Be resolute in your resolve

Statistics show that only 8% of Americans are still committing to their New Year’s resolution by the end of the year. When you look at this number, it’s pretty abysmal.

No matter when you’re reading this, now is the perfect time to commit to your goals. Because the point isn’t about committing to new year’s resolutions, it’s about committing to yourself.

Love yourself enough to honor your own word. Right now is the time to start decluttering your life to create the lifestyle you wish to have.

If you don’t start now, you will be in the exact same position six months from now. Why not just get started on your goals slowly and gradually increase the momentum as you travel your journey?

Let’s use nature as an analogy. When you look at the trees during the fall, they’re starting to lose their leaves. By the time winter rolls around, they are completely naked. Come spring, they start growing the brightest of abundantly green leaves.

The same can be applied to your seasonal cycles of growth and evolution. That only happens when you make the commitment to make the changes you want.

Think about the resolutions you make and probably fail to keep. You’re saying that you want an improvement in some area of your life, which is amazing. But, your actions demonstrate that you don’t love yourself enough to keep your commitments to yourself.

Whether it be spiritual growth, stable and secure finances, our health, relationships with others, or anything else that I didn’t mention.

Yet, we forget about everything else that is blocking our success in attaining the goals in which we hope to achieve. If we don’t take the last couple of months to get rid of everything both energetically and physically, how can we ring in and complete a new year at the best version of ourselves? We can’t.

It seems as if our country has it rather backwards. The holiday season is all about indulging in things we don’t seem to need in and out of our bodies, the new year is essentially to atone for what we shouldn’t have done at an attempt to free ourselves of guilt, and the spring is about purging everything. Well, if we commit gluttony now, then pray for a change with a low statistic of being successful, and then purge, chances are that we aren’t going to accomplish much. If we start to declutter now and indulge consciously and mindfully, we will be much more motivated come the new year. By then, we have detoxed a portion of our lives that we no longer have any use for.

Now, if you’re thinking that it’s crazy to start that diet now, or to clean the closets of all that debris, to stop shopping for things that you really don’t need, or to wake up earlier all because it’s holiday season, that’s really just an excuse to put your new life on hold. There’s so much emphasis being placed on starting the new year with a clean slate, but if we end with a clear conscience, only then, can we have a fresh start. Take a few minutes with your eyes closed to focus on the person that you wish to be a year from now. Who and what do you see? Do you see a slimmer, happier, more spiritually motivated, financially successful version of yourself? If you do, that’s really great because that want is already there which means that you’re not devoid of any ambition.

Don’t stop there…take the action necessary by creating a list of goals. Then devise an action plan as to how you’re going to implement what it is you want to achieve.

At the moments that you want to give up, which will bound to happen, take a few minutes to reflect back on what it is you see for yourself. When the negativity creeps into your mind, say to your mind, “I thank you for trying to protect me, but I no longer have space in my life for negativity”.

I devised a challenge to diminish the negative thinking which you can read about here.

Habits take 21 consecutive days to form and in three months, the habit becomes a lifestyle. If you start now, you’re on your way to a new lifestyle come the new year. So, within one month of the new year, you are only one month away from developing a whole new you.

Wouldn’t it be so much more rewarding to start your goals now rather than wait until the obligatory new year along with everyone else?

With 2019 right around the corner, it is easier to just wait because the time will be right then. However, the time is perfect right now. Be resolute in your resolve and see the abundance start to flow in.

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