November Cosmic Weather: find out what the celestial bodies are up to


Welcome to the November edition of the cosmic weather report! 

With us being in eclipse season, this month is gonna be a wild and bumpy ride. So tighten those seatbelts of yours. 

We also happen to be smack dab in the middle of Scorpio season until the 21st, when the Sun moves into Sagittarius. Scorpio rules the eighth house- house of sex, death, rebirth, taxes, inheritances, and sudden changes. 

On a personal level, this is a time of taking a deep dive into the crevices of your psyche to relinquish anything you’ve been harboring that isn’t contributing to your growth while tapping into your innermost desires. 

To figure out who you are on a core level, find your purpose, and get onto the track that’s been predestined for you. If you know these things, that’s amazing. 

Take this month to start implementing the changes you want to see. Otherwise, the eclipse is going to remove anything hindering your growth from your life, forcing you into the path you’re meant to be on. 

However, that’s not a bad thing. Think of it as a shove in the right direction, if you will. And really, sometimes we need to be smacked on the head to shake us up. Besides, you know what they say- forewarned is forearmed. 

For the collective, expect to see secrets from the “powers that be” being revealed. It’ll be intense to say the least. Which also happens to be the keyword of the month. 

As we, the U.S., prepare for our Pluto return in February 2022, there’s going to be a turn of events that’s meant to give our nation an awakening. 

Because things aren’t as they appear. And so the spotlight will be shining on what needs to go. In order to start rebuilding and restructuring our country in a way that has the people’s best interest at heart. 

I bring up the Pluto return because November is the catalyst for it. Even though it’s been going on for years, we’re now getting a glimpse of what’s been going on behind the scenes. Pay attention this month to national and international news so you get an idea of what 2022 has in store for us. 

Ok- enough about that. Let’s get started with the monthly cosmic weather breakdown, shall we? 



While this new moon isn’t an eclipse, we are in eclipse season. So expect the winds of change to blow you in directions you may feel you’re not prepared for. That’s a good thing because it’ll take you to the path you’re predestined for. 

If you’re feeling pulled to go in a direction but it seems illogical, follow your heart and not logic. Because we’re in eclipse season, you’re being called to follow your destiny. 

Essentially, an eclipse speeds up time so we can move along in a graceful manner. That’s not to say that you can speed up destiny or tempt fate. 

Eclipses rock us to our core so we can accelerate our growth. Otherwise, it may take years for us or even worse, never taking the steps we need to take. 

Because Scorpio rules over secrets, you may find something surfacing you’ve kept quiet about. Even from yourself. And that’s ok. Because we’re constantly fluctuating and evolving. 

What’s being shed light on is helping you to liberate yourself. Scorpio rises like a Phoenix from the ashes. So use this time to embrace the Scorpio nature and climb into your darkness to unravel the junk. 

It makes this new moon the perfect time to conduct a releasing ritual so you can remove your blockages and prepare for the upcoming partial lunar eclipse when you can manifest your heart’s desires. 

You can check THIS post out on how to release with the new moon.


This is going to be an interesting time. The planet of communications is entering the sign of secrets. I wonder what will be revealed during this time? 

Whatever it is, you can expect that it will be suspenseful. Because doesn’t one of the darkest and most seductive zodiac signs always keep us on our toes? 

On a personal level, it’s a great time to prove deeper to unravel the secrets of your subconscious. It’s a time of seeking truth to witness where the imbalances are occurring. 

Now would be a great time to journal your thoughts so you can go back at a later date to see what’s being shed to light. Mercury in Scorpio can prove to be an incredibly healing transit if you’re willing to take the dive within. 


Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty usually stays in a sign for about three weeks. However, the Universe decided to bless us with Venus in Cap for 4 months, with a retrograde included. 

Your passions will arise from the depths of your psyche, providing you with an opportunity to figure out what you truly want from love. But it’s also shining a light on where you have to work for the type of love you’re seeking. 

For instance, the qualities and traits you expect from a partner- do you provide that as well? Because if not, you need to evaluate the type of partner you are. 

Remember, Capricorn is slow moving, deliberate in their actions, and very methodical. Take your time because the rewards will far outweigh the risks. 

Know your worth and don’t settle for anything sort of what you seek in a significant other to keep you happy. And if you’re tired of waiting around for the right person to appear, date yourself. 

Romance yourself. Become the love of your life. When you do, you’ll be completely happy being on your own and won’t feel the need to be in a relationship that doesn’t satisfy you. 


Eclipses are notorious for eclipsing things in and out of our lives. This particular one is no exception. 

However, they’re meant to shake us up so we can ride the waves of life with grace and fluidity. And truth be told, we’re creatures of habit so really won’t make the changes for ourselves until we’re forced to. 

The effects of them can be felt from a few weeks prior up until six months after. So if you’ve been out of sorts for the past few weeks, that’s courtesy of this eclipse. 

This eclipse is asking you to expand beyond your comfort zone. To stop daydreaming about the life you wish you’re living and start taking the action you need to get there.  

This eclipse is happening at 27° of Taurus so the effects will be felt differently for everyone. Nonetheless, it will impact the collective. 

Since this eclipse is happening at the very end of Scorpio season, you should be made aware of your innermost desires by now. Which makes this a fantastic time to manifest your desires. 

I know the popular consensus is to release with the full moon and manifest with the new moon, but our ancestors manifested with the full moon.

Because it was during each full moon that our heart’s desires are illuminated with stark clarity. Which means this is an auspicious time to set forth what you want for yourself. 

It’s also been said that you shouldn’t manifest anything during an eclipse. I, for one, love to do it. As long as it’s not in detriment to my natal placements. Meaning, there’s no squares or oppositions to the planets stationed when I was born. 

If you find that there are conflicting energies, you may wanna steer clear of manifesting anything because eclipses are unpredictable. In the meantime, you can utilize this time to hone in on your desires. So come the next full moon, you’re ready to rock and roll. 

If you’d like some pointers on conducting a full moon manifesting ritual, check THIS post out. 


Let the good times roll because Sag season is calling us to let loose and have a bit of fun. Gather around family and friends and make this holiday season worth remembering. 

This is a great time to possess a carefree attitude and go with the flow. Sag, being ruled by Jupiter, wants to have fun, so take full advantage while you have the energy present. Take some time away from work and do you. 

Additionally, with the nodes having been in Gemini/Sag since May of 2020 and moving into Taurus/Scorpio in January 2022, now would be a great time to take stock of the past year and a half. 

Think of anything Sag related- growth, expansion, spirituality, religion, higher learning, philosophy, travel, and your belief system. Look at what’s changed within and how you can continue to evolve.

We also have an eclipse wrapping up the moon nodes in Gemini/Sag axis for nine years. So in typical Sag fashion, go out with a bang and really make it count. Not that we have much influence on how eclipses behave because of their lack of predictability. But you can use this season to accelerate the life you’re daydreaming about by taking action and having fun. Make the most of this time. 

There you have it…the cosmic weather report for November. The celestial bodies definitely have something up they’re sleeve so buckle up buttercup. Cause we’re in for a wild ride. 

Please let me know how November is working our for you in the comments below. And be sure to share this with anyone that you think would enjoy this read. 

Until next time…stay zenspired!

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