Psychological addictions and substance abuse

I personally believe that those of us who suffer from alcoholism and/or drug addictions have a few or myriad of other addictions. Psychological, that is.

They can be anything from- an addiction to pain and suffering, feeling of unworthiness, not wanting to be loved, feeling incapable of being loved, negative thinking, worrying, the victimization of yourself, etc.

No one was born an alcoholic or drug addict.  Even if someone’s mom did drink during pregnancy- yes, the baby is born wanting alcohol, but the feeling dissipates with time. The need for drugs or alcohol ceases to exist.

The addiction(s) developed throughout the years by nurturing the addiction. The operative word is nurturing. Some part of us needed to provide support to ourselves that was lacking from our external environment. We just went about it the wrong way.  

In giving ourselves that safe space, we turned to the drinking and drugs as a form of solace and comfort.  That sanctuary, unbeknownst to us at the time, became our living hell.  But, it also provided us with a place where we just knew things were going to be better. 

After all, we didn’t have to live in our reality.  We had the opportunity to alter it and find a parallel universe where we didn’t have to be us.  We didn’t have to live the lives that we lived.  We didn’t have to be the people that we were.  We could be anyone- so why not be invincible and full of courageous moxie?!?

That’s where the trouble starts and doesn’t end unless you choose for it to cease.  But, at that point, we’re so far gone into the abyss of addiction, that we’ve forgotten how to live life sober.  

And feelings and emotions?!?  Well, “f*ck that” we say.  We don’t want to be burdened with anything that is going to stand in our way.  The problem is, what other way is there?  

It’s never served anyone to get annihilated. 

It doesn’t have to be a life of despair.  Unless that’s what you want.  It’s time to start your own inner revolution to be the best damn version of yourself.  And that means saying sayonara to the booze.  And when you do, the clarity comes.  Before you can gain a new perspective, you need to go back in time.

When we were children, we were indoctrinated with a set of paradigms that altered the trajectory of our lives- eventually leading down a rabbit hole of addiction. The great thing is that these so-called paradigms are nothing but dogmas. Dogmas are fallacies. It’s time to create a new truth.

What were you taught as a child? 

That’s the only question that you have to ask yourself, at least for right now- because you’ll come to see why you have the addictions you carry within yourself.

Take stock of your addictions…not the obvious tangible problems (drinking and/or drugs) that you’re facing, but your psychological addictions that are affecting the substance abuse. Take a few minutes or a couple of hours to look and tap into your own psychology. It will make the world of a difference in how you view yourself and your relationship with drinking or drugs. 

When you can witness what the other addictions are, you have the ability to no longer utilize drinking or drugs as an act of escapism or coping mechanism. Because you’re facing your inner demons head on. You’re taking accountability and ownership of yourself. That’s the first step to conquering the addiction.

This is not to say that once you heal yourself from within, you can go and party your ass off and be ok. Far from it. What I’m saying is that there are deeper root causes that contributed to our substance abuse struggles.

It doesn’t matter if you have a plethora of addictions. Hell, I did. And I still battle some psychological addictions after over three years of sobriety.

What matters is how honest you’re willing to be with yourself. Even if it’s painful, take inventory. It’s ok. That pain has been repressed for too damn long. It’s time for it to surface so you can breathe a breath a fresh air.

Here’s your opportunity to rewrite your narrative. What do you want it to be?

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