June cosmic weather report

June cosmic weather report

June cosmic weather report

Welcome to the June cosmic weather report where you’ll get the collective guidance you need to navigate the month with ease and grace! 

This month is certainly entertaining to say the least. We have 4 planets currently in retrograde (Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, and Venus) along with Mercury & Neptune joining the gang mid-month. But that’s not all…the nodes switched into Gemini/Sagittarius almost a month ago where they will remain until November 2021, the Summer Solstice will take place this month and it also happens to be eclipse season. Which means that it’s time to buckle up because we’re in for a wild ride. 

If I can pick one word for June, it’s regeneration. May’s word was transformation and while we’re still adjusting to the cycles on a collective and individual level, the process of change can start to be felt. 

About half of the country is now open for business with the other half flirting with the idea to ease their way back into civilization as we know it. Paradigms have shifted. The way we conduct business has changed. Our day to day activities have been turned upside down. And that’s part of the Age of Aquarius- a new way of being and doing. 

A new dawn is on the horizon for this month. We’re being called upon to continue doing the inner work with all of the retrogrades occurring so that we can create a metamorphosis in our lives.

I’m sure you’ve felt the intensity of the May with all of the heavy energy and you’ll still continue to feel it this month with a few surprises thrown in here and there thanks to the eclipses.

So, let’s get on with the transits and how it’s going to impact us on a collective level, shall we?

6/5 Penumbral Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius 

The month starts off with a bang with an eclipse at 15° Sagittarius- the first to kick off the nodes of the Gemini/Sagittarius axis. Eclipses will eclipse things in and out of our lives, but they are not to be feared. It’s meant to take us back on the right track. If you think back throughout all of your experiences, I’m sure you can notice the detours you’ve taken. Well, an eclipse will make sure that you ease your way to the right path, though not necessarily with grace and dignity. That’s due in part to this being a full moon on steroids. 

Another reason for this is because Sagittarius is the maverick of the zodiac. As a mutable sign, Sag is the wanderlust of the zodiac so is therefore considered to be the non-committal type. You can very well possibly feel that you have an itch to expand beyond your current horizons. And I don’t mean just physical travel because it’s so much more than that.You can expand beyond your belief systems, philosophies, spiritual pursuits, and religion. It’s about opening yourself to a world of possibilities that weren’t on your radar in the past. 

That’s what Sag is about…expansion in all facets of life. There’s also a depth you can’t see with the naked eye. Being very moralistic and brutally honest are the foundations that create the structures for Sag energy. That means truths will come out; in ways we’ll be shocked by.

We’re already witnessing this on the collective with how the entire world has shifted so drastically to this “new normal.” Some companies are now enacting permanent work at home, colleges are doing remote learning in the fall, and the economy is far from what it used to be. More than that, politicians are being questioned and people are waking up and fighting for our basic human rights. 

In short, expect a regeneration of your life with this energy. Now, that’s not to say there won’t be some hiccups, because there will- with Mercury going retrograde. Which brings me to the next transit.

6/18- Mercury retrograde in Cancer

Probably the most notorious and most well known are Mercury retrogrades. Mercury, the planet that rules communications, technology, and travel is appearing to circle back in time.

Retrograde planets aren’t actually moving backwards. They’re stationary, but because Earth is in a perpetual state of motion, the planet that is stationed will look as if it’s moving backwards.

Nonetheless, retrogrades are still meant for a time of reflection, revising, reviewing, and of course, regeneration. We can’t possibly have rebirths if we’re always moving forward. We need to take a few steps back and take stock of where we want to be in life, who is meant to be in our lives, the people we aspire to be. 

6/21- Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer

With the Sun entering Cancer on the 20th, we’re being blessed with a new moon in Cancer at 0°. Zero is symbolically linked to an eternal and infinite state of being. Though Cancer gets a bad rap for being the most emotionally sensitive of the signs, it’s also the mother, the nurturer.  

This is about harmonizing the divine feminine energies within yourself and what more beautiful way than with an eclipse to guide you there. Even if you’re a man reading this, you still possess feminine energies. 

On the collective level, we can see how the feminine energies have been so lost in society. It’s driven by ego, power, greed, and corruption. No, not everyone is, but enough are. We’ve been dictated by hubris and not compassion. 

I’m certainly not saying that we’ll all wake up the next day and decide to hold hands while singing kumbaya. But, we will slowly gravitate towards operating from our heart center rather than act in self-interest. 

While there are “powers that be” that seem to have an aversion to any form of humanity, you may witness them receiving a good kick in the ass. That’s partially this eclipse energy fueled with Saturn, the Lord of karma in retrograde making its rounds and dishing out what needs to be served. There’s no good or bad- it’s about balancing the scales of power to regain equilibrium.

Again, it won’t happen overnight because these are lingering energies, but the world will start to shift into a more altruistic way of being. And Neptune going retrograde will enhance the energies.  Which brings me to the next transit.

6/23- Neptune Retrograde in Pisces

Neptune, the planet of illusion will be going retrograde in the sign of Pisces- its home sign in Western astrology. This means that illusions will slowly be wiped away and clarity will be gained. Neptune is equivalent to us wearing rose tinted glasses and once those come off, we see what needs to be seen; not how we want things to appear. 

Old structures will slowly start to deteriorate. Outdated ways of thinking will dissolve. We’ll witness a newness. One that is much needed. 

Protests will continue because things need to change. Which ever way of how countries were operating wasn’t working. We just either didn’t realize it or we didn’t want to see it. Neptune in retrograde will shed light on what needs to go so we can start to plant the seeds for a more conducive way of living.

It will shine a spotlight on the ugly; not just in our personal lives, but what’s occurring on a global scale as well. Corruption, power, and greed have been the way we function as a society for far too long. Neptune retrograde is here to show us the darkness that has become all too prevalent. Chaos and confusion will happen because, well, it’s Neptune, but it’s also so we can question the reality. 

Is it really reality? Or is it our perception of reality? Those are two vastly different polarities that need to be acknowledged. And that can’t happen if there’s only obedience. A revolution is on the precipice to bring us to a greater awareness. 

Though, Neptune isn’t solely responsible for all of this. It’s cumulative with the transits and their current placements. This will all take time. We won’t wake up tomorrow to a new global order. 

Keep in mind that this isn’t doom and gloom either. What’s going on in the world right now isn’t the most idyllic and it may feel that we’re living in a dystopian society, because we are. But, we’ve always been living that way. And it’s unfortunate, but you look at history and drastic changes never occurred with peace. Always wars. 

I certainly don’t condone or advocate violence. And I personally believe that the real weapon is a person’s mind and not guns or nuclear weapons. It takes an act of cowardice to flaunt your pseudo power but true power comes from using your intellect. And that’s what these transits will show us. It just so happens to be in the way of destruction to bring in the utopian. And that’s not always done with peace. 

The silver lining to this is that Venus going direct on the 25th will help us to harbor more love after being in disillusionment while she was in retrograde. Not to mention, just as it seems as if all of the planets in our solar system are in retrograde, Venus is making her way forward. 

And of course, we have such a harmonious aspect taking place on the last day of the month with Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Which brings us to the last major transit of the month.

6/30- Jupiter conjunct Pluto

This rare conjunction only happens every 13 years so this is going to be big. We do have three conjunctions between these planets, with this being the second one of the year with the last in November. 

Which means we get to end the month with such an auspicious alignment with the help of Jupiter conjunct Pluto. Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion is creating a harmonious aspect with Pluto, the lord of the underworld. Expect huge shifts to your current paradigms. 

Pluto has been asking you for the past couple of months to take a deep dive into the abyss of yourself so that you can emerge anew. 

Jupiter has been asking you to review your ideals and morals and with this conjunction, it’s almost like the lotus rising from the murky waters unscathed. Beautiful, elegant, and graceful. This is where the true regeneration starts to take shape and form. 

Rewards will start to come in for you if you’ve been doing the necessary nitty gritty. It’s not pleasant having to traverse into your own darkness to find the light, but it’s the only way the light will ever shine. And that’s what this conjunction is bringing for you. A sense of peace and harmony. 

We all need serenity after such a tumultuous past few months with tensions flaring even more now than ever. With all of the current chaos, this is bringing the much needed breath of fresh air that we’ve been craving and yearning for. 

Again, it may not be felt instantaneously- it will take time as this is a much larger transit. We’ll be able to feel the effects of this for several weeks. So if you wake up the next day wondering why your life hasn’t been transformed, give it time. And do the inner work. Nothing will change without an inner-revolution.

Take some time to think about how you want to prosper. Not just financially, but where you stand in the world. What goals do you have? How do you want to show up? Do you live up to your own expectations? Or do you settle for mediocrity? And then act upon your own words. Love yourself enough to stand behind your resolve. And when you do, Jupiter and Pluto will bless you with everything you desire. 

Enjoy this transit because it’s one of the best ones of this year!

There you have it…the June cosmic weather report. 

How are these current transits impacting your month? Let me know in the comments below. 

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