We’re all familiar with the notion of how our thoughts affirm our reality.  But how conscientious are you of how your own mind operates and the impact it’s creating on your life?  When something doesn’t go your way, do you automatically start to think the worst?  Do you concoct about 10-15 worst case scenarios?  Do you worry relentlessly about how things may not pan out in your favor?

I’m sure that most of you have done this at least a few times in your life if you’re reading this.  Don’t feel bad about it because I used to be a pro when it came to thinking of the worst possible outcomes and that’s why I’m here now.  

Having a negative mindset is something that were indoctrinated with so the silver lining is that it can be fixed with time and diligence.  We’re born pure and unbridled with any worries.  The older we get, the more we’re exposed.  Whether it be social media, TV, family, friends, teachers, or anything else that can impact the way we think, it will eventually permeate our psyche.  Thus, taking shape of what we think. 

And yes, you may be thinking that your external environment is the creator of who you are.  It’s both yes and no.  Because you’re aware of the fact that you have shaped into the person you are today as a result of everything and everyone around you is accurate.   However, you have the ability if you have the will power to change that.   So, yes you are who you are because of your surroundings.   You also don’t have to be the person that you don’t want to be should you wish and choose to make any changes.

Which may now lead you into the next question.  How the heck are you supposed to change your thinking and ultimately your ways if your entire clan of people are completely negative?!?  Well, it takes a lot of patience.  But ultimately, you have to choose to distance yourself from those who bring down your morale. 

If you know that someone is hindering your growth, then why bother keeping them by your side?  You may think that this is harsh, because it can be.

Let’s say that you have a pet.  Would you let it starve?  Of course not!  Because you know that your pet’s health is dependent on how you nature him or her.  So, if you wouldn’t let your own pet go hungry, why would you not satiate your appetite for happiness, wealth, prosperity, health?!?  Ultimately, who you keep in your life is how you see yourself because we are the company we keep. 

You are the keeper of your own happiness and if there are those who are Debbie downers, they will never enrich your mind the way you need to be stimulated.  Essentially, if your comrades aren’t doing  any good towards your mindset, then it’s time to say good riddance. 

Now you may be thinking that the people you surround yourself with has nothing to do with an abundance mindset, but it has everything to do with it.  Take a minute or a few to think about how many times you were with so and so, who happens to be completely negative and always has something to complain about.  How many times did you think to yourself “Oh, will they shut up already?”  Or even worse, agreed with them just to prevent an argument?  And then afterwards, you replayed the scenario in your head wishing that you reacted differently and spoke up for yourself without compromising your integrity.  See how that can be a lack of abundance now?

Rather than focusing on what you wish to bring in, you’re now in a position of wasted energy and time all because of who may not be the best example of how you want to live your life is right by your side.

If your posse happens to be super awesome who are highly encouraging your progress in life, than you’re truly lucky and hopefully you’re counting the blessings that you have. 

Now, if the guilty culprits are social media and TV, then it’s time to detox. You may argue that watching the news is making you a more well-rounded and educated individual and I don’t disagree, but how many times are you cussing at the TV when some reform or is about to be introduced or you see yet another mass shooting with all of the victims faces on the screen?  It’s sad but this is what society has become.  Reporting the bad and not focusing on the Mother Theresa’s of the world.  I’m not by any means saying that the news outlets have to stop showing us the atrocities but that also can’t be all that we see.  If we only see negativity, then you got it, we only think in negative ways. 

Choosing to turn yourself away from the dramatic events that unfold in our every day lives doesn’t make you ignorant, it just makes you aware that there’s so much happening in our world that sometimes is beyond your control.  Even if you can cut out one hour a day, that’s one hour more than you can have back of your own life and ultimately your own mind. 

That one hour can be spent exercising, writing down things that your grateful for, cooking a healthy meal, meditating, being with your kids, cleaning.  There are so many more productive things to do in that one hour to create a more positive frame of mind than devoting it to social media and TV. 


The point that I’m making here is to distance yourself from what you know isn’t healthy for your mind.  It’s a cycle that keeps spinning.  So, it can either be positive or negative.  The more you choose to be in negativity, the more you repel abundance.   The more you choose to be positive, the more you attract abundance.  How will you choose? 

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