Unless we live in a remote area of the world completely unpolluted, our bodies are constantly being inundated with environmental toxins. As a result, we can develop allergies, skin issues, or even health conditions.

When we hear about detoxing, we usually associate it with some kind of radical diet change that lasts for about a week which consists of only drinking liquids. However, we don’t have to be so taxing on our minds and bodies in order to flush out the toxins from our bodies.

Think about a car for instance. In order to keep it running effectively, we have to change the oil every three months or 3,000 miles, whichever comes first. The same applies to us. With time, our bodies get clogged up. Which is why it’s important to keep our bodies running at an optimal level.

We don’t need state of the art gadgets or be in the know of the latest food trends in order to clean our bodies of wanted junk. All we need is minimal time. The following is a list of effective ways to remove that unwanted junk and is best when done on a consistent daily basis.

1. Lemon water

Drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning not only energizes us by balancing our PH levels, but it removes toxins as well. I’ve been drinking this in the morning for several years now and have even stopped drinking coffee because its naturally given me that gentle jolt in the mornings that coffee doesn’t do. The water does have to be clean, filtered, and warm in order for it to work its magic. Our bodies are healthiest when it’s at 98.6° Fahrenheit so we don’t want to mitigate that fire by putting ice cold in our bodies ever.

2. Oil pulling

Oil pulling dates back to about 5,000 years ago as an Ayurvedic principle for maintaining our health. It’s super easy and does require time so I recommend doing it while you’re in the shower so as to kill two birds with one stone. You can either use sesame oil or coconut oil (I prefer coconut oil) in its liquid form. If you’re using coconut oil, you can either purchase the medium chain triglycerides (MCT) form of it so that it’s not a solid base or you can warm some up in a sealed jar under running water. The former will save you a few minutes everyday so if you’re looking for ways to minimize time spent, this is your best route. You then take the oil in your mouth without swallowing any of it and swish it around as you would with mouthwash for anywhere from 10-20 minutes each day on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. When we sleep at nights, our bodies are working hard to detox ourselves, but most of the germs and bacteria are usually harbored in our mouths. The oil being moved around your mouth aids in pulling the bacteria towards it and sticking to it. When you’re done, be sure to spit it out into a plastic bag in order to not clog your pipes with the oil.

3. Dry body brushing

Dry body brushing is exactly what it sounds like. You can purchase one in your local pharmacy and they are fairly inexpensive. Before you enter the shower, brush your entire body starting at your feet brushing in circular motions towards your heart. It aids in improving circulation (great for those with type 2 diabetes) while exfoliating your skin, and detoxes your body through your lymph nodes.

Here’s a little trick of the trade for those with dry skin or during the winter months when our skin tends to be drier- after brushing your body, moisturize with oil and then enter the shower. Being that water and oil don’t mix, the oil will act as a protective barrier when you’re in the shower.

4. Sweat

We all know the importance of exercise and the benefits it has for our overall health, but it detoxes our bodies as well. Even if you don’t enjoy exercising, going for a walk will reap in great rewards. The sweat that’s produced will naturally draw out the toxins from within.

5. Meditate

You may be wondering why this wound up on a list for detoxing. However, removing toxins from our bodies is not only limited to our physicality, but our minds as well. We all get stressed throughout the day so having some quiet time to mentally detox is vital for our mind body connection. Without a healthy mind, we can’t have a healthy life. Taking a reprieve from your day for even five minutes each day will have a tremendous impact on your health creating a more energized version of yourself.

There are numerous other ways that we can detox, some of which aren’t on a daily basis, but I wanted to share with you my favorites. Not only do they require little time, they have proven to be incredibly effective for my health-mind, body, and spirit. If you have any other methods of how you detox, please feel free share them below!

On a side note, I do have to mention that I’m not a health care practitioner so this is not in any way, my cure all for any ailment that you may be suffering from. These are simply my opinion. If you’re unsure about trying any of these detoxification treatments, consult with your physician before doing so.

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