How to become nutritious through your intuition

You may be thinking “How the heck can our intuition and nutrition be in conjunction with one another?!?”  But, they do go hand in hand if you allow it to.  All you have to do is listen to your body.  

The operative word is listen. I’m sure you’ve felt it before. Eating a certain type of food and feeling regret and remorse after because you felt like absolute crap. If that’s you, it was your body telling you it doesn’t want you to consume that. But if you listen to your body, you can become nutritious through your intuition.

The human body is the perfect mechanism. The lungs don’t forget to breathe. The heart doesn’t forget to pump blood. The liver doesn’t forget to detox. Which also means that your body will communicate to you what’s good for you and what isn’t.

You don’t need to subscribe to one of the diet du jour and you shouldn’t.  You should follow your body’s needs because it knows what’s best for you. Allow your intuition to guide you to becoming nutritious.  

With hundreds of different diets out there, not all diets are created equal for every individual. While being on a ketogenic diet may be superb for you, it may not be for your BFF.  Each body is individualistic.  When you tap into what your body needs rather than follow the new “it” fad, even if you hate it and resist succumbing to your mind’s desires, you have the ability to change your overall nutritional state.

Let me give you an example. I’m using myself because I don’t know your personal story.

I was born and raised in Taiwan where breakfasts were generally a bowl of Congee (soupy rice) with assorted condiments such as chili bamboo shoots, pickled cucumbers, cabbage, etc.  When I moved to this country during childhood and my parents would take me to the local diner or a pancake house for breakfast, I was appalled by what I saw- heaping mounds of pancakes with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and bacon that looked like it had more oil than meat being served on plates that were practically larger than me.  Even cereal with whole milk rather then soy milk was a source of confusion for me.

Eventually, throughout the years when I became more acclimated to the American ways, I deviated away from my roots and started to adapt to the American diet. I wasn’t following what my body was telling me that it craved- rice porridge with veggies. I decided to follow along with society and did what everyone else did even though I always felt like crap after eating American food.  Hey, when in Rome, right?

In consistently defying my own intuition, I lacked the nutrition my body was craving.  And it took a toll on me.  I always had breakouts, I was constantly bloated, my skin was dry.  It never progressed to a serious health concern, but had I listened to my body, I wouldn’t have felt so depleted of energy all the time.

While my previous environment definitely played a pivotal role in my diet and lifestyle choices, that wasn’t the case for what my body needed.  I can’t see how a diet filled with fat and grease can be effective or beneficial for anyone though.

But for arguments sake, a fast food joint may be your neighbor’s go to food whereas it may be your kryptonite. That’s only a hypothetical example, but I’m sure you can think of a certain type of cuisine where someone you know thrives on, whereas your body just can’t seem to adjust to it.

It wasn’t just limited to heavy breakfast foods. After consuming dairy, greasy foods, and meat, I would get so tired, lethargic, and bloated. But it didn’t stop me from eating those foods for a long time because I wasn’t listening to my body. I just kept dealing with the aftermath.

Feeling like you have to get rolled on your side out of a restaurant to your car because of what you ate is the exact opposite of what your body needs.  And when you don’t listen to your body, eventually you pay the price for it.  

It’s the same analogy as exercising. I used to weight train but when I switched over to yoga, I started to get into much better mental and physical shape because it was what my body needed in order to be functioning at its fullest potential.  Or even walking.  I don’t run because my body overheats easily and I wind up sweating like a pig. Runners are constantly coming up to me encouraging me to try it out.  I have and it didn’t work for me.  

Sure, maybe you’ll try out a new workout routine just to check it out.  But have you kept it up knowing it wasn’t right for you?  Probably not.  Because you know what your body reacts to in a positive manner, just as you know when your body is resisting something.  You want to feel alive and that you’re really accomplishing results when you’re exercising, so the same concept should be applied to eating.

Or we can take coffee for instance.  I never liked the taste of it but when I reached adulthood, it became a habit I picked up.  It was the “grownup” thing to do…start your day with that cup of coffee so you can conquer the world.  I would drink coffee with milk and sugar because I saw everyone else doing it and I couldn’t even stand the taste of milk.  It soon turned into black coffee because the thought of having any milk repulsed me and black coffee with sugar was too weird of a concept for me to try.  I happen to be one of those people who goes into caffeine overdrive with just one cup but didn’t stop even though my body was practically screaming me for to cut it out.  

I wound up developing a bleeding ulcer because of the coffee. Even after the incident, I refused to give it up. It was what worked for everyone else to wake up first thing in the morning, so at some point, it would have to be conducive for my body, right? See how the mind can create a convoluted rationalization in order to “fit in?” 

It wasn’t until I developed a morning routine of drinking warm lemon water first thing upon waking up that I managed to cut the coffee out completely.  And now my body thanks me for finding an alternative energy booster by not being so jittery all of the time along with my heart not beating a mile a minute.

It takes trial and error to adjust.  Tha’s where patience and willpower come in.  You have to want to do better.  Just thinking you have to make changes to your diet isn’t going to produce results.  There probably will be sacrifices along the way.  But it’s only temporary until your body no longer craves a certain food.

You may be thinking it’s absolutely disgusting to have some kind of rice soup with veggies for breakfast.  Or maybe you’re not a breakfast person at all.  Or you would rather die than to skip the cup of joe.  And that’s my point exactly.  What YOUR  body is telling you what it needs to flourish and thrive is the complete opposite of what my body needs along with everybody else’s.  We’re all vastly different.  We don’t all wear the same clothing and/or shoe size so why should we all adhere to the same diet?  

There’s no one size fits all with diets.  It’s simplistically straightforward.  All you need to do is listen to what your body needs rather than what your mind wants. When you do, your entire perspective on nutrition will change.  

If you don’t know how to listen to your body with what it truly needs, a food journal is the easiest way. Just try it out for one week. Write down every meal you consume along with how it makes you feel afterwards.  If you feel energized and rejuvenated after steak and potatoes, that’s great because that’s what works for you.  If you feel heavy and tired after a soy latte, then maybe that’s something you have to cut out of your diet eventually.  

How do you gain control over your mind when you’re craving certain foods?  Take a step back and reflect on why you may want that tub of ice cream instead of a cabbage and kale smoothie.  Most often, it’s some psychological issue that’s playing a trick on you. You can be possibly thinking you’re gaining a semblance of control over an area of your life when you’re really felling malnourished in that particular area.

Just in case there’s any confusion, here’s another example. Again, I have to use myself because I don’t know your story.

Junk food was never kept in my house.  Once I moved out of my parents home, I would buy chips, pretzels, ice cream.  Anything that wasn’t healthy became my diet.  It was a coping mechanism for me as an act of defiance towards my mother.  Symbolically, it was me taking control over my own life rather than allow my mother to have any form of control or say in what I did and how I lived.  And let’s face it…unhealthy ways of adapting are effective until they aren’t. 

This also doesn’t mean you have to deprive ourselves of anything.  Personally, I feel that deprivation is the key to failure. Sometimes when you’re in a celebratory mood, that piece of cake is called for. It’s just about moderation so you can still be nutritious while listening to your body.

It’s just about finding what works for you.  Explore and experiment with different foods and seasonings and you’ll find your personal antidote.  Essentially, your intuition is your diet to guide you into becoming nutrtious.

The human body is designed to be perfect. No mistakes are allowed. Otherwise, you and I wouldn’t be alive.  

Your mind will consistently psychologically manipulate you towards destruction. Your body, however will always honor what you need. So heed what it wants.

Allow your intuition to guide you into having a nutritious life that and you’ll see what a difference it makes in you.  

How has your intuition played a role in your eating habits?  Comment below!

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