Want a different life? One that’s filled with joy, happiness, loads of abundance? Then keep reading.

The truth is that you can have anything you want. BUT, there are things preventing you from getting everything you want. Could be your friends, family, nay sayers, anyone for that matter. Including yourself.

Yup, you read that right. The biggest obstacle between you and your dreams are you. It may sound harsh to you, but it’s the truth.

And trust me, I know. I played the victim and martyr role for the majority of my life. I’m all too familiar with me being the determining factor in whether or not I achieve my goals. And to be honest, I still battle with it at times. After all, we’re all a working progress.

Throughout the years, I’ve stumbled more times than I’ve conquered but it also hasn’t stopped me short in my tracks. So, I’d like to share with you some of my tactics to get me to a place of prosperity in all aspects of life.


    I’ve said it in so many other posts, but this is the number one reason why you’re not achieving your desires. It doesn’t matter if you’re in debt beyond belief, have a less than stellar love life, have a crummy job that you hate, or lack a social life. In order to attain anything, you have to think that you already have it.

    Say you’re in debt. You can’t say that you want more money yet wallow every time the credit card bills come in. Instead, thank the Universe for having the trust of creditors your disposal. And thank them again when you pay the bills. Then affirm that there’s plenty more money where that came from because money is an infinite energetic source.

    Now let’s say that you want to bring in a partner in crime. Well, you won’t get one sitting on your couch every evening wallowing in your own despair of a lack of a love life. Even if you’re a home body, put on your best breeches and get out there! You’re more than able to manifest love, but you gotta meet the Universe half way. Which brings me to the next point.


    No, you don’t have to work 18 hour days to achieve your dreams but that also doesn’t mean that you can sit around waiting for your life to happen either. When you want something badly enough, you will find the way to make it happen. Even just spending one hour a day towards your goals will produce monumental results. When you make the effort, the Universe will reward you. Your patience , tolerance, and drive will be tested. But that’s just to make sure that you truly want something. Good things are worth the wait. Which means until you get to reap the rewards, you gotta do the work. And you will always have to do the work, even when you get what you want. Just balance it out. How? Read the next one.


    In order to balance between working and manifesting, you have to find the harmonious balance. Like I said in the previous paragraph, don’t kill yourself trying to make things happen. The more you expect a certain outcome, the more you’re setting yourself up for disappointment. Allow various opportunities in all shapes and forms to come into your life.

    If you want to bring more money, be open to the ways of the Universe. Allow them to work their magic. Expecting a raise or promotion at work and then being passed up for it will only bring you to a state of disappointment. Which will inevitably prevent money from coming into your life.

    I’ll give you an example. I moved from NYC to Santa Fe into a furnished home. Because I wanted a new lease on life, I only took clothes, shoes, and purses. On one incredibly hot desert day, I knew I would need an oscillating fan for my bedroom. I was too lazy to go out and buy one and I didn’t want to wait for a two day delivery. So, I asked the Universe for a standing oscillating fan for my bedroom by the end of the day and went about my day. Later on, I wanted to clean out the storage closet in my home so got in there and started to pull out everything. Low and behold, when I got to the back of the closet, there was a standing oscillating fan.

    When you allow, thin gs will happen. When you believe in magic, magic will occur. Just believe.


    You can’t possibly expect miracles to happen yet refuse to believe in them. It’s like asking for an apple juice but hoping you’ll get an orange juice in return. It just doesn’t work that way. And that’s the same way the Universe works. If you can’t provide your trust in them, how can they supply you with what you want? It can’t happen. You’re either in or out. If you have one foot out the door, that’s ok, because there will always be some level of resistance, but it will prolong your dreams from happening. The sooner you believe in magic, the sooner you’ll see the magic.


    Resistance prevents us from getting what we want the majority of the time, right behind our mindset. Which is why you need to change your mindset from a poverty stricken one into being a manifesting magician. If you want something and ask for it, let it come in. Don’t concoct 10,000 different scenarios why you can’t have it or how you’re going to get it. Just dream and allow the Universe to weave its threads into your life.


    If you possess the ability to conjure up a dream, you most certainly have the capabilities to turn it into reality. How many times have you heard that your thoughts create your reality? Well, thoughts are dreams. And dreams are thoughts. So, dream big. As big as you’d like. You’ll get where you want to be with the previous steps along with stamina, determination, and perseverance. You want to change the world? Well, you can! Anyone can. It’s just about having the courage the blaze your own trails.


    If you want a life that’s completely different from the one that you’re living now, you gotta be courageous. Take that leap of faith into unchartered waters. You won’t get anywhere playing it safe and sound. Don’t be reckless. Take calculated risks.

    Another example. Back in March, I left the comfort of NYC to Santa Fe with no family, no friends, not even a job. I was following my heart and decided that since I’ve been wanting to start my own business, I might as well do everything in one shot. EVERYONE looked at me like I was crazy. Especially, those die hard New Yorkers who think that it’s the final destination in life and there’s nowhere else in the world to live or explore. Very few people understood that my intuition was guiding me down here. But that didn’t stop me. Was I scared shitless? You betcha. But without the courage, I’d be looking back in regret 15 years from now kicking myself in the butt.

    Courage can be scary but it’s so worth it. I can’t begin to tell you the transformation that’s entailed since moving. Or even the amount of empowerment that I’ve gained as a result of possessing a strength to sacrifice everything with no promise of anything in return. It’s humbling. Take that chance that you’ve wanted to. There will be struggles but everything that you want is on the other side of fear.

And there you have it. Seven ways to be your own alchemist. They will only be as difficult as you allow it to be. So just keeping thinking that it’s a cake walk and it will be.

Take charge of your own life. Take charge of your own happiness. Be the magician in your life because you can.

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