Fifth pillar of success: work your butt off

fifth pillar of success-work your butt off

Today is dedicated to the fifth pillar of success- working your butt off. In order to bring in more and love magic, it’s going to require you taking aligned action. Before I get into today’s topic, I’m going to share with you an intro as to my why behind this.

If you’re not familiar with my website and ethos, it’s all about love and magic.  

My mission is to make the world a better place through healing.  The more we heal, the more we love.  The more we love, the better the world becomes.  When that happens, we can witness all the magic that we’re blessed with on a daily basis.

Being infatuated with the world of the esoteric since I was a little girl, traveling the spiritual path is more than a passion for me; it’s a lifestyle.  In fact, I traveled into the abyss of my darkness for several years before I was able to find the light.  

The only constant that I had when the going got tough was my faith.  The faith in a higher power, the faith that things would eventually get better, and eventually, faith in myself.  

Through my trials and tribulations, I learned a great deal about myself.  Hugely, that I am in a perpetual state of manifesting.  Well, we all are.  

With this epiphany, my entire life changed- it was finally about freaking time!  

Throughout this beautifully and sometimes pretty messy journey, I’ve applied spiritually based principles fueled with motivation to inspire my own journey and to start living my life according to what I wanted rather than living a life of what others expected of me.  

It’s been incredibly rewarding, gratifying, and liberating.

Now it’s my turn to pay it forward.  

If you apply these methods to your everyday life on a consistent basis, your attitude towards yourself and your life will shift drastically.  So, keep that in mind every time that you’re tempted to wave the white flag.  

You’re not allowed to quit on yourself…make it a mantra.  

That’s why I’m here…to share the seven principles of success.  When you apply these, you’ll ultimately bring in more love and magic to your life.  

If you’ve been keeping along with the previous four pillars to success, you’re well on your way to healing from within.  If this is your first time stumbling upon this series, you can access the previous principles here, here, here, and here, respectively.

The mental blockages you have towards money should be starting to clear out, you’ve set goals, you’ve found your WHY, and you’ve taken accountability and inventory.  Which brings us to the fifth pillar of success…work your butt off.  

The fifth pillar of success- work your butt off

Not that you’re not already, but you’ve done deep diving.  You’ve been doing the internal work to manifest in the external world. It’s time to start bringing it in on a physical level.  

The hunger and thirst are there.  Which means it’s time to create your manifesto- your action plan.  Go back to the list of goals you created.  You’re going to execute the how.

Keep in mind that this isn’t a race to the finish line.  If you don’t have the how figured out right now, dont worry about it.  You don’t have to have the answers to your questions just yet.  

Here’s a few ways to figure out your how:

  • Ask questions
  • Tons of them
  • Call mentors
  • Connect with those that you admire in your field of work and pick their brain
  • Ask professionals for free consultations if you need to
  • Only speak with those you know who won’t judge your aspirations
  • Get a motivation buddy and team up on a weekly basis to provide feedback to one another
  • Find a support system
  • Find a networking system with those who share your interests and field of expertise
  • Collaborate with others
  • Find people who are smarter than you
  • Start hanging around people who have a higher net worth than you

There’s a myriad of other tools you can use but this should give you a head start.  

fifth pillar of success-work your butt off

It’s important that you surround yourself with the right people.  

If you’re around judgmental people, they will only hinder your growth.  You need positive reinforcement which you certainly won’t receive if someone can’t see beyond your vision of dreams.  

The key is to surround yourself with people who share higher aspirations.  If your environment consists of Debbie downers, then it will be incredibly difficult for you to accomplish your goals.

As for being around people that are smarter than yourself, that’s the only way you’ll increase your knowledge.  You can’t possibly get more educated by hanging around the same crowd who doesn’t contribute to enriching your mind.  

If you’re the smartest person in the room, then you’ll never get smarter by the crowd you hang around.  Sure, you can educate yourself through reading, but you also need to engage in stimulating conversations with people.  

You are the company you keep so you need to surround yourself with those who are more intelligent than yourself and who have a higher net worth.

You won’t make much progress if you’re around people who don’t want to make more money.  There’s nothing wrong with that because we all have different values and ambitions.   But, you want progress.  And you won’t get that if you keep hanging around people who don’t have higher ambitions.

I’m not advocating for you to drop your crew.  It’s time to start introducing yourself to more successful people so you can gain an advantage in your own life.  

Broaden your mind and horizons.  In creating the atmosphere you wish to be in, you’re a few steps closer to reaching your goals.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll whizz right by the how list, but it does place you into the right frame of mind.

Just how do you get to completing the how list?  

Start with the thing you’re most resistant to.  

It will provide you with the motivation and a huge sense of accomplishment along with confidence and empowerment.  

If you’re thinking about how counterproductive it is to start with the thing you’re most dreading, take a moment to reflect on something from the past that you kept putting off.  And when you had finally completed it, how did it make you feel?  I bet you had a feeling like you could conquer anything you put your mind to.

And anyway, it’s exasperating to keep thinking about doing something knowing you have to do it, that it’s just mentally easier to get it out of the way.

When you tackle the thing you least want to do first, it gives you a surge of energy to take care of the rest.  If you start to apply this mentality and method to your goals, you can soar higher than ever before.  

Keep working backwards from the thing you least want to do.  Work in moderation.  While this fifth pillar of success is all about working your butt off, you need to take breaks when you’re exhausted.  

Don’t burn yourself out.  Know your limitations.  If you need to take a break because your brain is rendered useless from too much work, take a few hours to recalibrate and gather your wits.  

In order to be a badass goal conquistador, you need to strike a balance between working and honoring your body.  

There you have it…the fifth pillar of success: work your butt off. You’re doing great. You only have to push a little more before you start creating more love and magic.

How are you coming along with the principles? Let me know in the comments below.

See ya soon.

In the meantime, stay zenspired!



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