It’s easy for us to have temporary motivation, but to have lasting empowerment unfortunately happens to be a rarity. I’m sure that it eludes most of you (with me certainly not being an exception), and that only a privileged few are entitled to the secrets of this.

Empowerment is there within every single one of us. Whether we choose to have it or not is our prerogative.

So, just how do we stay in an eternal state of confidence AND self-assuredness AND persistence?

Here are a few simple tactics that worked for me and can work for you if you allow it to.


It seems so blatantly obvious but we’re all so guilty of losing that momentum once things are going good. Or even worse, when the going gets tough, we give up. the trick is to tackle your goals or even your partner with that same gentle tenacity as you did on the very first day.

An example is think about the first day you met your current love interest-you had butterflies in your stomach, you had a constant grin on your face that couldn’t be wiped away, nobody had the ability to infiltrate your zen. Whether it’s been two years or twenty years, the honeymoon phase eventually dissipated. And today- you both know one another’s idiosyncrasies but also know how to push one another’s buttons. It’s inevitable because that’s what happens when we fall in love. However, what if you were to treat your significant other with the same compassion that you once did when the two of you first met? How different would your relationship be? Yes, it takes two to tango, but I guarantee that if you started to introduce that spark that you once had back into your life towards your partner, they will follow suit in no time.

When you do, there won’t be any room for longing and day dreaming for something else because your mind will be programmed to be happy no matter what. Which leads me to the second point.


For those of you who follow me are aware that I make references about mindset in every single one of my posts. Why?!? Because it is bar none the most important factor in how we live our lives. if you wake up and stub your toe while your stumbling out of bed in the morning and start to scream and yell out all sorts of obscenities while thinking to yourself that your day is going to be ruined, well, guess what? Your day is going to be ruined. Now, I’m not saying to express gratitude for the annoying pain that you’re suffering. But when something like this happens to me, I do in fact express gratitude that it wasn’t worse. For instance, I could have broken my toe and wound up in the ER but didn’t. if you say to yourself that your day is going to be ruined, you’ve already made up your mind that it’s going to happen. Essentially, you’ll be on a mission to make sure that it’s achieved. On the other hand, if you take it as an opportunity to determine that one little mishap will absolutely under no circumstances dictate your day and that the silver lining is that you didn’t break your toe, then you’ve controlled your thoughts and therefore, your behavior for the day ahead.


Controlling your thoughts is in correlation with this one, but this one is a little deeper than the aforementioned. Let’s use an analogy. You wouldn’t go digging into a garbage for food, would you? I think it’s safe to say that if you have access to this right now, you wouldn’t. And why not? Well, the obvious answer is because you don’t want to be consuming garbage. So, if you wouldn’t do that, why would you allow garbage into your mind?

Every negative thought that you have about yourself and others is infiltrating your own precious mind with garbage. Yes, with our political climate and everything that’s happening in this world, it’s hard to not get consummated with negative thinking. But, you can limit your intake in order to ween yourself off of it until eventually you’re exuding nothing but joy and positivity. Yes, it sounds like an addiction, but negative thinking is one.

Try and be mindful of your thoughts. Observe what comes in so that you’re in a state of awareness. Once you can master this, NOTHING can strip you of your zen.


When we are overwhelmed with things to do, it’s soooooo much easier to give up and put it off until we’re left with no choice but to tackle it. If you have created a to do list for yourself that’s leaving you wallowing and sulking rather than a slaying warrior, take a step back. Cut that list down in half in order of most to least important. Why? Because prioritizing is essential to your success. Starting with the most important tasks, work your way down to least important. After you have that first list completed, repeat the process for the second portion. Even if you have to take baby steps, even if you think that you’re never to going to finish everything, even if you think that you don’t have the time, just start. You will surprise yourself just what a productive BADASS you can be.


So, we fail because we’re inconsistent. The more we persevere, the more we succeed. It’s really that simple. Maybe there are times that we have to reevaluate or readjust certain projects, but that’s not giving up. That’s tweaking because that’s what life is about. Sometimes things work and sometimes, they don’t. But just because something isn’t working the way that you hoped it would, doesn’t mean that you can’t attain your goals. It just means that you need to do a little improvising to get you to where you wish to be.

The more consistent you are, the better the results will be. I wish that there were some sage words to this, but there aren’t. All you really need to do is work consistently everyday towards your goals. And make them attainable a little bit at a time. Have all the big goals that you want, but start with small goals to get you to the larger ones.

Let’s say you would like to start a health regimen by eating cleaner and exercising, then going vegan and going to the gym seven days a week for two hours a day is not the best way to jump into a brand new routine. It’s like the second example of negative thinking. Where you’re working to ween out of something, you’re now working your way into something else. You don’t want to make any drastic and abrupt changes because you don’t want to injure yourself. I’m not a doctor so you should consult with yours before taking my advice but starting slowly, like exercising three days a week and cutting out meat one day a week would be more realistic. You have to know what your body’s limitations are or you risk pushing it to the brink of exhaustion and eventually, failure. After a week or maybe more, every body and everybody is different, you can experiment a little more. Once the routine has been established, you can push your own boundaries and limits in a safe way.


Let’s face it…sometimes showing up for yourself means binge watching Netflix with a bowl of popcorn or ice cream while laying in bed practically comatose. And that’s ok every so often.

Here, I preach about health and wellness and goal conquering, so why one Earth would I advocate this?!? Well, because our bodies need a break from our exhausting schedules from time to time. Learning to listen to what your body needs and wants is vastly different from listening to your mind. Not to mention, you can do healthier options of ice cream and popcorn so you won’t be overwhelmed with guilt after you commit some debauchery.

The key here is again, to listen to your body. If you need a break from the everyday stresses of life and that entails a movie or a show, then go for it. Don’t feel any guilt for needing a time out. Know your limits and own it. You’re not a robot. and even so, AI needs to be restarted or rebooted every so often so that it can perform at its fullest capacity. You’re no different.

And there you have it…easy and super effective ways to be in a constant state of empowerment.

We only have one life to live so living it to the fullest without any regret isn’t something to be taken lightly. It’s not a right, but rather something that we have to make happen for ourselves. Enjoy this journey of involution and fully embrace whatever comes your way, both and good because you’ll appreciate the good so much more when you learn how to curtail the negative. And that’s what makes you empowered.

Hope you all enjoyed this! Please be sure to share this with anyone who can benefit from needing a little boost of empowerment. Also, leave a comment below if you have any ways to feel empowered.

Stay beautiful!

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