I was blessed with divine inspiration and created a four card tarot spread based on my own special sigil (it came to me during a past life regression) to incorporate the elements of earth, air, fire, and water along with the corresponding questions and answers.

It’s been so beneficial for me that I wanted to share it with you.  

This tarot spread is super easy and can be used for both a New Moon and a Full Moon.  Or if you need a little extra guidance during your journey.  

Lay out the cards in an almost diamond shape (super professional looking pic is below as a reference) with Earth being on the middle left, Air being on the middle right, Fire on the top center, and Water at the bottom center.

Even if you don’t know how to read tarot cards, you can research the generic tarot interpretations and start doing this for yourself.  But, first and foremost, if your intuition is guiding you with an answer the interpretations aren’t, follow your inner voice.

Without further ado, here is the spread:  

Full Moon- manifest

Earth- What and where do you need to focus on in the material world to manifest your dreams?  Maybe your physical environment could use a little Feng Shui.  Take a moment to see where the energies can be moved around for optimal manifestation power.

Air- What do you need to intellectualize to actualize your manifestations?  Yes, in order for manifestation to work, the release of control needs to happen before anything can happen in the physical world.  But, it’s also important to establish a strong cerebral foundation to get to your desired destination.

Fire- What are the action steps you need to take and where do you need to place your passions for your desires to come into fruition?  Manifestations require aligned action towards fruition.  Taking the proper steps will expedite the process of making your dreams a reality.

Water- Where do you need to focus on in your mental body and where do your emotions need to be balanced for your wishes to become reality?  It’s about finding the equilibrium of your emotions to attain a symphonic harmony.  If your emotions are scattered or out of whack, you’re only going to delay the process.  Think about what emotions don’t have to play such a dominant or submissive role into you attaining your goals.

New Moon- Release

Earth- What is out of balance in your material world that needs to be brought back in harmony?  This can relate to your physical environment as well- maybe needing to physically purge possessions you no longer use or need.  Strike a balance by decluttering what can be seen to create more space for what you want to come in.

Air- How are you being too cerebral?  While being in your head can serve a practical purpose, if it debilitates you from progression, it’s only causing detriment.  Allow yourself to get out of your own way by getting out of your head.

Fire- Where are you being too impulsive and need to pull back on the reigns?  Having a passionate fire within you is awesome, but if it’s at the expense of your well-being, then you need to reevaluate what and how you can find balance.  A pause or reprieve may be needed before finding the proper footing.

Water- Where are you trapped in your emotional body so you can release it?  Tapping into your emotions without a doubt serves a purpose if it’s conducted in a healthy manner.  Reflect on where you’re hindering your own growth.  Take the appropriate steps towards the actualization of your wishes without getting caught up in your emotions.  

There is no outcome card because this is the overarching theme of bridging the gap between all four polarities for equilibrium.  This is about what you need to do to bring your desired wishes to fruition.  And quite frankly, we create our own outcomes.

To make the most of this spread, look at the elements, the number of each card, and if repeating numbers are showing up in the tarot cards that are being revealed.  Any repeating pattern is going to show you where your emphasis needs to be placed.