How To Manifest Your Dream Sober Life With The Law Of Vibration

law of vibration

We’ve all been there. We’ve seen that sober person living their dream life. Sometimes we’re awe struck how they managed to do it. Other times, we’re jealous why we’re not there yet. I have just the cure for you. By using the law of vibration, you’ll get into alignment with what you want to attract. And […]

How To Find Freedom From Your Past In Recovery

finding freedom from your past in recovery

Ever feel like sobriety isn’t really freeing? No matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to find freedom from your past in recovery. And you hear people talking all the time about how liberating it is. So you think that’s exactly what you’re going to feel- the sense of a deep inner calm.  Only […]

Find The Beauty Of Life In Recovery

Sometimes sobriety feels anything but beautiful. Which is why I’m going to help you with simple and quick ways to find the beauty of life in recovery.  Before we continue, I created a daily PDF journal dedicated to the beauty of today with a few exercises and journal prompts to guide you in your recovery […]

Why Faking It Till You Make It In Recovery Probably Won’t Work

Faking It Till You Make It In Recovery

You may have heard in recovery, “Just fake it till you make it.” So you figure you might as well give it a shot. Because at that point, you’ve tried so hard in sobriety to heal. More than anything, you want to live that life you see everyone else in recovery living. But faking it […]

Create Your Perfect Morning Wellness Routine In Recovery

morning wellness routine in recovery

You’ve seen the YouTube videos and blog posts for how to create the perfect morning wellness routine. Maybe you’ve even tried them in recovery and gave up after a few days.  It leaves you feeling disappointed you’re not able to commit to a morning wellness routine. After all, it was perfect. So it should have […]

How to find your calm in recovery right now

find your calm in recovery

Have you ever thought to yourself, “How can I complicate recovery as much as possible?” Didn’t think so.  But I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself plenty of times, “Why is recovery so difficult?” Or “Why am I not having any fun in sobriety?” Or you start to compare yourself to someone else. “Why does that […]

3 simple yet powerful ways to heal in recovery

heal in recovery

Ready to awaken your destiny with some simple yet powerful ways to heal in recovery? I sure hope so because you’re getting a few tips on taking a timeless approach to sobriety.  I’m gonna make it as jam packed for you as I possibly can without overloading your brain with information. Because this is about […]

Energy Healing In Sobriety: What It Is & How To

energy healing in sobriety

In the beginning stages of sobriety, we’re often told to only focus on staying clean and nothing else. While it’s well intentioned, I don’t share the same sentiments.  If our only focal point is our recovery, we miss the bigger picture all together. Because if we don’t start the healing process, we’re not learning how […]

Witchy Ways To Practice Self-Love

witchy self-love

Self-love has been all the buzz circulating the internet in the past few years. But how do you go about it when you don’t have the slightest clue?  It’s something I learned the hard way when I sobered up over five years ago. And to be completely honest, getting sober was the easy part. Learning […]

Hygge In Sobriety: a practical how to guide


You’ve seen THAT picture- cup of coffee, a candle burning, and the most cozy throw you can possibly imagine that brings you a sense of being at home within yourself. And oooh, can we please talk about that throw? How does something look so warm and inviting? You can even see yourself curled up with […]