As not just this past year comes to a culmination, so does the past decade.  It’s time to traverse within to see what can stay, what needs to go, and what needs some adjustment.

Can you believe it?!?  An entire 10 years of reflecting and soul searching is being asked of us to see what areas need revamping.

It’s time to declutter what no longer serves you for your highest good- whether its relationships that are beating you up, friends who don’t allow you to shine, clothes that don’t fit, books you won’t read, the junk drawer that begs to be organized, the piles of laundry and dry cleaning that you keep promising yourself you’ll get around to, or the stack of paperwork that’s been lingering around since the beginning of the year.

Whatever it is, it’s time to evaluate what you’re willing to settle for and what you expect to have.  This is more than making false promises to yourself.  It’s about committing to you and your expectations.

What you do now to ring in the new year will also bring in a new decade of changes.  So, it’s super important to make this count now- more than ever.  And with just a few weeks to spare, you’ve got plenty of time to get a head start on the magic you wish to call your life.  Even though its holiday season, if you devote just 10 minutes a day starting now, you’ll be way ahead of the game by the time you pucker up for that new year’s kiss.

I’m gonna help you out with some prompts to get you motivated to be a better improved version of yourself- the person that you aspire to be.  Let’s get started.

Physically declutter

Holding onto physical possessions when we don’t use them creates stagnant energies that eventually build up through time which results in negative energy.  You know those pics of the ex that you swear you’ll throw out but can’t seem to bring yourself to do it and thinking about them brings you sadness and despair?  Or the books that you keep saying you’ll read and seeing them when you walk by reminds you of the failed accomplishments?  Or the clothes that no longer fit which contributes to your lower self-esteem?  Or the old bills and paperwork that are sitting in a pile that you say you’ll get rid of and don’t so they just end up being a constant reminder of just how much you have to do but can’t seem to find the time to get around to doing?  Or the junk drawer which desperately needs to be organized and every time you open it, it becomes a reminder of how scattered your life has become?  Yeah, I think you get the point now.  It’s time to discard what doesn’t belong anymore.

Start with your bathroom and throw away any expired makeup and beauty products along with anything that you don’t use anymore.  Beginning with the bathroom is the easiest because it’s the least overwhelming.  It’s the smallest space so you can take this pretty easily in a minimal amount of time.  If you haven’t hoarded a plethora of products, you’ll be done in 10 minutes.

Books and paperwork- If you’re an avid reader like me, you’ll see that disposing of books is probably the most difficult because, after all, they’re trophies.  But, if you’ve been holding onto books for years without reading them, then there’s a very probable chance that you never will.  Donating them to your local library will make you feel so much better about yourself because now you’re contributing to a good deed.  Next in line is to go through all the paperwork, catalogs, and magazine subscriptions that you have stored in various rooms in your house and throw away what you no longer need.  If you hustle, you’ll knock it out in 15 minutes between both the books and the papers laying around.

Kitchen- Recycle all Tupperware that’s missing its counterpart.  If a bottom is missing a lid or vice versa, recycle it.  You’re not going to use it.  All the rubber bands that are in various draws and cabinets- place them in a jar or one of your mismatched storage containers.  Go through the pantry and throw away all expired spices, dried and canned foods.  Go through the refrigerator and freezer and do the same.  Remove anything that’s expired or that you wont eat anymore.  If you’re feeling extra ambitious, pull everything out and clean the entire fridge and freezer.  This will take a bit more time- an hour tops.  But, if you stick to one project a day at ten minutes a day, you’ll get it done in less than a week.

Living Room- Unless you hoard, this space should be super easy to declutter.  You may have some newspapers/magazines, paperwork (which were already discarded if you followed this process) and maybe some coats and shoes laying around.  Find a home for the coats and shoes and get rid of everything that’s taking up space along with negative energy when you look at the stuff laying around.

Bedroom- If you’re diligent and really stand behind your convictions of what needs to go, you’ll knock this one out so quickly.  You know what fits, what you love, what you don’t wear, what has been worn and washed too much.  Just bang it out- donate and/or sell your clothing and accessories to make a few extra bucks this holiday season and ring in the new year on a fresh and positive note.  If you’re on the fence about it, discard it.  When reading Marie Kondo’s book, one thing stuck with me.  If it doesn’t inspire joy or spark, get rid of it.  Which means that maybe pile is a definite no.  This is about you getting to be a better improved version of yourself.  Start showing the world that with how you present yourself.  Only fabulous pieces need to stay.  This isn’t to say that you have to go get a complete makeover and spend a ton of money on developing a new wardrobe.  Quite the opposite.  It’s about only keeping what you absolute adore.  In doing so, you’ll feel more confident and raise your standards not just in your wardrobe, but other facets of your life.

I’ve left out certain rooms because I am single and don’t have any children.  So, if you do, have the kiddos help out.  Ask them to clean their playroom and bedrooms and turn it into a game.  Reward them if you have to for their efforts.

Physical Cleansing

After you’ve thoroughly cleaned your home and rid yourself of all that clutter, it’s time to give your space a cleansing with sage or Palo Santo.  You can purchase a smudge stick at any natural food store or metaphysical store.  All you gotta do is light that bad boy up and wave the stick around your home with your doors and windows open.  Even if it’s cold where you live, it’s important that the doors and windows remain open while you smudge your home.  It gives the old energies a chance to be released.  If the entrances are closed, all the built up negative energies will remain trapped rendering the cleansing useless.  It only takes a few minutes of your time so make sure you do this before the new year.  You can just relax or say a prayer as you’re doing this ritual.

Relationship Decluttering

Is there anyone in your life that you’ve been meaning to say good riddance to but just can’t seem to find it in your heart to do so?  Especially with holiday season here?  It can be rough, but if its needed then now is the time.  If you put it off to make it a new year’s resolution, you run the risk of only delaying it even more when it comes time to say goodbye.  Not to mention, decluttering now will bring in the much needed fresh energies when the clock strikes midnight on the 31st.  Evaluate which relationships need either the boot or a merging of two minds.  Have the talks that you’ve been putting off.  See if the differences can be salvaged.  If not, then the good byes need to had now.  There never is a right or perfect time for anything.  The only right thing that you can do is stand firm in your convictions of what you need to do to keep you happy without trampling over anyone’s feelings.

If your relationships with others are doing pretty well and are healthy, but your relationship with yourself is on shaky ground, then it’s time to have a check-in with yourself.  What about your own relationship is making you unhappy?  Where do you feel like you’re dropping the ball with yourself?  Where are you falling short?  Are you not living up to your own expectations?  Are you giving too much of yourself to others that by the time it comes to take care of you, you’re too depleted of energy?. Do you not love yourself unconditionally?

These are just some sample questions to ask yourself.  Use them as a prompt or whatever else that may be surfacing to see what needs to be mended in your self-relationship.

Psychological Decluttering

This may be the most dreaded one on this list, but it’s the most crucial for your health, wellbeing, and happiness.  What limiting beliefs and blockages do you have that’s preventing you from moving forward?  If you’re not aware of what they may be, this is time to take an inventory of what needs to be purged.  Sit in silence and ask yourself the questions.  The first response to surface is going to be your answer.  Now it’s time to release that mindset.

Maybe you’ve tried affirmations to think in a different manner and it hasn’t worked.  Here’s why: our conscious mind is operating at 5% of the time whereas our subconscious minds are working over time at 95% of the time.  Writing something down on a piece or paper or repeating the same declaration isn’t going to change the way your subconscious mind thinks because it’s not believing anything other than past patterns and behaviors.  The conscious mind is the creative mind whereas the subconscious mind is the habit mind.  In other words, removing your subconscious blockages is the gateway to your own liberation.

It’s super simple to release your blockages and limiting beliefs.  It doesn’t even require your time because you can do it while you’re sleeping.  All you gotta do is go on YouTube and look up videos on programming your subconscious mind while you sleep.  Whichever topic you feel needs clearing, just listen to that video with your headsets in.  Old habits don’t have to die hard…they just need to be rewritten.

Make yourself a priority starting now

In decluttering what’s not helping you to progress forward, you also have to remove the mentality of you coming last in order to cater to others.  Now, you may think that you have to be there for others or worse, that its selfish to make yourself a priority.  But, your needs have to come before other people’s wants.  If you’re not taking care of yourself, it’s only a matter of time before you crumble.  And this can’t be put off until the new year when it’s time for resolutions, it has to start now.

I can tell you from past experiences that I used to be so guilty of sacrificing my own happiness for the sake of others.  And in the rare times that I needed to focus on me, people didn’t understand and I would be called selfish.  Those are toxic relationships.  Unfortunately for me, I didn’t see it that way at the time.  So, I would give up what I needed for self-care just so I wouldn’t be called selfish.  I bent over backwards even more to take care of others.  It got to the point that I unleashed my fury and completely lost it and cut everyone out of my life.  That wasn’t right of me either.  Had I put my put down from the beginning and really not have cared about the names I was being called by others, I wouldn’t have sounded like a lunatic when I went on my rampage of clearing what or who I no longer needed in my life.  I tell you this so that you can have more tact and grace than I did.

If you need to say no to someone or to a holiday party so that you can have a reprieve from life, do it.  That guilt may eat away at you for a few minutes.  Which is much better than the resentment that’s going to be building within you until you eventually lose your cool.  Starting to make yourself a priority now will become a habit by the new year so you’ll have one less resolution to worry about.  And because you’re improving on yourself now, it’ll give you more optimism to slay those resolutions away come the new year.

That’s our decade in review.  It will take some work, but it’s also worth the efforts that you put in now.  Just think…if you wait 3 weeks to do these things, you’ll still be in the same spot then.  So, if you start now, you’ll be much more equipped at the beginning of the year to start with fresh and positive energies.

Take some time to reflect and visualize on what you want 2020 and the next decade to look like for you.  When you do, you’ll be so much more motivated to start decluttering your life and to welcome in your dreams.

If you know anyone that can benefit from this, please be sure to share it with them.

Until next time…stay zenspired!

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