July cosmic weather report-get a little help from the Divine

July cosmic weather report

Welcome to the July cosmic weather report where you’re provided with guidance to navigate your life with ease and grace!  We’ve been in quite a wild ride and this month is certainly no exception. 

All you have to do is look back in April and you can witness and feel the changes that have culminated since. From a pandemic to protesting for black lives matter back to a pandemic. It seems that nowhere we look, we’re safe from the media attempting to instill fear, hatred, anger, and hostility. 

First, it was being on lockdown, then it went onto protests of being on lockdown, onto black people having their basic human rights violated which resulted in massive protests and riots to now veering into the precipice of a second wave of the virus. All with political agendas thrown in there. 

I’m not downplaying any of these events- they’re very real and should be taken seriously. But there’s also something that we’re not being shown. 

And that’s what the astrology for not just this month, but the rest of the year is showing us.

Change is in the air. Massive change at that.

Because this is no longer about politics. This is about our freedom and liberty. 

Unfortunately, the name of the game for our country and even globally has always been about politics before public safety and welfare. That’s taking a different course of action now. And I can tell by comments that I read in articles and speaking with friends and neighbors, that people are starting to wake up to this. 

Because at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter whether we identify as a conservative or a liberal, the color of our skin, the gender we are. What matters is that we are standing in our own power of truth.

But, can we really trust what we’re being told? After all, if the masses are flocking like seagulls to what’s being said, then it must be the truth, right? What if it isn’t? What if it’s only a perception of truth? It’s now a time, especially with the nodes being in Gemini/Sagittarius where morals, justice, and integrity along with how we communicate our beliefs come into the fore front of our society. 

The word for this month is truth.

With six planets in retrograde this month along with the ending of eclipse season, you’ll see a lot more chaos and disorder. And the objective isn’t to cause destruction, it’s to dismantle old paradigms to recreate a new and better improved structure. The only way to get there is through truth. Unfortunately, that happens through destroying the old. But it’s nothing to fear. This is meant to take us to a much more idyllic way of living. It was through corruption and fallacies that led to this and now it’s time for balance to be restored. 

Were the old ways really to be envied and adored? And you may think yes, which is perfectly fine because you’re more than entitled to have your own opinion. But was it because you loved it or did you love the comfort and stability of it? 

That’s where truth plays in this month. Going even deeper into the abyss to unravel what you want versus what will actually make you happy. Thanks to the celestial bodies, you’ll find the answers that you’re seeking. 

So, let’s get started on our major monthly transits, shall we?  

7/1- Saturn goes back into Capricorn 

Saturn left Capricorn back in March after 2.5 years of being in its home sign to enter Aquarius, where it will remain for the next 2.5 years. However, Saturn went retrograde back in April, after only having been in Aquarius for about a month. And now it heads back into Capricorn where it will be for almost the rest of the year. 

Known as the Lord of Karma, this is going to be an opportune time for those who have done the work. And I don’t mean working your ass off to reap the tangible benefits. I mean really dedicating yourself to bettering yourself. Because when Saturn is in retrograde,the wheels on the karma bus start rolling. 

Essentially, we’ll see some people have their fall from grace while others are now starting to reap the fruits of their hard efforts. Depending on where Capricorn is in your chart, you’ll benefit in that house of yours. So, get ready because if you’re feeling like you can’t withstand the changes any longer, this is the promise of new beginnings. 

That doesn’t mean that you’ll wake up tomorrow with everything you want. Saturn is a slow moving planet and therefore requires you to be patient, methodical, and disciplined knowing that your hard work will pay off. Albeit, eventually. Not to mention, Saturn will be in Capricorn until December and retrograde for a few more months. So you’ve got some time for things to play out in your favor. 

This also signifies the end of a 2.5 year cycle so don’t be surprised to see a culmination of some sort, whether it be in your personal life or on a collective level. And remember, endings are only the start of something bigger and better so don’t get discouraged. Because in order for you to be where you want to be, some things will need to leave. 

Now, that’s get onto the next transit for this truth seeking month. 

7/5- Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn

I can’t even begin to express how much I’m loving this right now. There’s so much symbolism here. From it being the day after Independence Day, which you can apply to your own life for your own independence on a metaphorical level to Saturn also being back in Capricorn, to this being the last eclipse in Capricorn for the next 9 years. 

Something big is on the horizon. Truths are revealed. Who or what you once thought was meant for you may not be. Your life can take on a whole new trajectory. And it should if you know deep down that you’re not happy where you’re at. 

On a global level, expect something big to come out of the shadows. Power players may not be people in power anymore. Corruption will be shown so that we can travel to a more peaceful way of living and being. Again, this take time to restore what we need as a society and collective to thrive.

Eclipses shake things up for us. They eclipse things out but also eclipse things in. The energies can be felt up to a few weeks before an eclipse and about 6 months after. So keep in mind that this is all meant to take you to where you need to get to, with time, of course. If you believe in past lives and us reincranating for a reason and purpose, this eclipse is helping you to get back to your soul’s mission. 

This couldn’t be more of a karmic time so really relish it. Because one day you’ll wish that you were right back in this spot wistfully thinking that you had nothing to fear. 

7/12- Mercury stations direct in Cancer

Things just keep looking better and better with Mercury finally stationing to go direct. Again, you may think that things aren’t looking all too great right now, but reach beyond the veils to see that everything happening is in divine order. We can’t possibly get to a place of prosperity without a few detours and crumbling of outdated paradigms. 

However with Mercury stationing direct today doesn’t mean things are in the clear because there’s still a couple of weeks of shadow period to navigate through. You’ll notice that anything got delayed in June through communications, travel, hiccups with technology or even past lovers making a reappearance will now start to function at the wavelength you’re accustomed to. 

Mercury is in the sign if Cancer so this is a time when you’re just in tune with other people and may know exactly what they’re going to say because your intuition is going to be more keen than usual. Which means that it’s time to connect with your spiritual self. If you feel safe traveling, you may want to start making some arrangements to take a mini vacay. Even a road trip for the day will nurture your soul in unexpected ways. Or going for a hike and connect with nature. This month has got so many twists and turns that some time spent outdoors will revitalize your senses. Just remember to wait a couple of weeks once you’re free of the effects of a Mercury retrograde.

With the nurturing qualities of the new moon in Cancer, you’ll be sure to soak in all the self-care you need. Which brings me to the next transit. 

7/20- New Moon in Cancer

It’s time to revolutionize yourself with this new moon. Really, the energies have been gearing us towards this for the past few months, but this new moon asks that you approach it with compassion and gentleness. I’m sure at the beginning of the year you made a vow to make this the best year yet and then somewhere along the way, life happened and your world got twisted upside down. 

But the silver lining is that you can still make this the best year ever thanks to this new moon. After all the aggressive energies in the works, we can all use a little serenity. 

Take a day or night off, or even both. Allow yourself to indulge in the simple luxuries you consistently deny yourself of. The little pleasures that delight your senses. That bubble bath, a quality book, some chocolate, anything that makes you smile. 

Invite your feminine energies to be your guiding force. Listen to your intuition. Allow your soul’s wisdom to give you a gentle push towards what you truly want. Make this new moon about reconnecting to your heart center. Check out this new moon ritual to create an evening of zen. 

7/23- Sun enters Leo

I normally don’t include the sun entering each sign because I’m covering other major transits that take up a lot of words and don’t want to bore you, but this one needed its own place here. The sun is entering its home sign of Leo so this is every well deserved. 

If you haven’t been having fun in the sun, well, you’re being called to do it now. Take this time for celebrating your life. Especially with the heaviness of this year along with so many planets being in retrograde where we’ve really had to go within. Now is the time to live a little. Even if you don’t feel comfortable leaving your house to connect with friends, do something at home. Connect with yourself. Date yourself. Enjoy your own company. 

Take on the extroverted and magnanimous qualities of Leo and indulge a little. You don’t have to spend unnecessary money. Just allow yourself to have fun. We often deny ourselves of pleasure for the sake of really, nothing meaningful. This month is not about that. Be wild and free. Let your hair down and be an active participant in life. 

That’s it…your July cosmic weather report. Remember, the word for this month is truth. To create a life you want, truths need to be unraveled. 

How do you plan on spending your July? Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to share this with anyone it may benefit.

See ya soon.

In the meantime, stay zenspired!



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