Chinese New Year: two weeks of witchy rituals

Chinese New Year

In honor of the Chinese/Lunar New Year, I’m gonna show you how to celebrate it in your own witchy way. 

As a child growing up in Taiwan, Chinese New Year was my absolute favorite holiday. Though, it probably is for all Chinese. 

I used to sit in the kitchen with my great grandma and grandma making all forms of dumplings- savory and sweet. 

They would cook everyday while people from all over the neighborhood came. There was such a sense of community because you didn’t turn away anyone you didn’t know. It was about celebrating with your fellow neighbors. 

In between the cooking, festivals, and parades, my grandma would take me to the Buddhist temple to pray. Those are some of my fondest memories of growing up in Taiwan. 

Chinese New Year

It’s just so different from any other New Year celebrations, mostly due to the fact that the Lunar/Chinese New Year lasts about 16 days. This year, it will last 15 days. From the new moon until the full moon, also known as the lantern festival. 

Each day also has a symbolism to it. One where different rituals are conducted and different Gods are honored. 

That’s what I’m bringing to you today…an east meets west version of Chinese New Year along with how you can celebrate it in your witchy way. 

Let’s get started, shall we? 

Chinese New Year

Day 1

The first day of the Lunar New Year is spent with friends and family to honor the blessings you already have in your life. And of course, no Chinese New Year is complete without fireworks. 

If you’re a solo practitioner of the witchy arts, you can use this day to create a ritual. Create a feast for yourself. Light a candle for the continued blessings and abundance. Honor yourself in this journey. Take some time to reflect upon what you’d like for the year ahead to bring you. 

Day 2

The second day of the Lunar New Year is a symbolic time of women bringing their boyfriends home to meet their parents. 

If you’re solo or just don’t have a desire to engage in this, celebrate the masculine energies this day. We all have a duality of yin and yang so tap into your inner yang. Take action on something of importance (passion project or hobby) to you today. 

Day 3

Sooo…this day isn’t my personal fav because it’s observed as an ominous day. While you shouldn’t use any electricity or even turn on the water on the third day(think of it as a sabbat), we are living in modern times. But if you can, keep it to a minimum. 

However, there is a silver lining to this. It’s perfect for some soul searching. What needs to go from your life? Metaphorically and physically. But don’t take action on anything just yet. That’s for the sixth day.

Conduct a protection ritual. Sprinkle black salt outside of your home. Place black salt in a bowl and put it under your bed to pull out the negative energies. Hang rosemary on your front door to keep the harm away.

Day 4

The fourth day of the Chinese/Lunar New Year is all about celebrating the Kitchen God. Isn’t that kinda awesome? 

I mean, after all, all we really need in life is good food and great company. But when you get to honor a deity while incorporating some kitchen witchery into it, even better, right? 

Invite your friends or family over. You can do a potluck if you don’t want to slave away in the kitchen. Draw some tarot cards if they’re into the woo woo, make moon water tea, and e

Be sure to leave an offering of food.

Day 5

Today is a day of worshiping the God of Fortune. While firecrackers are the tradition, it’s not exactly legal everywhere. 

Which makes today a fabulous day to open your windows (even if just for a few minutes) to invite the God of Fortune into your home. While you’re at it, light a gold or green (or both) candle to bring in more abundance. And be sure to express gratitude for everything making its way to you.

Day 6

On day 3, I said to not purge just yet. That’s because today is about driving away the Ghost of Poverty. 

So it’s time to rid yourself of anything that’s not contributing to your prosperity. That means old clothes, rubbish, people, mindsets, etc. 

Take the time to clean your home too. Literally sweep away the bad fortune out your doors so you can start with a fresh slate. Hang a witch ball by a window or door to attract what you want. You can get the instructions HERE.

Chinese New Year

Day 7

Legend says today was the day Mother Goddess Nu Wa created humans, making this the birthday of us. 

Honor each and every one on the planet by sending love to all, healing to the planet, and blessings to everyone. 

Light a white candle to signify love in its purest form for the people and animals who inhabit this planet. And if you can, find it in your heart to forgive anyone who may have hurt you. 

Day 8

This is the birthday of Millet, one of the most important crops in ancient China. It used to be said that if it rains, it’ll be a poor year for agriculture. And if the skies are clear, the crops will be bountiful. 

Which makes this the opportune time to cherish your food. Bake something for a neighbor. Or invite friends over to share your harvest. Count your blessings today. 

Day 9

The ninth day is the birthday of the Jade Emperor, the ruler of heaven, humankind, and hell. To honor him, it’s important you shower first to purify yourself. Afterwards, sacrifices should be made. 

Without sounding brash, I don’t mean giving up what you know isn’t good for you- because that’s atonement. Not a sacrifice. 

I mean giving time you feel you don’t have. Money you think you can’t spare. And of course, without depleting yourself. Stay within what you’re comfortable doing without feeling impoverished. 

Day 10

Today marks the God of Stone. It’s not a time to move any stones because it was believed if you do, the crops will be destroyed. 

It may seem dated, because quite frankly it is, but this stems back to ancient China when our ancestors had to make their homes with their bare hands. That meant stones were disturbed when they were chopping trees or even walking around.

Try to not go out on a nature hike today. Watch out for any stones in your pathways and just let them be at peace. 

Here’s what you can do- leave an offering of pancakes and burn incense or candles to recognize the God of Stone. 

Day 11

Depending on the region in China (after all, it’s a country that should have seven time zones), either the dragon dance is held today or the day where father in laws celebrate it with their son in laws. 

If you have a Chinatown near you, that’s awesome. Maybe you can get out to see a dragon dance. If you don’t, well, that’s why this post is here :). 

Dragons are symbolic of power, strength, and good luck. A ritual to absorb the characteristics of the dragon will be amazing for today. 

You can even print out a picture of one and keep it on your altar as a token of the person you’re growing into. 

Day 12

Because of the non-stop eating during this two week celebration, the twelfth day is a day of detoxing. Eat light foods to restore your digestive system.

To enhance your witchery, you can create a stovetop potpourri with cinnamon (blessings and luck), oranges (to honor the Sun), and cloves (for protection). Once it’s been simmered, drink some as a detox tea. 

Day 13

While 13 is recognized in the west as a bad omen, it’s considered to be a really auspicious number in the east. Because when you deduce the one and three, it breaks down to four. The number of perfection, home, hearth, and family. 

Make the most of this day to pick out a lantern or two for the lantern festival. You can DIY one if you’d like. 

Or if you’re not up for it or can’t get a lantern, you can improvise with a luminary. Red and gold are the lucky colors so if you can, incorporate both these colors.  Set it aside. You’ll see why in a bit. 

Day 14

This is the calm before the storm so to speak. Because the 15th day of Chinese New Year is the lantern festival, today is about savoring your oasis of solitude. Recognizing the culmination of winter and the rebirth of Spring. 

Which makes this the perfect day to write a prayer on your lantern or luminary. Use a gold pen to write it, a symbol of riches. 

Day 15

This full moon is the grand finale to finish off all the celebrations, which signifies the return of spring and the reunion of family. It also happens to be when the lantern festival is celebrated. 

Seeing them light up the night time sky is so ethereal- people’s hopes and wishes floating to the heavens, anticipating what the next year will bring each and everyone one of us. 

But we’re gonna do things a bit differently. Because not everyone in the west is gonna be doing this, having one lantern flying around looks kinda sad if you ask me. 

So what you’re gonna do is create a fire ceremony. Recite the prayer you’ve written and then light up your lantern or luminary. Safely, but of course. 

Honor your life thus far. Celebrate the person you’ve become. 

Chinese New Year

There you have it…how to celebrate the Chinese/Lunar New Year. Be sure to put your own spin on it so it becomes an intimate practice. 

What are you planning on doing? Let me know in the comments below. 

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See ya soon…in the meantime, love yourself with all of your heart. 

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