Once the holidays are over, I have a tendency to fall into a seasonal depression for various reasons.  When we’re in holiday season, the cold weather doesn’t seem to effect me at all because Thanksgiving, Christmas/Chanukah, and New Year’s Eve is synonymous with cold weather.  After that, it just becomes bitterly cold with nothing to look forward to until the arrival of Spring where the flowers are in full bloom, the grass is green, and the trees are alive with leaves.  Throughout the years, I’ve learned how to cure the blues with natural remedies that are fairly cost effective and aren’t too time consuming.

1- Create a tropical oasis for a weekend staycay

It’s exactly as it sounds…devote one entire weekend to having your own tropical festival.  Decorate your home with bright colors that you can find inexpensively almost anywhere.  Fill up small vases with sand and seashells and scatter them anywhere in your home, accent with colorful pillows and beach towels, cook up a storm of Caribbean food, make tropical drinks, and crank up the heat and prance around in summer attire.  This is a sure fire way to get you out of a funk.

2- Use tropical scented candles

Though I love the smell of Balsam fir, pine, and evergreen during the holidays, I need a pick me up once those are over.  That’s when I buy and make my own tropical scented candles.  Anything with coconut fragrance and sea salts are enough to make me feel that I’m in my own oasis.  If you’re not big on burning candles, you can always use an oil diffuser with citrus scents to cure the winter blues.

3- Go coconuts with body care

I love coconut oil and use it for all of my face and body care.  From removing my eye and face makeup to moisturizing with it on a daily basis, making my own toothpaste, oil pulling to conditioning my hair, its myriad of purposes and benefits simply cannot be ignored.  Not to mention, it is incredibly cost effective.  I generally mix my coconut oil with lavender as a body moisturizer but in the winter time, I love it mixed with orange essential oil.  You can also make a body scrub with some Himalayan salt, Epsom salt, coconut oil, and orange essential oil to transport you to the tropics while showering.  Smelling the coconut oil is enough to uplift your mood and forget about the coldness around.

4- Take vitamin D

When the temperatures dip and the sun sets earlier, we tend to be in hibernation mode.  Because of this, we don’t get enough sun exposure which has an abundance of vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin. I love taking this in the winter time as a supplement for the seasonal depression.  Be sure to look at the warning labels on the bottles- more than 10,000 milligrams of vitamin D taken for more than six months on a daily basis can have an adverse effect, depression.  If you stick with this only in the winter months, you should be ok.  I’m not a health care professional so please be sure to speak with your doctor before taking this.

5- Keep some green in the home

I know that I’m stating the obvious by saying to keep plants and flowers in your home, but it’s been tried and true.  Not only will it stimulate your senses and increase your overall well-being and happiness, bouquets of flowers are so aesthetically pleasing.  You don’t even have to spend a fortune on flowers-you can get them on the cheap at any supermarket or floral district in your neighborhood (if you have one) and create your own bouquets.

With these five tactics to improve your mood during the doom and gloom of winter, you should be feeling better in no time.  If you have any strategies that you use to uplift yourself, feel free to comment below.  Stay happy and zenful!

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