Indoctrinations by our parents and teachers fueled with societal’s constructs of how we should act, behave, think, and professionally strive for have molded our paradigms to think not for ourselves, but for the appeasement of everyone else.

It’s no wonder that the depression rate is continuously on the rise in this country. We fall prey to others expectations of us that we neglect our hearts desires.

When we don’t have our own success structures in tact and quantify prosperity based on what others deem the way it should be, we’re obviously going to be unhappy. The status quo isn’t a blueprint of how ones life should be, it’s merely an overarching fallacy.

If you take a look at those who have attained financial riches, it was because they defied the constructs of society by paving their own path and blazing their own trails. Now, I’m only using money as an example here because the very first thought that comes to mind when the word success is used is the measurement of one’s finances.

However, I mean success in all facets of our lives-health, a happy home life, a job you love waking up for, a great emotional support network, friends who don’t judge, self-love, confidence, and yes, money.

Of the eight limbs that I just mentioned, how many do you truly feel you have? Are they want you want or what others expectations of you are? If all eight are where you want it to be, then wonderful! You’re right where you need to be.

However, I think it’s safe to say that most of us feel that we’re lacking in at least two departments, if not more. What’s stopping you from attaining more? Laziness, procrastination, fear? I’m sure that it’s a combination of all three but taking even ten minutes a day to build slowly on what you want is ten minutes more than you did yesterday.

When the little accomplishments start rolling in, you’ll only want to work harder to manifest even larger goals.

It’s time to start building your own road of reality, not living in someone else’s disillusionment. What’s the point of having dreams if you’re working to build someone else’s dream rather than your own? Start living your truth and fulfilling what makes you happy.

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