Half year check in

Being that we’re halfway through 2019, I thought I’d take the opportunity to write about goals. I know. I’m obsessed with them.

But striving for improvement on a daily basis is what makes us grow. To grow into the people that we aspire to be.

Back to the midway point. Where are you on your goals? Are you rocking them like a BADASS goal conquering warrior? Or have you already forgotten what your resolutions are? Have you maybe shifted your goals to be something completely different?

Whatever the case may be, here are a few pointers to help you keep on attaining or to motivate you into the right direction.

You can read about it here and also here. These two articles should help you into manifesting your heart’s desire.

There are also courses dedicated to conquering your goals by working with the phases of themoon that you can check out here.

Just know that it's ok if you haven't started or are having setbacks. We've all been there.

Hell, I was so stuck that I was practically paralyzed from accomplishing anything for about three

years. Just waking up in the mornings and taking a shower was monumental for me. Slowly,

like at a snail's pace, I was able to turn my life from a place of unfilled dread into a life worthy of


I know it sounds so cliche, but if I was able to get it together, you can too. Life gets tough and can feel so cruel and unfair. But that’s where you get to take charge of everything. Whatever you no longer want is also where you have to stand your ground. Make everything that you don’t want to be unacceptable from this point moving forward.

Your mindset is so critical for your success or lack of. So, if it needs to be changed, change it starting now. You had the ability to bring yourself down to your own limiting beliefs. So, guess what? You also have the ability to start choosing to see your own infinite potential for greatness.

Wouldn’t you much rather see the good than the bad?!?

And remember, success has a different meaning for everyone. I don’t mean it on just a financial capacity, but in the whole spectrum of life.

You got this! If you haven’t started what you wished for in the beginning of the year, now is the time. Starting today will make you happier tomorrow.

Wherever you are, appreciated mate your journey. Until next time…

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