Travelling the spiritual path is in of itself an anomaly often leaving us confused, inundating our own minds with questions.  One question that has persistently become the topic of several conversations while aiding others on their journey has been about money.  There’s been various money related questions and some are:  If this is about the renunciation of attachments and desires, then shouldn’t I be content with not having more money? Why do I feel such a huge sense of guilt for wanting more money?  Can I manifest more money into my life?  Is it ok to make money having a spiritually based business?  I’m sure that there are plenty of other questions related to money and spirituality but these are the most common ones others have asked me and that I in fact have asked myself at times.


First and foremost, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting more money no matter what path you’re travelling on.  There’s no reason why some hot shot lawyer or a spiritually motivated waitress should have two completely different levels of income.  Our  value system shouldn’t govern what we bring in.  Unfortunately, it’s far too common that our belief system about money is why there are those who don’t have as much as they would like to possess, which I will cover shortly.  It boils down to how one attracts the money into their lives.  


Which leads me to another question: why do I feel such a huge sense of guilt for wanting more money?  That, believe it or not, delves with a deep rooted issue within yourself in not feeling a sense of worthiness.  Only you would know what the answer is but it usually stems from our childhood.  Maybe your parents always used money as a weapon against you.  Maybe your parents always complained about not having enough money and therefore were always in debt leaving you stuck with second hand clothing that didn’t fit right.  Maybe you never had enough food as a child and went to bed hungry most evenings.  The bottom line is that if you were raised in an environment where there was always lack rather than abundance, chances are that’s the way you grow up to be.  Taking just a little time to figure out why you feel the way about money that you do, will help in ridding yourself of guilt.  Because these are ingrained within us, it takes time to heal and sort through.  However, with the right tools and mindset, you’ll recover fairly quickly.  If and only if, you’re willing to make the investment on yourself. 


Another frequent question that I often get asked is that if we’re supposed to be simplifying our lives, then shouldn’t we just be content with where we are financially?  That’s a two part answer…yes and no.  Confused?  Worry not…everything will make sense in just a minute.  Of course we should be perfectly happy with what we have.  However, pushing ourselves in attaining our goals and dreams on a financial level has nothing to do with our happiness.  Wanting more is a way of life, but wanting more because thinking that you’ll attain happiness once you receive more is the complete opposite of what we should be striving for.  Happiness starts with now so being in a futile pursuit of more money for happiness won’t bring it in.  Soul searching will make you happy.  Money only makes things easier. 


For example, if you’re in debt and think that getting more money to get yourself out of debt and as a result will be happy, then you’ll never be happy, only free of debt.  This also coincides with what I mentioned earlier about coming from a place of lack.  If you’re always stuck in the mentality of not having enough, you’ll never have enough.  Therefore, the money won’t solve your woes, they will only alleviate your financial stresses. The money won’t bring the happiness, only you’ll bring your own happiness.  However, the happiness can and will bring the money.  How is this even possible?  That leads me to the next question.


We can and in fact, always manifest things into our lives.  Therefore, we can bring more money into our existence.  There’s plenty of ways to manifest more financial abundance which I have covered here so please be sure to read about it.  It’s been scientifically proven that our thoughts affirm our reality so when you start embarking on your own rituals for attracting money, please do keep an open mind filled with only positive thoughts.  If for any reason, that you’re bombarded with negative thoughts during your manifestations, then it simply will not work.  And if, you’re consumed with only positive thoughts of abundance and having a bountiful supply of money at your disposal, then that’s what you will get.  The universe gives us EXACTLY what we ask for so choose your thoughts wisely.


Here comes the last question: is it ok to make money in a spiritual line of work?  ABSOLUTELY!  The question to be asking is: if you’re a spiritually minded person who thrives on helping others to live more authentic lives because that’s where your passion is, why can’t you make a living doing it?  People who are in need of spiritual healing come to those of us who have a vast knowledge about this realm because that’s where our expertise lies.  How else would you pay your bills if it weren’t for your passion? At some crummy job that you despise because you feel uncomfortable about making a financial living from this type of business?  It’s the same analogy as us going to a financial adviser because we’re not savvy in savings.  You surely don’t see any financial adviser running for the hills when you offer to pay for their services.  Or, you see a beautiful pair of shoes.  The shoe maker doesn’t give it to you for free.  You have to shell out your hard earned cash to pay for it.  They don’t beg you to take it, they want you to buy those killer heels. These purveyors relish in your consumerism.  So, you should love money enough to be comfortable asking to be paid for services rendered. 


Again, these are the most frequent questions that I get asked, so if you have any other questions that you need clarification on, feel free to ask below or shoot me an email and I will be more than happy to help you.  I’d also love to hear from those who have learned these lessons so that we can all help one another prosper in this abundant world filled with an infinite supply of riches.  Stay blessed everyone! 


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