What To Do With A Broken Crystal

ways to reuse a broken crystal

Not sure what to do with a broken crystal? Discover five ways to reuse them so you can still reap their healing benefits.   As a holistic recovery coach and energy healer, I often use crystals in my work and recommend them to clients depending on what their struggles are. Inevitably, crystals break. Which leads to […]

DIY self-love tea to radiate in recovery

DIY self-love tea

Ready to open your heart and boost your confidence? Then you’ll love this DIY self-love tea/herbal blend to aid you in your recovery journey.  Whether you want to drink it during your morning routine, evening ritual or whenever you’re feeling down and out, this is going to soothe and comfort you in ways that maybe […]

DIY Alcohol Free Smudge Spray To Balance Your Emotions In Sobriety

Alcohol Free Smudge Spray

You’re probably all too familiar with the slew of emotions that come flooding when you get sober. It’s kind of annoying that we actually have to feel them, right? I definitely felt that way when I sobered up almost six years ago. Which is why I made an effort to develop a spiritual practice, including […]

10 affordable DIY beauty products with kitchen ingredients

It’s all about affordable DIY beauty products today. I’m so excited about this post because I’ve been making my own body care for several years now. With the evolving nationwide awareness increasing in no good foods that’s sold in our supermarkets (yes, the government is aware of cancer causing ingredients and still allows it to […]