Being human, we all naturally get consumed with negative thoughts, sometimes more than we care to admit.  Most of the times, we have a tendency to get so trapped in the toxicity of our minds, we fail to realize how detrimental it is for our well-being.  Trials and tribulations happen in life-life happens in life.  We get our hearts broken, we have loved ones pass, we get into heated arguments with others, and having jobs that we despise, which all contribute to us drowning in filth by our own minds.   Albeit we cannot change what happens, but by making a conscious effort to repel the negativity, we have the ability to change our lives.

While I do have an arsenal of tools at my disposal to help alleviate the negative banter that infiltrates my mind, I’m on a constant quest for self-improvement.  Actively seeking creative yet simplistically profound ways to diminish what is not serving me for my highest good will always have a priority in my life which is why the quarter challenge mentioned below has immensely helped with the paradigms in which I strive for.

Placing a quarter into a cup for every negative thought forces you to be conscientious of what you allow into your mind.

One day when I was plagued by negativity in both my external and internal world, I took a deep breath and asked myself, “If you won’t even waste your money, why would you waste your thoughts?”  With that thought, I stopped by the bank and took out twenty dollars in quarters in order to conduct an experiment on myself.

For every negative thought, I had to put a quarter in a cup for three days and tally up at the end of each day how many quarters were in the cup.  Deeming three days to be an adequate amount of time to re-calibrate my mind along with all of the other exercises that I do daily to keep positive, I made the cognizant attempt to strive for more bliss.

The cup had eleven quarters by the end of day one, followed by three quarters, and down to two by the third day.  The outcome was quite the pleasant surprise considering that I was worried I may not have gotten enough quarters for the challenge.  With that money, I gave it to a homeless person as the point of this exercise was not to reward myself but rather to demonstrate that negative thoughts equates to money being flushed down the toilet.

Time, a variable quantity in how much of it we get in life, is the most precious gift that has been bestowed upon us.  How we choose to utilize the time can hinder our growth or propel us to reach our fullest potential.  We all get twenty four hours in one day.  How will you choose to spend it?  Misery of bliss?

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