Signs your spells and manifestations are working

You’ve created a spell or have done some manifestation work, but you’re not quite sure as to when you can see the results of your labor being rewarded.  That’s why today is all about determining the signs your spells and manifestations are working.

This is not a guarantee that the results you’re looking for are coming in the time frame you’re expecting them to.  Divine timing determines when manifestations come in, not us.  

This is merely a guideline for what to look out for to know that you’re on the right track and that your hard work is paying off.

If you’ve been putting in the work and want to know how to know if you’re well on your way to getting what you want, then this post is perfect for you.  

What I mean by putting in the work is:

  • Intention setting
  • Taking aligned action
  • Letting go of control

Once you have all of that taken care of, you may be thinking that it should be that simple and you’ll reap the benefits right now.  

Well, yes and no.  It really is that simple.  But, not everything is going to happen because you dictate when you want it to happen. 

The Universe will always provide you with signs

Your commitment will be tested along your journey to make sure what you’re seeking is really what you want.  After all, how many times have you changed your mind during your life or even decided that you didn’t want something after receiving it?

The Universe wants to give you what you want. But it also requires dedication and commitment on your end before they can deliver the goods to you.  

Willing something into existence takes more than just wanting it.  It takes a tenacious hunger.  And the results make it so much sweeter when you’re bestowed with what you’ve longed for.  

Signs your spells and manifestations are working

So, what the Universe does is sprinkle signs and synchronicities along the way to not discourage you.  They’re meant to encourage you to keep trekking and not give up an inch before the finish line.  

Which is why today is dedicated to helping you to see what to look out for when you’re so close to attracting what you want.  

Let’s get started with the five signs your spells and manifestations are working, shall we?

1. Synchronicities

Synchronicities are a telling sign that you’re close to attaining what you want.

Here are a few examples of what synchronicities can be:

  • seeing feathers (angels and your deceased loved ones are by you acting as cheerleaders)
  • repeating numbers (different sequences have different meanings, but they will be special to you)
  • billboards
  • commercials
  • hearing songs that are sentimental to you

Basically, anything you can think of which reminds you of what you’re working towards is a sign your spells and manifestations are working.

I’ll give you an example.  Say, you decide you want to move to Paris.  All of a sudden, you see commercials for French movies, or advertisements to learn French, or see French brands when you’re out shopping, or hear people speak in French.  

Here’s another example.  You want to buy a new car, so you did a spell or a manifestation for it.  Now, you can’t help but see the car in the exact make and model everywhere.  From driving around, to seeing it on TV, to people talking about it.

They’ll be personal to you to act as a reminder to keep pushing forward.  Don’t view these coincidences as merely that because they mean so much more.  Synchronicities are a huge sign that what you want is coming into your life.

2. Lethargy

This is not necessarily the most orthodox of signs, but lethargy means that your wishes are about to enter.

Please don’t confuse lethargy with adrenal fatigue, lack of sleep or any other reason why you may be feeling more tired than usual.  That’s totally different. 

What I mean is that you’re exhausted and feel like you’ve worked your butt off to no avail.  When that exasperation sets in, you’re on your way to reaching your goals. 

It’s the Universe giving you a sign to not give up just yet because you’re so close to your destination.  They just want you to give one final push before you can reach your desires.

Wanting to give up out of sheer fatigue for not getting what you want is completely normal.  We all go through those phases, but that’s when it matters most.  

It’s about not giving up when the going gets tough.  When you feel a wave of lethargy wash over you, know that the Universe is there giving you a gentle nudge forward.  

You also have to keep in mind that doing any spell work or manifestation work requires an immense amount of energy being expended.  When the lethargy kicks in, it’s because you’ve sent out the right energies, which will naturally deplete you.

3. The past is resurfacing

If you’re being reminded of the past through memories or seeing people that were once in your past, this is a surefire way that your spell and manifestations are working.

The past resurfacing is providing you with an opportunity to clear out the old debris so that the new can enter.  

What you want will never appear exactly as you want if you don’t heal yourself from past pain.  So, when the past resurfaces, look at it as a blessing from the Divine to clear it out once and for all.  

When the emotional skeletons are pulled out of the closet, you get a clean slate.  And what you’re in pursuit of is a much better improved version of what you envisioned because there’s nothing tying you back down.  

The next time that the past resurfaces, take it as a sign that what you’re attempting to attract is coming in.

4. Mood swings

We all have on and off days.  Some days we’re on fire with motivation and on other days, we’d rather sequester ourselves from civilization.  It’s just the cycles replenishing themselves.  

Mood swings are a signification that your spells and manifestations are going to make an appearance into your life soon.  

I’m not by any means saying that you should be instigating fights with others to induce what you want to come in.  

When you’re feeling drastic changes in your moods from hot one minute to cold the next and it’s not in your nature to be erratic, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have a mental disorder.  

I’m not a doctor so please take my words lightly when I speak of your mental energies.  If you feel that your mood swings are out of the norm for you and not in relation to your manifestations coming into fruition, by all means, see a doctor.

With that out of the way, let me carry on.  Your energies are trying to recalibrate themselves within you to elevate you to a higher level of thinking and being in order to bring in what you’re seeking.  

You’re going to feel spikes and crashes when your body is readjusting itself.  These influxes of shifts need to happen in order to raise you to a higher level of consciousness.  

Bringing in what you want doesn’t happen when you’re vibrating at a lower level.  It can only occur once the turmoil is out of your psychological body.  Take the mood swings as a sign that you need to be adjusted back into alignment in order to bring in your desires.  

5. You feel a “shift”

You can feel something is different about yourself, but you can’t quite put your finger on what’s changed within you.  

There’s no rushing or coercing for anything because you understand the concept of Divine timing being the ultimate force that determines when you attain your manifestations.  

You feel calm and serene.  There’s no rush to attain your desires because you just know that the Universe is going to bless you with everything you want.  

Essentially, you’re flowing with fluidity and adapting to their timeline and allowing them to work their magic in your life.

That shift is so indicative of what you want is coming because you’re in alignment with the Divine.  Which means that you’re vibrating on their frequency.  When that happens, what you want is much closer than you think.  

There you have it…five signs that your spells and manifestations are working.

Have you experienced any of these signs that your spells and manifestations are working?  Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to share this with anyone that can benefit from this.

See ya soon…in the meantime, stay zenspired!

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