Many of us have tried to implement the law of attraction into some area of our lives at one point or another.  Sometimes it’s successful and sometimes it’s not.   

When it’s the latter, I’m sure that you can’t help but think that there’s something wrong with you or maybe even that the Universe doesn’t want you to have what you’re seeking.  

But I promise you that’s not the case.  The Universe wants us to have everything because we are naturally abundant people. We just have to see it for ourselves.

There’s an infinite amount of abundance, love, prosperity, happiness, bliss, health, and so forth to go around.  It’s just about getting into alignment on an energetic level.  

It’s so simple.  

The law of attraction requires for three things to be in harmony in order for this to work. You’re probably familiar with all three of them, maybe you just didn’t realize that you need to implement all of them together.  When these three aspects are in congruence, the LOA will work like a charm for you. 

Let’s get to it.


INTENTION- Set your intentions into motion by either visualizing what you want to manifest or by writing it down.  Be specific without controlling how you want it to happen.  Don’t worry about how you’re going to attain whatever it is that you want.  That’s the Universe’s job.  You worry about what you truly want.  

MINDSET- In order to bring in what you’d like to attract, you have to act as if it’s already yours.  I for example, if you want to bring in love, then you have to act as in you’re already in love.  It may sound counterintuitive, but you can’t bring in what you’re seeking when you’re in a state of desperation.  You’ll only push the love further away.  Wanting is the frequency of resistance because you’re pushing it off for the future. It’s basically sending a subliminal message saying you’re ok without it now.  Acting as if will bring in what you’re attempting to manifest.

FENG SHUI- This is probably the one key piece that’s missing in your LOA work.  We’ve already established that your mindset has to be in energetic alignment to bring in what you’re seeking.  So, it only makes sense that your environment has to be in equilibrium as well.  If your surroundings don’t match your desires, then the LOA will not work for you. 


I had done a Feng Shui meditation by focusing on my own home.  When I did, I realized that I had decorated my home to be something I’m not.  Because my home is a colorful adobe, I went boho maximalist in here.  While it looks great, and has really become quite the boho jungalow, it’s not me or my style.  I’m much more minimalistic, especially in the way I dress.  But when I moved into this home, I tried to embrace a side of who I thought I was.  I’m not a maximalist person at all.  And this was pushing everything away from me.  Since, I’ve done the meditation, I’ve felt freer and lighter.  Not to mention, bringing in more of what I do want.


Here are a couple of tricks to get this started for you:

Let’s use bringing in love as the example again.  Place roses on your nightstand.  Don’t sleep in the middle of the bed.  Sleeping on one side is creating the space to bring in a lover. Say, you want to bring in more business. Place your desk so that you’re facing the door of your office.  By having your back to the door, you’re telling people to leave you alone.  Not just coworkers and employees, but paying clients as well.  Have a solid colored wall so there’s not too much distraction. And by keeping your workspace in a minimalist fashion, you won’t be scattered with too much energy blocking you.


There are so many more components to Feng Shui and I don’t know them all.  You can certainly hire an expert or pick up a book on how to decorate your home to be conducive for you and the lifestyle you wish to have.


So, that ties it up.  The components that were hindering your LOA work.  It’s time to get these three facets underway and into harmony with one another and yourself.   By making just a few tweaks, you can start to reap in the fruits of your labor in just a short amount of time. 


And these don’t require too much effort so you really don’t have an excuse not to try them out for yourself.  Happy manifesting!


Be sure to share this with a friend and comment below on the actions you’ve taken so far.


See ya soon and stay zenspired!


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