Samhain Herbal Divinatory Tea: it’s time to connect within

In light of the recent changes I’ve made to my business, I figured what better time than now to share my love of herbs. Particularly when it’s made into tea or incense blends. 

Which is why I’m sharing with you the first of many herbal teas of the month. Oh- and the added bonus is this will help you with your Samhain ritual because it’s got some pretty potent divination purposes to aid specifically in connecting with your ancestors. 

If you don’t know what Samhain is, it’s one of the eight sabbats in the wheel of the year in Paganism and also happens to be the Pagan New Year. 

Samhain falls on Halloween and is believed that the veil is thinnest between our realm and the spirit world- making this an awesome time to connect with your ancestors and departed loved ones. The Day of the Dead starts on 11/1 and ends on 11/2, a Mexican holiday in celebrating those that came before us because they also believe this is when our loved ones cross over to this realm and pay us a visit. 

That’s why I created a special herbal tea blend to help you with your Samhain/Day of the Dead ritual. So you can honor your ancestors and ensure that they have a safe passage back to their side. 

Before I get into the blend, I do have to give a word of caution- remember when I said the veil is thinnest during this time? That means you want to be careful. Because we can always attract spirits who don’t have our best interest at heart. 

To make sure you’re in tip top shape and not attracting anything you don’t want, give yourself a cleansing after your ritual with a selenite wand. Fire isn’t always the best because it sometimes attracts spirits we would prefer to not encounter. Which means you may wanna steer clear of burning anything, including smudging yourself with something that has to get lit.

You can also take a bath to clean your energy. Especially with this Samhain herbal tea blend for your ritual to induce the energies you want to bring in. 

And you may want to veer away from calling the spirits with your ouija board during this time because who knows what may be lurking around.  

I’ve got one more disclaimer before I continue. I am by no means a medical professional. Just a gal with two health coaching certifications and a passion for herbs. 

Now, let’s get started, shall we?

Samhain Herbal Divinatory Tea

This recipe is pretty awesome if I do say so. I mean the colors are absolutely beautiful and it tastes just as good as it looks. With an infusion of citrus, slight licorice flavor, earthy undertones, and a hint of flowers, it tastes amazing. 

I’m gonna dive right in with the recipe and then I’ll tell you why I chose the specific herbs for this ritual. 

I use 14oz. mugs so this was perfect for one serving. 

What you’ll need:

  • 1 Star Anise 
  • 5 dried orange peels
  • 1 teaspoon dried rose petals 
  • 1 teaspoon mugwort

How to make the Samhain Herbal Divinatory Tea:

  • Place your herbs into a strainer and put it in your tea mug. 
  • Pour boiling water into the mug and let it steep for 5-8 minutes. 
  • While the tea is steeping, focus on your intention. Whether it’s to ask your ancestors to provide you with an answer, proclaim your love to them or even just to honor them- whatever it is, focus on what you want to achieve during your ritual. 
  • Once the tea is ready, offer a gratitude to your departed loved ones and the Universe for blessing you. 
  • Then sit back, relax and sip away. 

Bonus tip: If tea isn’t your thing and you’re not worried about attracting spirits, you can always use these herbs in the recipe along with copal resin for an incense blend. 

Bonus tip: You can even just leave the herbs and copal resin in a small bowl overnight as an offering for your ancestors. The next morning, you can sprinkle them on the earth. 

Bonus tip: Use it as a bath soak to detox and call upon your ancestors. 

Samhain Herbal Divinatory Tea

Ok- now that you have the recipe, I’m going to give you the why. Because truth be told, I can’t stand when someone tells me what to do without explaining anything. 

Star Anise

Aside from star anise having been used as a medicinal herb for thousands of years, it’s a powerful herb to be working with. Especially in a Samhain herbal divinatory tea. I mean, the star shape kind of speaks for itself, well- because it just looks magical. 

As a Jupiter ruled herb, it’ll bring abundance, love, money, and luck. Basically, all Jupiterian facets of growth and expansion can be induced with a little help from star anise. But that’s not all. 

Star Anise is said to protect and deflect from all evil, enhance psychic awareness, and call upon spirits to help in spells. Which makes this a perfect herb to be using when you want to connect with your ancestors. 

Now, let’s move onto the magical properties of orange and why it’s perfect for your Samhain herbal tea blend. 

Orange Peels

Ok, it goes without saying that oranges have an uncanny ability to revitalize you. From the color to the aroma to the taste. It makes you feel happy and inspired. 

And for this very reason, I had to include them in this blend. Not to mention, it gives such a nice balance to the star anise. 

That’s not all because they possess magical properties that can’t be ignored. For starters, they can bring love. 

I know all too well that when we lose someone, it’s so easy to get caught up in the grief and sorrow that we often ignore life. But the more caught up we get in the loss, the longer our departed loved ones are stuck in this realm. Unable to cross over until we accept that they’re gone until it’s time for us to reunite. 

Which is why orange made this list. Because it’s important to always bring love into any ritual work, particularly when you’re trying to connect with your ancestors. 

Oranges also symbolize the sun- our life force, vitality, creativity, and purpose. You can even leave it as an offering to your ancestors on Samhain and then burn them the next day or sprinkle the peels on the ground. 

They’re also known to bring luck, fortune and aid in divination. I mean, some believe that orange peels express the joy of the angels, so how can it not be divine? 

Now, let’s talk about why rose petals are in this Samhain divinatory tea. 

Rose Petals

To be completely transparent, I made this recipe on a whim and automatically thought of rose petals because of how pretty it would look. 

When I went back to my notes on the magical properties of roses, it made perfect sense. Talk about a stroke of divine inspiration. 

When you look at a rose, it just exudes power and seduction. At least, that’s my initial thought. But when you dive a bit deeper, it tells a different story. 

Roses are beautiful to look at but dangerous to the touch. Which can be said that roses aid in protection, especially love gone awry. However, in this case, the rose symbolizes a safe passing for your ancestors; coming and going back. 

It also complements the star anise and orange peels beautifully, not just in flavor, but in its femininity. Because both the previous ingredients are masculine, roses being ruled by Venus, make this tea softer and gentler. 

Which helps to bring an elegance to your ritual. Because let’s face it- we’re not always in the mood for them but do it because we feel we should. The touch of rose helps this to set the tone for you. And of course, to bring more love to your ancestors. 

Oh and did I mention, it can induce prophetic dreams? So, if you’ve got a burning question, ask and it shall be answered. In your dreams, that is. 

Let’s move onto the final ingredient in this Samhain herbal divinatory tea blend, mugwort. 


If you’ve ever had acupuncture or achy muscles, then you know all about the healing benefits of mugwort. From increasing circulation and blood flow to reducing inflammation, this herb is truly a gem.

With the magical properties of mugwort, this is a must have herbs in your apothecary. As an herb ruled by the moon, which is a feminine celestial body, mugwort brings the perfect balance to this tea blend. 

Mugwort is also regarded as an herb to aid in astral projection, lucid dreaming, and increase psychic awareness. The indigenous people of our country even use it as a form of purification. More than that, it’s also said to ward off evil spirits. Which makes this perfect for a Samhain herbal tea. 

However, mugwort needs to be taken in small doses because one of its active components, thujone, can be poisonous if taken in large doses. So please use this in moderation. 

Samahin is about taking a deep dive into the crevices of your psyche so when Yule comes around, you can start to shine the light a little more everyday just as the sun does. Use this Samhain herbal divinatory tea to connect with your departed loved ones so you can begin the purging process and start being the beacon of inspiration you are. 

How are you going to honor your ancestors and celebrate Samhain? Let me know in the comments below. 

Oh- please be sure to share this with anyone you think would enjoy this read. 

See ya soon! In the meantime, stay zenspired. 

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