April cosmic weather report- prepare for the month ahead

April cosmic weather report

Welcome to the April edition of the cosmic weather report!

We’re in such strange times right now.  It feels so draconian and uncertain.  

Fearful too- but it’s important to not allow the fear to get the best of you. This is your chance to overcome all of your fears, once and for all.  

We all have them.  Fear can get the best of you or it can be your greatest motivational factor.  Choose the latter and let fear propel you to heights you never imagined.  

That’s what April is all about.  

March was the promise of new beginnings.  Things need to culminate before new doors can open. 

Here’s the opening.  Whether you’re now working from home or are looking for an improved way of living, it’s time to think outside the box to be more innovative.  Improvise on what you already have to make it better.  Improve on the life you live.  

The transits are here to help guide you on to your path.  Let’s get into the April cosmic weather report, shall we?

4/4- Jupiter/Pluto Conjunction

This is where things get sooooo much better.  Though, you won’t feel it on exactly this day because both Jupiter and Pluto are slow moving planets.  

Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, amongst many more traits (which I will delve into more deeply in a bit), is here to show you what you can have.  But, that’s relative to what house in your chart is being impacted.  Jupiter is currently in Capricorn (the methodical work horse), so whatever area of your life is being impacted by this conjunction, is where you will want to expand upon.  It can be your spiritual health, work, family, career, health, or relationships.  

As for Pluto, the lord of the underworld will provide you with the willpower and drive to keep pushing forward.  Use this time wisely to provide you with the tenacity to progress forward.  Your new beginning is here.  Let this conjunction aid you to achieve more.  

With the help of the full moon in less than a week, you can manifest anything you want.  Which brings me onto the next transit. 

4/8- Full Moon in Libra

Traditional astrology harnesses the power of each full moon to manifest.  When the moon is at its fullest, things are the most illuminated.  Which means that you have the clarity and ultimately, the power to bring in what you’re seeking.  

Libra is signified by the scales in the zodiac.  It’s all about balance, baby.  With its airy and cerebral qualities, intellect and logic will help you to manifest your desires.  With the help of the Divine, but of course.  Find the equilibrium in spirituality and practicality to reign in on what you would like to accomplish.  

Only less than a week after the conjunction, now is the time to open the doors to your brand new life.  Expand and grow.  Rebirth yourself in this process.  The energies are here for you so utilize it for your advantageous benefit.  

Do it while you can because you have a few retrogrades coming up.

4/10- Jupiter goes retrograde

As I stated earlier, Jupiter is the planet of growth and expansion.  But there’s so much more than that.  It also doesn’t mean that you won’t grow when Jupiter is in retrograde.  This is a time to take a deep dive to expand on what you already know.  Build upon your paradigms.  

Jupiter is also considered to be the planet of luck, philosophy, truth, justice, higher learning, and wisdom.  

How can you enhance your life through Jupiter being in retrograde?  This isn’t just about broadening your life.  This is about growing from within.  When you improve upon your belief system and spiritual health, everything else falls into alignment.  

You have a few months of retrograde so use the help of the new moon in Taurus to help you reflect upon what needs to be released so it can be purged out.  

4/23- New Moon in Taurus

While Western astrology uses the new moon as a time for manifesting, we’re keeping in theme with the ancient traditions.

Because the new moon is void and the sky appears to be moonless, it’s in the darkness that we have the ability to witness what needs to be released.  Use this time to reevaluate and take stock of what is no longer serving you.  

Taurus is an earth sign that’s ruled by Venus so loves the luxuries in life, beauty, and money.  Be cautious of your spending habits during this time and put yourself on a budget if you need to.  It’s easier than usual to get carried away with frivolous spending.  

On a more upbeat level, you can also see what you want out of life in regards to everything Venus rules.  There’s absolutely nothing wrong with indulging in the luxuries so long as you don’t go overboard.  

You can also find ways to luxuriate yourself without spending any money.  Get creative and find ways to enrich your surroundings. 

Taurus is also an earth sign so find some time to get grounded right now.  Find the practicality that you need to keep pushing forward.  Balance the richness with the earthy qualities and you’ll do more than fine. Trust that the ground under your feet will carry you with grace and stability.

4/24- Pluto goes retrograde

The lord of the underworld is asking you to take a ride with him.  So that you don’t get complicit with your life and wind up settling for anything short of what you require to keep you happy.  

It’s time to traverse into the depth of your psyche, to your shadow side and witness what needs to be released.  Pluto rules the subconscious mind (the habit mind) so this is a great opportunity to take an inventory of your blockages and any addictions that are preventing you from living the life you want and yearn for.  

Addictions don’t have to be limited to substances.  They can be anything- negative thinking, unhealthy eating, feeling unworthy or undeserving.  Evaluate what needs to be surfaced during this retrograde so that you can free yourself from the metaphorical shackles once and for all.

You will also have the help of Saturn going in retrograde in just a few days.  Which brings me to the last transit. 

4/29- Saturn goes retrograde 

Saturn, the lord of karma is stationing to go retrograde.  Currently in Aquarius, it’s going to make its way back into Capricorn for the next few months.  Which means that this is an opportune moment to make wrongs right from the past two and a years.  If you skipped a step or took a shortcut, here’s your chance to go back so that there is no stone unturned. 

Saturn hates shortcuts and will require you to be steady and disciplined so if you choose to not go back to old projects with a fine tooth comb, you will be forced anyway.  You might as well do it of your own volition.  

This is also the period where the wheels of the karma bus are rolling.  Taking a ride backwards to see what needs to be paid out.

Don’t get worried.  Karma is neither good nor bad.  It’s just about paying what’s due.  If you’ve done your part as being honest and dignified, you’ll reap the rewards.  If not, you’ll be given chances to rectify the misgivings.  

There you have it…the April cosmic weather report.  

Remember, the doors are now opened during this month.  It’s just about you choosing to walk through them with open arms for progression or deciding to stay stagnant.  Embrace this opportunity to walk towards your destiny.  

How are you going to use these transits to bring you your desires?  Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to share this with anyone that can benefit from it.

See ya soon.

In the meantime, stay zenspired!



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