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Spirituality and Sobriety- deepen your spirituality in sobriety

Spirituality and sobriety go hand in hand when you’re committed to living the sober life. Quitting drinking is such a scary and difficult feat as it is. Spirituality helps to mitigate the fears and brings you to a place where serenity is the norm.

The mundane tasks become a hardship when you know you have to say sayonara to the booze. It’s a scary path to learn how to navigate because of the stigma placed upon addictions in society.

You’re not sure how or even what to respond when you get invited out for drinks. You don’t know how you’re going to occupy your evenings and weekends. You don’t even know how to live life without alcohol.

And that’s ok. Probably not what you wanted to hear. But, guess what? There were so many things in your life you had to learn for the first time at some point. Living a sober life isn’t any different.

The fact of the matter is life gets difficult, whether you’re sober or not.

Your sobriety journey isn’t complex or complicated. It’s only as difficult as you make it to be.

I know because I was in your shoes at one point. So fearful of what my future had in store for me as a sober person. It sucked. When I look back at my early days of recovery, I see I had absolutely nothing to worry about. But I attribute my success to spirituality.

Which is what this post is all about today- how to incorporate spirituality into your sobriety journey.

Before I get into some tools to aid you, I’m going to give you a little background about my own journey.

The journey of hell

When I quit drinking over three years ago, I didn’t have anyone to rely on for emotional support.  My entire family had turned their backs on me.  I was much too ashamed to tell my friends what I was going through.  Having tried AA and outpatient rehab in the past, I knew they weren’t the right modalities for me.  So I relied solely on divine faith.  

There were days that I didn’t even have faith in myself. I would ask the Universe to supply me with faith and hold my hand in the recovery journey.  

The power that culminated within just by asking for help from a force greater than myself is indescribable.  No words can ever do it justice.  That force- whether it be spirit guides, angels, masters, etc, showed me a strength from within.

A power filled with infinite potential.  

After admitting my defeat to alcohol, my soul was reborn.  It was instantaneous. There were no expectations for any outcomes. I surrendered all of me. Sure, anyone can do these things when they choose to stand behind their convictions, but it was different having survived myself.  I was able to conquer anything.  

Allow the inner voice to be your compass

It was the first time in my entire adult life I was processing emotions as a sober person. I didn’t like having to sequester myself from civilization but the journey needed to be solo.

Because I was always easily influenced by the external world, I continuously defied and ignored my intuition.  Getting sober as a lone wolf forced me to listen to the inner guidance.  If I didn’t listen, I would have drowned in the tsunami of my inner dialogue.

But it ran much deeper than honing in on my intuitive abilities.  It  was about trusting me enough and encouraging myself- to explore my shadow side, do the inner child work, learn tarot, learn astrology, and incorporating divination tools into my daily routine.

It will always be a recovery journey.  Not just from alcohol. Past trauma, past burdens, past ways of doing and being all encompass the healing work.

Which is what this post is all about today. How you can intertwine spirituality and sobriety to navigate your life with a zen approach. Let’s get started, shall we?

Spiritual Sobriety

Take what resonates and leave what doesn’t. Enter with an open mind and you may surprise yourself.


This is so simple but can also be challenging in terms of shutting out the chatter of your mind.  With consistent practice, you’ll get the hang of it.  

All you need to do is start with 5 minutes a day in silence with your eyes closed.  When thoughts travel into your mind, allow them to come in and then release them.  Allowing the thoughts to come in will increase the control over yourself.  

But it’s also important to let them leave and to not wallow in those thoughts.  It’s about tapping deeper within yourself to build your intuition to bring peace.  

My meditation sessions have gotten so amazing that I feel they are by far the best highs I’ve ever had.  Travelling to a parallel reality while completely sane and sober is bar none the greatest experience you will ever have.  

Use meditation as your main tool in your spirituality and sobriety journey. You will not be disappointed by how much you evolve just by not allowing your thoughts to control you.  


There are so many esoteric books out there that it’ll be easy to start searching for what resonates with you.  If you’re looking to heal ancestral karma, cut energy cords with others, learn about how the moon can impact us, it’s all sold in bookstores.  

Anything you want related to the metaphysical can be found.  Start with one and you may find that you’ll just keep on going.  

Getting sober is about getting connected to spirituality on some capacity and books are the perfect gateway for it.


Yoga is not just about buying the new fad in yoga fashion, that’s consumerism.  It’s about the union of mind, body, and soul.  

Taking even 20 minutes a day out of your time to connect with your body will be such a sense of calm and zen that you’ll start to incorporate into your routine on a daily basis.  If you’re not sure which class to take or are intimidated by it, try out YouTube.  

There are so many videos on there that you’ll definitely find one that fancies your taste.  Yoga is a great remedy for boredom instead of reaching for the booze.  

Don’t just do the asanas- study yoga.  It’s all an encompassing tool for spirituality and sobriety.



When I first got sober, I relied so heavily on learning how to use divination tools.  Because I was learning something foreign and it’s become such a passion of mine, that I help my friends and family with divination tools for guidance.  

And that’s what divination tools are; they’re meant to be for guidance, not for predictions.  Tarot cards, oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, and runes are really great places to start with.  

And it keeps you so occupied, you won’t succumb to drinking out of not knowing how to pass your time.  It’s also a given that divination tools go hand in hand with spirituality.  

Incorporate divination tools into your sobriety journey and you’ll be learning something new while staying away from the booze.


I use the word Universe as an umbrella term, but its whatever resonates for you.  This may sound silly to speak to them, but it works wonders, especially when you feel that you don’t have a support system.  

You learn to ask and with that, you’ll learn how to receive.  You also learn how to find the guidance from a spiritual perspective.  In connecting with a power that’s greater than yourself, you’re garnered with a more humble approach to life.

When it becomes a daily routine, you’ll see the drastic changes in your own life.  Allowing yourself a reprieve from your own mind and worries by speaking to the Universe is such a great way to have in your spirituality and sobriety journey.

While the journey isn’t always peachy keen, the faith and belief in a power greater than yourself beckons you in the direction of salvation.  It’s up to you to be a slave to the past or a warrior of the present by reclaiming yourself.

This path teaches you the wisdom of needing to suffer in order to realize how unnecessary suffering really is. The paradigms that once defined you are now dogmas of the past.  

When you start to tap into the realm of the esoteric, you can and will become much more empowered to tackle your addictions with a brand new mindset. 

Once your mindset changes, your life takes on a whole new form and the alcohol addiction merely becomes a thing of the past rather than something that defines you.  

Try these simple techniques of introducing spirituality to your sobriety journey and witness how much you and your life transforms.  

Have you tried any of these spiritual tools to help you in your recovery journey? Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to share this with anyone that can benefit from this.

See ya soon.

In the meantime, stay zenspired!



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Incorporate spiritual practices into your sobriety journey.

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