Second pillar of success: GOAL-SETTING- for love & magic

second pillar of success- goal setting

The second pillar for success to bring in more love and magic is all about goal setting.  If you missed the first pillar, click here to read it.

I’m so excited to be sharing what I’m about to with you today.  If you’re not familiar with my website and ethos, it’s all about love and magic.  

My mission is to make the world a better place through healing.  The more we heal, the more we love.  The more we love, the better the world becomes.  When that happens, we can witness all the magic that we’re blessed with on a daily basis.

Being infatuated with the world of the esoteric since I was a little girl, traveling the spiritual path is more than a passion for me; it’s a lifestyle.  In fact, I traveled into the abyss of my darkness for several years before I was able to find the light.  

The only constant that I had when the going got tough was my faith.  The faith in a higher power, the faith that things would eventually get better, and eventually, faith in myself.  

Through my trials and tribulations, I learned a great deal about myself.  Hugely, that I am in a perpetual state of manifesting.  Well, we all are.  

With this epiphany, my entire life changed- it was finally about freaking time!  

Throughout this beautifully and sometimes pretty messy journey, I’ve applied spiritually based principles fueled with motivation to inspire my own journey and to start living my life according to what I wanted rather than living a life of what others expected of me.  

It’s been incredibly rewarding, gratifying, and liberating.

Now it’s my turn to pay it forward.  

If you apply these methods to your everyday life on a consistent basis, your attitude towards yourself and your life will shift drastically.  So, keep that in mind every time that you’re tempted to wave the white flag.  

You’re not allowed to quit on yourself…make it a mantra.  

That’s why I’m here…to share the seven principles of success.  When you apply these, you’ll ultimately bring in more love and magic to your life.  Which is what today is all about…the second pillar of success, click here to access the first principle.

Once you have changed your belief system by shifting your mindset, it’s time to build your castle.  We will need building blocks for this…all of different heights, lengths, and widths. 

The second pillar of success is all about goal setting

Love and magic are goals we all have.  So it’s time to make it happen by creating a proper foundation.  

When you have an indestructible fortress, there will be nothing that can stand in the way of you and love and magic.  

Goal setting can seem pretty daunting if you don’t know what you want.  But, it’s also what makes it so much fun because you get to learn what your heart desires.  

You also don’t have to know everything right now.  And you shouldn’t.  You’re always going to be growing mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  As you evolve, your values and ambitions will change.

But this is what today is all about- to help you figure out what you want.  For right now, think about both your short term and long term goals.  

It doesn’t matter how small or lofty they are.  If you have the ability to conjure up a dream, you certainly have the ability to turn it into reality.  

The how makes no difference now.  The only difference that you need to focus on is you taking charge of your life at this very moment.

Here are some questions to ask yourself to create a plan of action for your goals:

  • Where do you see yourself in six months?  
  • One year?
  • Five years? 
  • Ten years?
  • Do you have debt?
  • When do you want this debt paid off by?
  • Do you have a mortgage?
  • When would you like to have your mortgage paid off by?
  • What about your savings?
  • What number would you like to see in your savings account in six months?
  • One year?
  • Five years?
  • Ten years?
  • Do you have your own business or hope to have one?
  • What are your business goals?
  • Where do you see yourself in relation to your career in six months?
  • One year?
  • Five years?
  • Ten years?
  • What are your familial goals?
  • So you have children to put through college?
  • Would you like more family vacations?
  • What are your spiritual goals?
  • Any health goals?
  • Relationship goals?

There’s so much ground to cover with the plethora of questions.  But the only way to bring in what you want is to know what you want.  When you do, you can create an action plan towards your goals.  

If you have more goals that aren’t in this list, feel free to write them down.

Write down the answers to all of these questions.  When we write down our goals AND come back repeatedly to read them, we have a much larger chance of holding ourselves accountable and responsible to living up to our end of the bargain.  

Reacquainting ourselves with our goals will  familiarize us with them, causing a chain reaction within our minds…from a want to a must do.

Be as specific as possible.  

  • If you want to make more money, how much do you want to make annually?
  • You want more vacations-how many per year and to where?
  • You want to start a business- what kind of business and who are your ideal clients?

Don’t leave any ambiguity in your responses.  You can always change your answers around as you fluctuate and evolve.  The more detailed your responses, the likelier you are to work towards your goals.  

There you have it.. the second pillar of success to bring in more love and magic, goal setting.

What goals are you implementing right now? Let me know in the comments below.

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See ya soon.

In the meantime, stay zenspired.



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