for the next year and a half. 

The knowledge we gained and lessons we learned from the Gemini/Sagittarius nodal axis is the perfect segue into this new cycle. One where we’re being called to bridge the gap between the material world and the subconscious mind. So we can create a symphonic harmony and find our utopia.  

During the Gemini/Sag axis, we felt so strongly about our beliefs, that it could become dogmatically sanctimonious. That’s all changing Because it’s a new phase.

A phase of honoring others perspectives. Whether we agree with what someone else’s beliefs are isn’t the point. It’s how we respect ourselves and one another enough to listen. 

If you didn’t personally get affected by it, you can see it on the collective level- where two sides of the political spectrum fought tooth and nail over their version of right and wrong. 

That’s all going to change. The fighting will still be ongoing and truth be told, will probably get worse. However, the silver lining is that lies and secrets will be exposed. 

Here’s a major hint- this isn’t about left versus right. This is about WE the people fighting the corruption from the “powers that be.” 

There’s so much going on behind the scenes that we don’t know. Eventually, the truth always gets unveiled. 

Taurus/Scorpio Axis

That’s the major theme in this cyclical process of destiny guiding us into higher levels of thinking. To see beyond the veil of illusion and start honoring the truth. NOT the opinion of truth. But to take a deep dive and read the words between the words. It’s what Taurus/Scorpio is teaching us.

Taurus/Scorpio Axis

Here are some keywords to help you out:

North Node– what you should work towards

South Node– the karma you’re supposed to release

Taurus– Ruled by Venus in both ancient and modern day astrology. Governs worth, value, possessions, finances, matters of the heart, and material things. 

Scorpio– Ruled by Mars in ancient astrology and Pluto in modern astrology. Governs sex, death, rebirth, the taboo, inheritances, taxes, other people’s money, and sudden changes. 

How this shift in the nodal axis is going to impact you is dependent on your natal chart. However, I laid out a brief synopsis for you based on the overarching theme you can expect for the next eighteen months based on your rising sign. 

Taurus/1st house

Get ready for a glow up! With you experiencing a nodal return, you can expect to reshape your image- literally and figuratively. 

Many astrologers have said that if you only learn one thing in your birth chart, learn about your north node. Because it’s your destiny. 

This is it. This is the time you step into the person you’re meant to be. It’s a transformational process so this isn’t going to happen overnight. 

Take your time to really learn yourself, your values and ambitions, what you expect out of life. Change your self-image and you’ll change others’ perception of you. 

With the south node in Scorpio transiting your 7th house of marriage and partnerships, this is a great opportunity to evaluate your partnership dynamics- both personally and professionally. It’s also the house of open enemies so now is the time to heal from the pain. 

Aries/2nd house

Because Taurus rules the second house and is governed by Venus, you can expect to harness more Venusian qualities. 

Think in terms of worth, possessions, finances, and material things. Which means this eighteen month transit can be spent determining your worth. Maybe you’re not getting paid what you should be whether through an employer or owning a business. Well, now’s the time to evaluate your own worth. Or maybe you’re in a partnership that’s not repriocitious. This transit will have you taking a look at what needs to be revamped. 

With Scorpio being the ruler of the 8th house and symbolizes sex, death, rebirth, taxes, inheritances, sudden changes- you can expect a major transformation in your life. Please don’t view death as a physical death. Oftentimes, it’s metaphorical. 

You may find that diving into the mysteries of life, exploring your sexuality, or giving yourself a psychological makeover is the antidote to your happiness for the next year and a half. 

Pisces/3rd house

The north node in Taurus is transiting your sector of communications, self-efforts, travel, hobbies, and skills. You’re being nudged to expand beyond your comfort zone to find your style and voice. Creating new hobbies while honing in on them can be incredibly successful for you. Especially if you turn a passion into a business or side hustle. 

While the south node with Scorpio is in your ninth house of higher learning, religion, spirituality, expansion, travel, and growth, you may find that you’re more inclined to dissolve old paradigms and belief systems. 

Aquarius rising/4th house 

With the north node transiting your fourth house, now is a great time to heal ancestral karma, moving to a new home and putting down roots. Metaphorically and physically. 

It’s not always a physical place to call home but to find home within yourself. And that takes reflecting on generational paradigms to see what may or may not be conducive for your wellbeing. It can be intense to face the trauma that’s being passed from generation to generation, but it’s deeply transformative. 

With the help of the south node in your tenth house, you’re being guided to build an indestructible internal foundation. Which may lead you to find the impact you want to create in the world. Or maybe you’ll get a sudden desire to switch to a different career if you’re not happy with your current position. 

Cap rising/5th house

As the north node lingers in your fifth house of creativity, romance, spontaneity, and playfulness, you can expect to feel the weight of the burdens you’ve been carrying to be lifted from your life. With a heavy dose of the power players having been in your sign the past few years and forcing you to work even harder towards your goals, you can finally get a well deserved reprieve. But that’s not going to come naturally for you. You’re going to have to make the effort for some downtime

While Pluto is still transiting your sign and will be for the next few years, the Taurean energy will help to alleviate the heaviness you’ve been feeling. And with the south node stationed in your eleventh house of networking, social circles, and humanitarian efforts, you may find yourself creating platonic and intimate relationships. 

It’s time to let loose and allow yourself to experience moments of spontaneity. Explore the depths of your creativity (because you never know if that’s the BIG thing you’ve been searching for). Allow your inner child to come out and play. 

Sag rising/6th house

With the sixth house ruling work, health, and your day to day affairs, you can expect to make changes in these sectors. 

While the nuisances of daily routines may be too bland for a Sagittarius, you’re being called to find harmony. Especially when it comes to unequal relationships. The next year and a half will be the perfect time to evaluate and make changes to the dynamics of connections if they aren’t reciprocal. 

You’ve got the help of Scorpio in your twelfth house to purge any limiting belief you may have in terms of your relationships with others. It’s also there to shed light on the hidden enemies in your life. Who you think are friends may not necessarily be what they appear to be. So this is a great time to clear away unresolved karma to give your life a reset and start fresh. 

Taurus/Scorpio Axis

Scorpio/7th house

With the north node in your seventh house of marriage, you may be more inclined to find the one if you aren’t already partnered up. If you’re taken, you can find the time to be incredibly romantic and harmonizing for your relationship. If love isn’t on your mind, this transit can be amazing to build new collaborations in the work sector. 

Whatever your relationship status is, you’re being guided towards creating your happily ever after. And that all starts with finding yourself on a deeper level of intimacy you’re acclimated to. 

With the south node shining a light on your first house of self, you’re being given the opportunity to do just that. It’s time to release any outdated beliefs you have about your self-image and how others perceive you. Which in the long run will make you much happier and attract healthy relationships into your life. This is a chance to create a brand new you and step into your badassery. Make the most of it. 

Libra/8th house

With the north node transiting your eighth house of sex, death, rebirth, taxes, other people’s money, the occult, mysticism, and sudden changes, you’re being asked to explore the shadow aspects of yourself. Don’t automatically assume death means a physical death. It’s a metaphorical one- where a part of you needs to die so you can be reborn into the person you aspire to be. This is a great time to explore the parts of yourself you don’t like looking at or even repress. 

With the south node rolling though your second house of worth, finances, possessions, and value, it’s time to step out of your current mentality in those facets. Particularly if you have a low sense of self-worth and don’t value yourself the way you should. Take stock of where you’re selling yourself short and how you can better care for your emotions. Pull out the junk that robs you of inner peace. 

Virgo/9th house

With the north node in your ninth house of travel, higher learning, religion, and spirituality, you’re being nudged away from your current belief system. So you can transform the way you think about the world at large. That can be through traveling and experiencing different cultures. Studying philosophy to garner you with a new way of thinking. Or even taking an interest in religious or spiritual pursuits. 

While the south node in Scorpio is transiting your third house of communications, hobbies, self-efforts, and skills, you’re being asked to branch out from your current way of doing things in these sectors. That’s not to say you’re ineffective in your communication skills or that your hobbies aren’t worthwhile. It just means trying something new, especially related to the ninth house affairs. This will help you to shed a completely different perspective on how you view yourself and others. Ultimately reshaping yourself. 

Leo/10th house

With the north node transiting your tenth house of work, legacy, public image, and impact on the world, you’re being guided to revamp how you make money. Maybe you’re stuck in a dead end job or you know there’s a much larger potential within that you’re not taking advantage of. Either which way, now’s the time to shine your light so you can travel the path you’re meant to be on. 

While the south node is in your fourth house of home, family and roots, you’re being called to step out of your comfort zone. Especially if it’s toxic for you. That doesn’t mean you have to get divorced or shun your entire family. It can be something as small as exploring a new town, taking a road trip, or  expanding beyond the parameters of your work environment. 

Cancer/11th house

With the north node transiting through your eleventh house of networking, your community, humanitarian efforts, the collective, and your social circle, you may feel a tug of war between the comforts of home and getting yourself out there. But if you don’t resist what you’re being pulled towards, you’ll glide through this transit with grace and poise. 

It doesn’t have to be anything extreme like leaving your homeland to join the peace corps. Developing new friendships or work collaborations can be so therapeutic to your psyche. Not to mention, will create new and exciting experiences that were once foreign to you. 

Ironically, the south node in Scorpio is transiting through your fourth house of home and family, the same house your sign rules. The south node represents our comfort zone, what feels natural to us and is urging us to expand beyond our parameters. Awaken the adventurous, free spirit lurking in there and explore your mind, body and soul. 

Gemini/12th house

With the north node transiting your twelfth house of secrets, sorrow, trauma, the subconscious mind, and the astral realm, you can expect the next year and a half to be deeply cathartic. This is a time when you can see beyond the veil of illusion and be transported to higher levels of awakening. 

Meditation, deepening your spiritual practices, and taking time to yourself to process the influx of heightened emotions will help to ground yourself back into equilibrium. 

The south node in Scorpio will be in your sixth house of daily routines, work, and health. It’s time to get out of your comfort zone and give your day to day grind a makeover. Because you’ll be more prone to the spiritual pursuits during the next year and a half, you may find infusing spirituality into your work or starting a business dedicated to the occult and mysticism to be right up your alley. This can be the shake up to your health and daily routines that will prove to be highly beneficial for you. 

There you have it…what the Taurus/Scorpio nodal axis means for you based on your rising sign.

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