Gift a letter of love to yourself

Have you ever written a love letter to yourself?

It may sound kind of silly and cheesy when you think about it, but the emotional reward is so gratifying. Taking just a few minutes of self-reflection to write yourself sweet words of pleasantries can stir up the happiest emotions. Maybe even some feelings that you haven’t felt in a long time.

Yes, acts of self-care ideas are plastered all over social media, but we also happen to live in a society where pleasing others seems to be the very reason of our existence. That when we decide to take some “me time”, it can seem like an aberration to be admonished. Needless to say, self-care can be very limited.

When you don’t have the time to care for yourself, self-love can be the first to be sacrificed to all of the other responsibilities that you have on your already full plate. However, you’re just as deserving of your love as anyone else. If not, more. The first person that you need to give to is yourself. After all, if you have nothing to give to anyone, you won’t be at your best.

I’m sure that most of you manage to strike somewhat of a harmonious balance so that you don’t feel like a martyr, but when was the last time that you actually wrote to yourself, if ever?

We’re so quick to give to others. Yet, almost feel guilty about giving to ourselves. Think about birthdays, holidays, or special occasions. I bet that you take the time to buy a card for your parents, siblings, best friend, significant other, etc. and then proceed to take the time to write thoughtful words. You somehow manage to make that time to be sentimental with others but probably don’t take that time for the one person who truly deserves your loving words; you.

Reflect about the love letters or messages that you received from your current significant other or even previous ones. It just feels so damn good when you receive a little note or a text from someone whispering sweet nothings. Now imagine what it would feel like when it comes from your very self. Words of empowerment, reasons why you love yourself, all the contributions that you make on a daily basis, no matter how large or small.

I bet it feels kind of weird and awkward to think about a self-love letter. And that’s such a great start!


Because it means that you NEED to write a love letter to none other than you. That uneasy feeling is a result of not being totally comfortable in your own skin. And that’s ok. We all struggle with insecurities on a daily basis.

I had laughed out loud when the idea was brought to my attention because I thought it to be absolutely ridiculous so I do know the discomfort of attempting this. Just the thought of writing to yourself to tell you how much you mean to you can seem rather narcissistic. But it’s the opposite. It makes you aware of feelings that you once held for yourself but lost throughout life from your external influences.

This makes it the perfect opportunity to gently break out of your comfort zone while having your boundaries intact. It will also create a level of more self-respect because when you start to see your own self-worth and value through your words, you can’t help but to separate yourself from those who just aren’t worth your time.

Which is why taking even 15 minutes out of your hectic day and writing love yourself a love letter can feel so liberating and cathartic. You’ll be giving yourself the opportunity to see you for who you really are- how caring and compassionate you are, the beautiful soul that just happens to have a schedule inundated with a list of to-dos. As crazy as life may seem at the moment, the perfect remedy lays within a self-love letter.

A few years back when I was a lost soul attempting to find my life’s purpose, I wrote myself a love letter. Though it wasn’t of my own volition, but rather through a friend’s persuasion, it was the start of my self-love journey. One that was pretty nonexistent up until that point in my life.

I hadn’t the slightest clue as to how to bring myself out of my misery let alone write myself a love letter. Somehow I managed to do just that. I sat down and wrote soothing and gentle words of encouragement to myself, what I honor and cherish about myself, and of course, blew some smoke up my own behind.

The last part is absolutely necessary if you’re having a difficult time seeing the good in yourself. Though there’s a fine line between being egotistical and fluffing a little, do try to remain humble 🙂 I’m sure there were times that you’ve sugar coated for others, so why not do that for yourself?!? You’re only giving yourself some much needed extra flair.

I even still have the letter to go back to when I feel like I need that pick-me up dose of feel good energy. I’ve written myself more love letters along the way but have always kept the first one because it was so symbolic of a transformational period in my life.

With Valentine’s Day being this week, show yourself some love. It doesn’t matter if you’re single or spoken for. What matters is the love that you’re able to express for yourself. You may even be surprised by what you can conjure up

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