May cosmic weather report

May cosmic weather report

Welcome to the May cosmic weather report edition of how to use the celestial energies to enhance your month ahead!  

May is going to be an interesting month, indeed.  We’ve witnessed so much change in the spring air and this month is certainly no exception.  In fact, it’s just the beginning of what’s to come.  

The keyword for this month is transformation.  

That doesn’t come with a few retrogrades though.  It’s always in digression when we can evaluate what needs to leave.  

The change that occurred globally has been so drastic and severe, it’s almost surreal.  Who would’ve thought all those years of watching the Twilight Zone and apocalyptic movies was actually prophetic of our current reality?  

Pluto Retrograde

Anyway, while we have been undergoing change, this month is delving much deeper into the abyss to unveil what needs to be seen. Thanks to courtesy of Pluto, Lord of the Underworld, being in retrograde.  He stationed retrograde on the 25th of April and will station to go direct on October 4th. Which means that we have almost six months of taking a deep plunge into the depths of our psyche to clean out the emotional skeletons that are being hoarded.  

On a global scale, this is where truths start to become clear.  There’s so much we don’t know about our current circumstances. It’s always in a time of crisis that people unify, yet our new normal has our nation more divided than ever.  This is where Pluto gets to the bottom of things. Though, with an intensity to shine the light on what needs to be seen.  

It may get darker before the sun shines again, but it is always darkest before dawn.  I don’t mean to be the purveyor of doom and gloom and am certainly not claiming that we’re coming upon doomsday.  What I am saying is that things will be on shaky ground within our nation and others as well, before we find the equilibrium again.  

After all, how stable were we if our entire economy collapsed within a matter of days?  It only substantiates that we were built on a house of cards. And Pluto in retrograde will help to amplify what we need to see in order to be illuminated with clarity.  When the light becomes our guiding force, we have no need for anger, confusion, and fear. They’re only vibrations of frequencies so low, that we cannot possibly evolve being stuck in those states.  

It is always in the darkness that we find the light so embrace the opportunities of the Pluto retrograde to help you transform to the person you aspire to be. 

What better way to kick off a transformation than with the nodes switching signs?

5/5- Lunar Nodes enter Gemini and Sagittarius 

The lunar nodes remain in a polar axis for about eighteen months before changing placements.  About every 18 years is when you will have a nodal return in which you witness major paradigm shifts. But it’s always for the better because they guide you to your destiny.  

In your birth chart, the North Node represents your destiny whereas the South Node signifies what you have mastered in previous lives.  It’s not so much about giving up what you’ve mastered. Because it’s not my ethos to sacrifice something you’ve excelled in. But rather learning to flawlessly blend both polarities and integrate them to be one harmonious entity.  

On a collective level, because the lunar nodes are entering Gemini/Sagittarius, another transformation is underway.

The irony of this is that the last time the lunar nodes were in Gemini/Sagittarius was back in October 2001-April 2003.  It was shortly after the greatest terrorist attack our nation ever faced, we were left in the wind not knowing what the future was going to bring our country. Now, we’re fighting a virus that we’ve never seen. The aftermath of the attacks back then changed us all- from the war that was waged to how we travel to our own psychology. Just as how we conduct our daily affairs is being drastically altered now.

Because the south node is entering Sagittarius, the house of foreign travel, we’re going to see some drastic changes with how we travel in the future once the powers that be say it’s safe.  We may see some airlines merging or even slashing their fees and surcharges (ticket prices have already been reduced) or the cities that were once easily accessible by plane may not be anymore.  

But, let’s talk about how this is going to shape up for you.  

Gemini represents communication and self-expression so this is where you are being called to step up to the plate and start showing the world the real you. Not the facade of what you let others see.  It’s time to take off the mask and allow it to dissolve into the ethers so that your authentic self can shine through.  

Sagittarius is representative of philosophy, foreign travel, higher learning, knowledge, religion, and is the most spiritual of all of the zodiac signs.  You’re going to witness your own transformation through your belief system and educating yourself in studies that may not have interested you in the past. 

In dissolving the old belief system, your consciousness will expand to a new set of paradigms that are going to be more congruent for your soul’s growth.

You may even have the desire to travel to foreign lands that didn’t really appeal to you once we can get back up and running again.  

If you want more details, you would have to see where the placements of Gemini and Sagittarius fall in your natal chart. This way, you can foretell what to expect for the next eighteen months.

No month of transformation would be complete without a Full Moon in Scorpio.  Which brings me to our next transit.

5/7- Full Moon in Scorpio

There’s an opportunity for a death and rebirth during the month of May, courtesy of Scorpio.  What better time than now to make a profound change?

If you’ve been following me, then you’re aware that I utilize the full moon as a time of manifestation rather than release.  It dates back thousands of years from our ancestors’ wisdom and traditions. Which makes this an ideal moment to manifest what you need for transformation.

Take some time to decide what you want to bring in.  Not just on a tangible level, but for spiritual growth.  So you can evolve through the fluctuations of Scorpio. Because it represents the scorpion, the Phoenix, and the eagle, you have an immense amount of power for an inner revolution. 

Take a pilgrimage from the scorpion who stings when it’s been crossed to the Phoenix that rises from the ashes all the way to the eagle who rules the skies with unrelenting freedom.  

The power is in your hands and this full moon is illuminating what you can have through discipline by sacrificing the old ways of being.  To truly harness this moon for its fullest potential, check out this full moon ritual.

Remember when I mentioned that retrograde season is upon us?  Well, we have the Lord of Karma, Saturn which has been stationed to go retrograde since late April. Which is what brings me to our next huge transit.

5/10- Saturn Retrograde

Our androgynous soul, the Lord of Karma is officially retrograde today in the sign of Aquarius.  While Saturn has been stationed to go retro, today is the day where the wheels on the karma bus start to take a turn. This isn’t something to worry about. 

Saturn retrograde isn’t nearly as ominous you may think it is. 

If you’ve been acting with integrity, dignity, and grace, then you’re in great standing with Saturn.  However, there are those who may be consumed with corruption and now the balance of power needs to be restored.  

Saturn first entered Aquarius back in March, right around the time the quarantine took effect.  So, we may notice themes from back then resurfacing. Not just on a karmic level. But where transformation needs to take place with the help of Pluto being in retrograde as well. 

However, don’t expect to see any changes overnight because Saturn will be in retrograde for about 4.5 months. Eventually sliding back into its home sign of Capricorn before it re-enters Aquarius again.  

These transformations will take time to develop so hang in patiently.

Come July, Saturn will bless the area of your life that you’ve been working on for the past 2.5 years while it was in Capricorn.  

How this is going to impact you individually is relative to where Aquarius and Capricorn are placed in your birth chart. When you find the placements, you can identify what area of your life needs to be brushed through with a fine tooth comb.  

Saturn is slow and methodical, almost a perfectionist. He/She wants things to be done the right way.  While it’s annoying and may feel that Saturn is being a total pain in your ass, the rewards that Saturn gives are much longer lasting than Jupiter.  Jupiter wants to grant parties and material possessions. While Saturn wants to ensure you have the willpower to withstand the next 30 years of your life with your creations.  

It’s just about dotting your “I’s” and crossing your “T’s” to really reap the benefits.  Create an impenetrable fortress that can withstand the test of time. After all, would you want something so faulty that it collapses within a year and then you would have to rebuild from the ground up?  Nope. So, take advantage of Saturn being in retrograde and you’ll benefit from it in the long run.  

Saturn and Pluto aren’t the only two hanging out on the sidelines this month.  The Goddess of love is making her way to hang out on the side along with the powerhouses. Which brings me to our next transit.

5/12- Venus Retrograde

Venus, the lady of love, beauty, finances, and luxury is taking a reprieve in Gemini after being in direct motion for the past 1.5 years.  

We can see it globally now with the economy having been turned upside down.  That’s not to say that the economy is going to take a deeper plunge, but it is calling us to take a look at how we spend our money. More importantly, where we spend our money.

Let me give you an example.  During this quarantine, none of us were able to go out and indulge in things that we normally would have.  Like going out to eat, getting our hair and nails done, or spa days. Because of this, I wound up dying my own hair, started doing my own nails, and giving myself facials.  This step back has shown me where my money was going without second thought. I’ve saved so much more just by not outsourcing the things I was normally splurging on.  

It’s little things like that which can make a huge impact on your financial position along with how you want to luxuriate yourself.  Also, because Venus is in retrograde, it’s not the ideal time to get any cosmetic procedures or change up a hairstyle or play around with different makeup.  

Your perception of how you want to look may be skewed so making any changes during Venus retrograde may not be the most appealing. 

While it definitely seems like a teaser that straight out of quarantine may not be the best time to get the haircut you’ve been daydreaming about, it’s because Venus is here to show you your true beauty.  Not what you think it is.  

It’s also pretty ironic that Venus is retrograde just about the time that the entire country is being reopened.  You won’t see people flocking to the stores spending the way they used to. We’ve been forced to stay in and are definitely getting an itch to get out and about. But it has also made us more resourceful and independent in the process.  

You’ve seen from my own example of where I’ve saved money and I’m sure you have to.  You’ve learned the value of your own finances and what you can do without versus what you need.  Priority in saving money has been on everyone’s minds since the quarantine. So coming straight out of it isn’t going to be any different.  

However, what Venus retrograde is great for is cultivating a deeper and more loving relationship with yourself.  Take the next month and a half while Venus is in the background to become the love of your life. Check out this self-love guided journal to help you out.  

I’m sure you’re noticing the trend of some inner work for the next few months and the next transit is no exception.  Which brings me to Jupiter retrograde.

5/14 Jupiter Retrograde 

Jupiter will be retrograde in the sign of Capricorn for about four months. Because it rules growth, travel, expansion, morality, religion, and spirituality, we will see the consciousness start to shift on both a collective and individual level.  

On a global capacity, we can already see the effects of this through people questioning our current paradigms and authorities.  What once seemed so concrete may not be as rock solid as we were led to believe. This is the destruction of old structures to bring about new and improved ways of being and living.  Harmony can only happen when transformation takes place.  

On an individual level, again, you need to look at your birth chart to see exactly how this is going to impact you.  But generally, this is a time for an exploration of your mind. You may start to be interested in different perspectives that weren’t once appealing to you.  Where maybe you were once religious, you’re now turning towards spiritual and philosophical pursuits or vice versa.  

While Jupiter does rule travel, that doesn’t necessarily denote a physical destination. 

Retrogrades signify an inward journey. Take that plunge into yourself.

Your belief system is being questioned by yourself. See where there needs to be an elevated way of thinking. Create the existence you wish to live.  

Because Saturn and Pluto are also retrograde, you have three powerhouses asking you to take a step back to review your life.  However, this isn’t all heavy energy that lacks fun and games. After all, Jupiter is the most benefic planet in the sky. He will guide you towards the luck and abundance you desire once you do the inner work.  

Given our current crisis, it may seem that for every step forward, you’re taking two steps back. That makes this a great time to evaluate what it is that you truly want and expect out of life.  Dream big and start small. The pause button has been pressed for you so take advantage of it.

During this month of reflection for drastic transformation, you’re going to be bestowed with a New Moon in Gemini to help you release what is no longer serving you.  That brings me to the last major transit of the month.  

5/22- New Moon in Gemini

Ancient wisdom uses each new moon to release the shackles and burdens of yesterday, which is what this new moon is asking of you. In the darkness and the void of the moon, we have the ability to witness what we no longer need in our lives.  Check out this new moon ritual to help you say good riddance.  

Ruled by Mercury, Gemini loves any form of communications.  Which makes this such a great time to purge the ways that you may be ineffectively communicating.  Whether it’s not being vulnerable enough or being too rash, you can hone in on what needs to be released. Start to be the embodiment of authenticity by releasing what you don’t want others to see.

Gemini can be a finicky sign to work with because it is ruled by the twins.  So there can be the persona of the Jekyll and Hyde within. It’s time to transform both of those polarities and merge them into one.  

Again, it is starting to be witnessed on a global scale with the nation being divided into two opposing forces right now.  It doesn’t mean that one is going to win and the other will lose. If both sides can’t find unification, it will be forced upon them.  Because it’s not a battle or a competition. It’s about forces joining together for the greater good, not political agendas. We’ll see much more of this energy get even more heated around the elections when the culmination of this new moon will be at its peak.

Don’t fear the darkness. Without darkness, there will be no light. 

Use this new moon to develop more self-awareness and see where you may not be acting in your true nature by balancing the duality within.  With a deeper knowing of yourself comes more embracing who you are. Once you do, your self-love will flourish. Take this time to take a deep dive so that you can have the transformation you’re seeking.  

There you have it…your May cosmic weather report.  Your month of transformation has just begun so take your time on the inner work.  Don’t force or rush the process. Most importantly, be gentle with yourself.  

How are you going to use this month to tap into who you are?  Let me know in the comments below.  

Be sure to share this with anyone that may benefit from it.

See ya soon!

In the meantime, stay zenspired!



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