Reclaim your power with a protection ritual

protection ritual

Sometimes you’re a little down and out and need a boost of magic to get you feeling empowered. That’s where these seven magical spells to reclaim your power with a protection ritual can help you out.  

If you’re an empath and find yourself constantly being inundated with negative energies, then this post is going to be perfect for you. As an empath, it’s super easy to attract other people’s energies, especially from energy vampires because you’re a sponge for them. However, when you learn the techniques to create a protective fortress, you’ll be feeling like a brand new you in no time.

Reclaim your power with a protection ritual

After numerous fiascos with being energetically violated, I had to be mindful of protecting myself.  Which led me to using a little magic to restore my zen.

These tools are both great preventive AND reactive measures. Some are better modalities as an after effect. But, I’ll be sure to let you know which techniques can be used ahead of time so you’re not absorbing crap into your body.

It’s time to slay away the energies that are leaving you feeling down and out.  If you’re in need of a deeper energy removal, you can check this out. 

Let’s get started with how to remove negative energy, shall we?

1. Take a bath

Water is the best cleanser for removing negative energies and taking a bath is relaxing as fuck.  

Indulge yourself with some bath salts or Epsom salt, essential oils, fresh rose petals (you can get them for dirt cheap at your local florist. They usually have bags of rose petals on hand from all the roses they trimmed), and anything else that fancies your taste.    

You can take it up a notch by manifesting while you’re in the bath.  Because you’re in such a relaxed state, you won’t focus so much on the outcome, but rather what you want to attract in your life.  Just think about what you want without putting any thought of how you’re going to achieve it.  

Soak away all of the stress while you remove all the negativity from your body.  Once you’re cleansed, you’re going to add another protective layer. Which brings me to the next way to decompress.

2. Smudge your way to empowerment

Smudging is such an amazing way to remain spiritually hygienic while acting as a protective barrier to keep unwanted energies away. You can use a few different tools.  Either sage, palo santo, copal, mugwort, or even a selenite wand will work wonders.  

To smudge yourself, all you have to do is light up your choice of tool with the exception of the selenite.  Blow out the flame.  

Starting at the bottom of your feet, without touching your skin with, wave the sage, palo santo, copal, or mugwort, moving upwards until you reach the crown of your head.  Do this both on the front side and back side of your body.  

You would do the same process with the selenite wand, without lighting it up.  

You can even give yourself a cleanse every morning before you leave your house to create a protective barrier. In doing preemptive damage control, you’ll lessen the chances of absorbing someone else’s unwanted energies.

It’s also important to smudge your home on a consistent basis, the way you regularly clean your space.  You want to remove all of the residual energies that have been building up in your home so they don’t get hoarded.

Next time you’re down and out and need a reboot, slay away the negativity with a smudge stick.  However, smudging should also be done with some energy healing because it increases the potency. Which brings me to the next step.  

3. Use reiki as a protection ritual

Reiki is a form of energy healing that focuses on the chakras (energy centers) within the body.  Each human body has 108 meridian lines that connect to a total of seven chakras that are located within the body.  

Chakras are always open, because if they weren’t, well, we’d be dead.  However, they can easily get imbalanced.  Especially if you’re around someone who tends to have an uncanny ability at draining your energy.  

When the chakras are out of whack, all you need to do is conduct an energy healing session.  If you don’t have the funds to pay for one, you can always do it yourself.  

YouTube has a myriad of videos dedicated to reiki.  All you have to do is lay down, close your eyes, and get your zen on.

Because we are energy, it’s super important to consistently remove energies from our bodies.  Even more so, if you’ve been around someone who saps it out of you or permeates you with their own energies.  

Which is why energy healing is such an effective way to remove all that unwanted energy.  If energy healing is too woo woo for you, check out the next protection ritual- which is much more mainstream.

4. Meditate your way to serenity 

Meditation isn’t just for calming your mind. It’s a great modality prevent and rid yourself of negative energies.

To prevent negative energies:

Sit in silence for at least five minutes and visualize yourself being immersed in your own bubble of love and positive vibes.

Silence isn’t your thing?

Try mindful meditation. Infuse whichever activity you’re doing with intentions of love, beauty, harmony, and peace. The more you practice this, the more you train your mind to treat your body as a negativity repellent.

To remove negative energies:

All you have to do is sit in silence and focus on clearing your body of energies that aren’t serving you for your highest good.  

If sitting in silence isn’t your cup of tea, conduct a mindful meditation.  You can do a mindful meditation while you’re going for a walk, doing yoga, folding laundry, or doing the dishes.

For at least five minutes, visualize the negativity leaving your body.  If you need to give the energy a physical form to make this easier for you, do it.  You can imagine balls of toxicity stored in your body being pulled out. 

The bottom line is that meditation is what you make of it so give it a try the next time you want to say sayonara to negativity.  

If the word meditation alone ignites a strong aversion, try listening to some music instead.  Which is what brings me to the next step.

5. Listen to music

Music is by far one of the best forms of therapy.  It can evoke so many emotions and transform your entire reality in just a few minutes.  Which makes this the perfect protection ritual to reclaim your power.

All you have to do is listen to some mellow and calming music with a cup of tea and savor the moment.  

Flow with the tune that you’re listening to and feel the music with your body.  Get lost and carried away in the moment. Dance your way to empowerment.

Our bodies store emotions that we haven’t worked through, including the negative ones. Because emotions are energy, moving your body will force all of the trapped ones to escape.

The next time you need a pick me up, let music be your muse for solace.  Now, let’s move onto the next technique of how to clean your energy.

6. Protection ritual with crystals 

It’s my ethos that you can never have too many crystals.  After all, each one serves a different purpose.  And they’re so calming and therapeutic.

Crystals also happen to be great for preventing and removing unwanted energies.  You can even sleep with one of the crystals that are mentioned below under your pillow to keep your energies safe.

You can carry or wear them to continuously prevent the negativity from seeping into your emotional body.  

Some crystals that are great for energy protection are:

  • Shungite (also great to purify water)
  • Black tourmaline 
  • Clear quartz 
  • Flourite
  • Hematite 
  • Amethyst 
  • Black obsidian 
  • Smoky quartz
  • Selenite
  • Labrodorite

All you need to do is carry one or two stones with you.  The healing properties that these crystals offer are great to remove energies that are crippling your happiness.  

Because crystals are energy, they need to be cleansed occasionally.  Just charge them under the moonlight during a full moon to recharge them.

If you haven’t already worked with crystals, this is the most opportune time to get started with them.  You may even just become an aficionado.  

Now, let’s move onto the next and final protection ritual to reclaim your power.

7. Clean your energy with salt

Salt has been used for thousands of years for good reason.  It acts as a natural preservative, flavors food, and is even in our bodies.  

Salt was such a hot commodity at one point that it was used for trading.  The word salary is even derived from salt.  

But, we’re not here to discuss the history of salt.  Only one specific benefit today- to cleanse yourself. 

3 ways to use salt for removing negative energy:

The first way is to line the outside of each entrance of your home with salt so that negative energies cannot enter.

The second option is to place a salt bowl by each entrance on the inside of your home as a  collecting bin for negative energies.  Just be sure to refresh the salt bowls every few days.  

The last way you can use salt is to carry a small vial of it with you.  Keep it in your purse or pocket.  Even carrying an extra one in your car and keeping one in your office are great if you’re encountering negativity from others at work.  Again, you want to make sure that you’re consistently refreshing the salt.  

The type of salt you use is whatever you’re preferential to.  I find pink Himalayan salt (great detoxifier) mixed with activated charcoal (is a purifier and black is a potent energy remover) to be an awesome way at keeping the negativity at bay.  

Salt is something you already have at home so you might as well just put it to good use by saying good riddance to all the unwanted junk.

There you have it…7 protection rituals to reclaim your power.  

It’s only natural that we’re going to encounter people who don’t always vibe with us.  But it doesn’t mean that it needs to ruin our days.  All you need are a few tools at your disposal to protect your aura.

How do you remove unwanted energies?  Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to share this with anyone that can benefit from this.  

See ya soon.

In the meantime,

Stay zenspired!

Say sayonara to negativity and hello to positivity by removing negative energies.