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5 ways to bring more magic into your life

If you’re looking for ways to bring more magic into your life, you’re in the right place. With these five simple steps, you’ll soon be an alchemist.

Magic is a word that’s well, magical.  Yet, the paradox of it is that it can be so elusive.   

Here’s why- magic needs to be enigmatic in order for it to be magical.  Without it, magic would be nonexistent.  And quite frankly, life wouldn’t be as awe inspiring or fun without the pleasant surprises the Universe bestows us with.

What you need to know about magic

The best part is you can induce the energies to bring more magic into your life.  I will show you the ways, but before I get into that, here are two things you need to know about magic before you can bring more of it into your life:

First and foremost, you have to believe in it.  Without it, magic will never come your way.

Second is you have to open your eyes wide enough to see it. Forget what it should look like.  Be open to the possibilities of how magic unfolds.  Allow the mysteries of magic to be left unveiled.

I’m not talking about manifesting your desires.  That’s a whole different topic that can be easily misconstrued with magic, but it isn’t the same.

I’m speaking of how magic exists in the everyday world.   

Magic is everywhere because you are magic.

From the human body being a perfect mechanism whose heart doesn’t forget to skip a beat, to the sun shining, and even when it’s raining, magic is prevalent.

The next time it rains, think about what a blessing it is to have your outdoor scenery being watered- keeping everything beautiful and nourished for you, providing your lungs with more oxygen, saving you from not just one less chore to do, but giving you life.  

Or on a symbolic level, think of it as the Universe showering you with blessings.  Do this and I guarantee you that you’ll never look at a rainy day the same again.

Bring in the magic

Now that you know how to see the magic around you, let’s get into ways to bring more magic into your life. I’m going to share with you five ridiculously easy things you can do on a daily basis to shower your life with more magic.  You can also create a zen workspace with these tips to make it rain with magic.

The best part is that it won’t take too much of your time. So if you find that time always seems to whiz right by you, this post is perfect for you.

I have everything in a sequential order by what should be done first to what should be done last.  You’ll see why in the end.

1. Journal in the mornings

5 ways to bring more magic into your life

Writing first thing in the morning opens the door for divine inspiration to walk through.

I can’t even begin to articulate how life altering this has been for me because no words can do it justice.  It’s been so transformational that I absolutely cannot go a morning without doing this.  

First thing in the morning, before you check emails or venture into the world of social media, write.  

Write in the morning because your conscious mind isn’t fully awake yet.

Therefore, it isn’t able to process the same 95% of thoughts you had from yesterday (according to a 2005 article written by the National Science Foundation).  Yes, a staggering 95% of your thoughts today are the same ones from the day before.

Anyway, when you write first thing in the morning, your chances of being sparked with divine inspiration is much higher than say, in the middle of the day.  Your intuition is in high gear (it always is, but the inner dialogue can often drown out that voice of wisdom), which will lead you into bringing more magic in your life. 

This is by far the best way to bring in more magic into your life.  I get so many intuitive insights just from journaling alone.  You will too if you keep up with this practice.

2. Create a ritual with your morning cup of coffee/tea

Doing this everyday has shifted my perspective in so many ways.  It’s unbelievable how much my mind, and as a result, my life has changed since I started doing this.

I’m sure you drink caffeine every morning and if not, you have a glass of water at the very least. So this is something that can easily become a part of your existing routine with just a few tweaks.

Here’s how:

  • Before you take that first sip, thank the Universe for blessing you with the beautiful cup of coffee/tea/water.  
  • Then offer your love to everyone in the world who doesn’t have access to clean and safe drinking water (about 2 billion people- according to WHO).  
  • After you’ve expressed gratitude and love, set your intention for the day.  
  • You can take your first sip.  

Dr. Emoto, a scientist who conducted water experiments, came to find that the molecular structure of water changes based on what it’s being told.

Considering on average, a person has at least 70% water (age, gender, and body fat plays a factor, from Healthcare-Online.Org), with about 75% of water in the brain (, imagine what the human body looks like from all the negative self talk.  

Visualize how your body can look with just a few words of loving expression before you drink your morning beverage.  

This is your opportunity to do better for your body, mind, and soul.  Create more magic by infusing your morning coffee/tea with magic.

3. Move your energy

I love doing this because it’s so easy and simple that you really can’t get lazy about it even if you wanted to.  

It’s important to move your energy around by spiritually cleansing yourself.  Think of it as spiritual hygiene if you will.  You wouldn’t leave the house without a shower or putting on deodorant.  

You shouldn’t leave the house without a spiritual cleanse.

While yoga and cardio are great to get the energy moving in your body, I want to keep this as simple as possible for the sake that maybe you don’t have the reserves for any time consuming activities at the start of your day.

Before you leave your house to conquer your goals, get that energy moving so it doesn’t remain stagnant in your body and eventually, getting stored in your organs.  

Change your aura

You have two options.  

The first is to smudge yourself with either sage or palo santo.  

All you need to do is light up a bundle or stick and allow the flame to blow out without it actually extinguishing.  Starting at the bottom of your feet, not allowing the sage or palo santo to touch you, wave it side to side on both the front and back of your body and working your way to the crown of your head.

The second option is the same as above, except you’re going to use a selenite wand.

Or if you have about fifteen minutes to spare, sit in a chair with the selenite on the floor, placing your feet on the wand to ground yourself.  

If you haven’t heard of selenite, it’s a multi purpose crystal that works wonders.  As the stone of connecting with the divine, it can also charge other crystals with its touch, and clean your aura.  You really can’t ask for more from a crystal.

When you get the energy in your body moving around, you’re releasing the old.  As a result, you’re creating space for more magic to enter your life.

4. Connect with nature

5 ways to bring more magic into your life

A simple gesture with a plant connects you with the source of creation.

I’ll be honest about this.  Had people told me ten years ago to do this and they have, I would think to myself, “Ugh, what a woo woo loonie!”  And it appears, now I’m that woo woo loonie.

Well, I came to find out there was a reason this was often said to me.  After finally succumbing about 5 years ago, I can say this is one of the best things for the psyche and your morale.  I’ve even experienced oneness while connecting with nature.

The earth and plants have such a calming effect that it instantly transforms your mind from chaos to tranquility.  And they allow us to breath in fresh air.

If you live in a city or it’s too cold outdoors, bring nature indoors with a plant.  You don’t need to create a jungle, unless that’s your style, but it is really awesome to be at home seeing so many plants providing you with TLC.  

Touch the leaves, talk to the plant, play music for the plant- connect with your plant  any way you deem fit.  

Studies have shown that plants grow much quicker when you speak with loving words and play music for them.  

Allow nature to be a source of inspiration for bringing more magic into your life.  When you connect to the source of wisdom, you instantly see yourself as the magical creator you are.  

5. Write down your intentions

This is such a great way to bring more magic into your life.  If you can conjure up a dream, you possess the ability to make it a reality. 

Intentions can be anything- how you want to feel, what you want to accomplish, or even what you want each day to bring in for you. As long as you know what you want and take action, you will be rewarded with magic in the most surprising of ways.  Don’t control the process.  Write and take action.  That’s it.  

The “what” is your job.  The “how” is the Universe’s job. 

The more you write down what you want to accomplish, the more inclined you will be to pursue it.  It can either be your intention for the day or whatever is on your goal digging agenda.  There’s a power to writing down your intentions because you get to witness the magic unfolding behind your wildest dreams.  

Make sure this is the last step because you want to be in the best frame of mind with fresh energies when you write down your intentions.  

If you write them when you’re moody or have stagnant energy lingering around, you won’t be infusing your desires with the proper love and nourishment it deserves.  

There you have it.  5 ways to bring more magic into your life.  The best part is these rituals aren’t too time consuming or mentally taxing. 

It just needs to be done during the morning so you can start each day with a fresh start.

Be sure to share this post with anyone that may enjoy it.

Have you tried any of these rituals or have one that isn’t on this list?  Let me know in the comments below.

See ya soon.

In the meantime, stay zenspired!



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Transform your life from blah to magical with these simple rituals.

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