When you have a bust and hectic schedule, it can be so taxing to end some time to set yourself up for success. However, when you learn how to end each day for a better tomorrow, you become proactive instead of being reactive to life.

I’m sure you probably frequently hear that having a productive morning routine will shape your day. 

While I do highly advocate that, my nightly routine is what makes me more motivated to conquer the next day because it’s all a cycle. How you go to sleep is how you wake up. And how you wake up is what shapes the day ahead of you.

When you go to sleep at night satiated with your preparations for the next day, you sleep better. You always want to strive to be better tomorrow from the today. So why not assist yourself by establishing a nightly routine?

It’s just about getting ahead of the game by preparing for tomorrow the night before.

What you do the night before will propel you for success the next day.

Having a nightly routine is so simple, easy, and therapeutic. It’s all about the little things in life that brings you joy. The same concept goes for setting yourself up for success. Take the time in the evenings to decrease the amount of time you spend getting ready the next morning.

Each morning should be spent easing into your day, not running around like a headless chicken.

What you want to do is to maximize efficiency so that you can increase productivity.   Which in turn will leave you less stressed and worried the next morning.  You’ll be happier as a result and will have more time to slay away those goals of yours. 

A nightly routine doesn’t have to consist of a three hour chore, but rather getting yourself set up for the next day.  Little things of what you implement will go a long way by allowing a little extra “me time” in the mornings.  Who wouldn’t love more of that?

Let’s get started with how to end each day for a better tomorrow, shall we?

Go to bed in a good mood

The most important of all is to not go to bed angry.  Whether you got into a fight with your significant other, your family infuriated you, or you had a killer day at work, don’t hold onto those emotions.  You won’t sleep well so chances are that you’re going to wake up with those pent up emotions on your mind.  


This falls in line with not going to bed angry.  Taking just five minutes to take yourself away from everything to travel within yourself will drastically change those feelings and bring you into a state of peace. 

Purge writing

If meditation isn’t your fancy, try your hand at purge writing.  This has worked miraculous wonders for me and it’s something that I highly encourage.  All you need is a pen and paper and the thoughts that need to be released.  Don’t worry about an ebb and flow, just write your heart out.  Anything that comes to mind.  Do it for 15 minutes.  Vomiting all of your thoughts onto paper.  Once your done, crumble up that piece of paper and throw it away or burn it.  It is so cathartic and you’ll notice the effects of it instantly. 

However, purge writing and meditation shouldn’t be only limited to bad days, but rather on a daily basis.   The state of zen that entails from both of these will put your mind at such ease, especially when turning it into a ritual.

Prepare in the evening

If you take vitamins and supplements, lay them out the night before so that when you wake up in the morning, you don’t have to stumble around fumbling for them. 

If you like to have a morning smoothie, put all of your dry ingredients into the blender the night before.  As for fruit, have them portioned out so all you have to do is dump out the ingredients from a bowl the next day. 

If you use a measuring cup for your liquid, pour it into the measuring cup the night before and leave it in the fridge until you have to use it the next morning.  Set your blender up by the electrical outlet that will be used and viola…the next day, all you have to do is pour in your ingredients and blend.   And you’re good to go.  The same goes for coffee.  Set up everything the evening before.  Get your pod into the coffee maker with the water filled so that all you have to do is turn on the coffee machine. The same goes for tea.  Have your tea kettle already filled with water so all you have to do is turn on the burner.

If you exercise first thing in the morning, have your gear set up and ready to go.  I lay out my yoga mat the night before so that I don’t get too lazy the next day.  Plus, by doing this, I get an extra minute the next morning.  I also have a yoga sequence I would like to do set at the top of my search history on YouTube so that I don’t have to look for one in the morning, thus saving me another few minutes the next day.

Have all of your work clothes ready to go the evening before.  The same goes for shoes and purses.  If you like to switch your purse, transfer everything that you will need the night before.  If you wear makeup, have your makeup bag with everything you use in the room that you like to use it, right by a mirror.

Plan the next day

What do you want to accomplish the next day?  Write that down.  While most people like to plan their day on the same day by spending 15 minutes to write everything down, I find that I function better when I plan the day before.  This could very well be that I’m an event planner with a type A personality, so my need to be organized and in control is innate, but I find myself to be relaxed as opposed to being  stressed when I’m trying to “wing it” the next morning. 

I like to send myself a text message of everything the evening before so that I can see it when I need to go back and review everything.  It not only keeps things organized, you’re not wondering where you put that piece of paper with what you had to do, only to find it one week later. If you keep all of your notes in one place, you’ll be much more likely to remember what you need to do because you’ll have easy access to always go back to it.

This may seem like a lot to grasp, but I find it to be so therapeutic. You’re able to relax and unwind while being your most productive self.  You sleep more peacefully knowing you did everything in your power to make tomorrow even better, but also improved the quality of today. 

Deciding the night before what you’re going to do the next day makes you better equipped to tackle your life.  Everything that I mentioned here will take you at most 30 minutes.  If you feel that you may not have that time to spare, it’s only about half an hour less of TV per night and two percent of your day.    When you think about it in this perspective, you can’t help but want to improve your now for a better tomorrow.

If you have any tricks of the trade that you do to set yourself up with, please be sure to share them in the comments below.

See ya soon.

In the meantime, stay zenspired!



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