Spring clean your mind and your life

With the recent change in time along with the Spring Equinox, spring cleaning is in the air. From the numerous advertisements of household cleaners with promises to do better than their competitors to articles all over the internet dedicated to spring cleaning, you can’t help but catch the fever.

Whether you’re a self-imposed clean freak or you would rather have someone else do your chores, you can’t help but feel the beauty of Spring. And with beauty, comes cleanliness.

After what felt like an eternity of seeing bald trees, having doors closed, and being bundled up with blankets and sweatshirts, now is the time to stow away all of that extra baggage both literally and physically. We can harness this energy for our greater good if we take the time to release what no longer serves our psychological well being.

During the winter months, we’re cooped up indoors which usually tends to leave too much idle time. Time that can be pretty unproductive if it isn’t used correctly.

I used to be horrible during the winter. I can’t stand the cold and live in NY where the snow storms and brusque chills can leave a damper on your mood. Fortunately, I was so busy for the past few months preparing for a move across the country and trying to tie up loose ends, that I didn’t have extra time for negative thinking. In fact, it happened to be one of the most productive and transformational winters that I’ve had in years.

But, now onto the spring. This is now the time to clean out everything so that we can start the astrological new year, which is also on the same day of the Spring Equinox, with a clean slate.

By cleaning out our closets to our homes to our finances to our minds, we have the ability to be reborn. Take some time to think about what you don’t want in your life anymore onto paper and then what you wish to bring in on a separate piece of paper. Take the “don’t wants” and burn it as a symbolic gesture towards it no longer having any place in both your life and mind. Take the list of wants and store them in a place that you always look at where you also won’t get distracted.

For instance, if you attach it on your fridge along with all of the other notes attached to the fridge, chances are that it will become out of sight, out of mind. Now, if your fridge is clear of debris on the outside, magnetize the list of wants to the refridgerator so that you can always see it. The more you see what you want to bring in, the likelier the chances are of you setting out to attain your wants.

Also, keep in mind to not overwhelm yourself. Don’t write down a 1,000 things that you need to accomplish by tomorrow. Keep it simple. Take your time and more importantly, give yourself time to achieve what you set out to do.

Focus on what’s really pressing you right at this moment. Is is getting out of the job that you keep telling yourself that you’re going to quit? The relationship with the person that you keep promising yourself you will leave? The extra ten pounds that you’re going to lose when the time is right? The clean eating that you relentlessly promise to yourself that you’re going to commit to when tomorrow comes?

Well, eventually tomorrow will come and the time may not be just right in your mind either. Sop, what I’m saying is that the time is right right now. This is the perfect opportunity to rid yourself of excuses and start committing to change for the betterment of yourself.

Transformation takes time. It’s not a walk in the park. but, oh is it so worth it. You can be there person that you aspire to be if you start to clean up the facets in which you wish to spruce up.

Spring is about the growth from what abounded from the naked winter. it’s a time where you have the power to grow into who you want to be; who you envision yourself to be. So long as you have the will for it.

Start today and you’ll be a changed person tomorrow. Clean your life and you’ll clean your mind. Purify your mind and you’ll purify your soul.

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