Just be you- love yourself enough to be yourself

Just be you. Words that you probably hear all too often.

Yet, with the onslaught of both external and internal chatter, it can be pretty difficult to figure out just who you are.

When you have the pressures of societal expectations fueled with what your loved ones think who you should be- well, it creates a recipe of chaos that doesn’t quiet produce a finished master piece. Because you’re never who you want to be.

It leads to confusion and maybe even depression when you’re trying to fit yourself into everyone’s mold that will never fit. It will always be too big or too small but won’t be the proverbial glass slipper.

Essentially, you’ll be damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

So you might as well just not give a rat’s ass by attempting to live up to anyone’s cookie cutter image of who you should be. Start being you 100% of the time. I mean, isn’t it incredibly taxing on you to always try to fit into a facade of who you aren’t?

If you’re not being you, you’re depriving yourself of your own love. You want to love yourself enough to be yourself.

You don’t need the words of others to validate your existence because you’ll never truly be happy. What you need is your own validation and approval. Which will never happen if you’re not being yourself.

Being you also doesn’t have to feel elusive or leave you feeling that maybe you’re just not cut out for anyone else’s expectations, not even your own. That’s not allowed to trap you in a shell anymore.

At least, if you want to be happier.

Happiness comes when you’re being unadulteratedly you

Being you isn’t complicated. We already live in a complex world so our immediate ecosystem should be as simple as possible.

The simpler it is, the purer the love you have for yourself is.

It’s just about figuring who you are at a core level and disregarding what others want you to be. After all, the first step to being you is to reclaim your authenticity, which you can read more on here.

When you do, you can be you without any guilt or feeling like you’re the sacrificial lamb to everyone in your life.

Who are you?

Forget the semantics and adjectives to describe you. Because that’s not what it’s about. And we’re not here to describe who you are. You’re here to find yourself so that you can be you, always.

It’s about tapping deep within your heart and shedding light on what’s been held hostage in the darkness. When the darkness becomes the light, you become who you are.

In shedding light on all of the muck that pervades your judgment, you free yourself of guilt, shame, humiliation, and fear. You become you when you’re no longer burdened by the emotions that are hindering your growth.

It’s time to release the shackles of your imposed bondage and start becoming the person you’re meant to be; full of compassion, mercy, and love.

That’s what the words below are for; to help you become you. Let’s get started, shall we?

Just be you-love yourself enough to be yourself

Be kind because kindness rocks.

Be grateful because one day you may not have what you once cherished.

Be bold because why the heck not?

Be vulnerable because it’s courageous.

Be courageous because in order to grow, you need to take calculated risks.

Be compassionate because being angry isn’t a healthy alternative.

Be gentle because it soothes your soul.

Be happy because it’s what you truly desire.

Be the light in someone else’s life because that’s what you would want someone to be for you.

Be fearless because you only have one life to live.

Be educated because ignorance isn’t bliss.

Be soft because it’s easier to snuggle against.

Be the best you that you can be for you because you deserve it.

Be the love of your life.


There you have it…just be you. Be yourself so that you can be happier and love yourself more than ever before.

Be courageous enough to be the person that you know you are. Because it requires weakness to live in the shadows of what others expect you to be. And strength to only listen to yourself. When you become yourself, you’re free.

Do you allow yourself to be guided by others or do you stand wholeheartedly in your truth? Let me know in the comments below.

Be sure to share this with anyone that can benefit from it.

See ya soon…in the meantime, stay zenspired!

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